WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 14

Survivor Series 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on

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  • Survivor Series 2007

    Triple Threat Match for the ECW Championship
    CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz
    Awesome fast paced opener. All three were pretty much on fire the whole match from start to finish. My only complaint is it felt a little rushed at the finish.
    Winner & Still ECW Champion: CM Punk
    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    10 Diva Tag Team Match
    Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Victoria, and Layla vs. Mickie James, Maria, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, and Kelly Kelly
    Waste of time. Only thing worth nothing is the finish.
    Winners: Team Mickie
    Match Rating: 2/10

    World Tag Team Championship
    Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes
    Pretty average tag team match. Nothing special, but nothing terrible. Holly & Rhodes have potential as a team, but maybe even more as enemies.
    Winners & Still Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
    Match Rating: 6/10

    Survivor Series Elimination Match
    Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Kane & Rey Mysterio vs. Umaga, MVP, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy & Big V
    Another very good match. Some stories were told here, and it was a solid match, and fun to watch from the bell to the end. This is also the start of Hardy's big push, until the letdown at the Royal Rumble
    Survivors: Triple H & Jeff Hardy
    Match Rating: 7.5/10

    Hornswoggle vs. Great Khali
    This was more like a segment, and it was pretty entertaining. Nothing special, as Finlay interfered for the DQ before anything really happened between the two, besides one slap from Khali.
    Winner (DQ): Great Khali
    Match Rating: 3/10

    WWE Championship
    Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
    Stipulation was Michaels would lose if he used the Superkick, and Orton would lose the title by dq or count out. This actually added a lot to the match, so the two were more focused on having a great technical match. A slow beginning, but it got very good through the middle and to a solid clean ending.
    Winner & Still WWE Champion: Randy Orton
    Match Rating: 8/10

    Hell In The Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Batista vs. The Undertaker
    These two had a great match at Cyber Sunday, and this one was the stronger in my opinion. The huge cell really added to the match as expected. It was pretty brutal, though the only weapons were a chair & the steps. But it all worked perfectly, with Edge interfering and costing Taker the win by hitting him with the camera, followed by a steel chair shot while takers head was on the steel steps.
    Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion: Batista
    Match Rating: 8/10

    Survivor Series was a very good pay per view. Some bad matches, but four awesome matches really made it worth my time. I recommend this dvd for the two main events, the opener, and the survivor series classic match. 7.5/10
  • Probably the best PPV i have seen this year.

    I have been a WWF/WWE fan for a loooong time now. But now,I must admit it no longer really catch my attention. For me, decisions like giving Cena a champion reign for countless months etc..ruin it. I probably haven`t seen all of the PPVS this year but most and this one was the best but yet it was just fair.
    -The Hell in a cell match OK but nothing compared to what this type of match has been in the past. This match was the main reason I tuned in for this PPV and it was a kinda letdown. But the ending was pretty much exciting...but predictable.
    -Melina missing her entrance was hilarious and same for the Triple H team promo. ;-)
    -Orton-Michaels was a good match.
    -Is that all classic survivor series match?...did not really look like a classic survivor series event.

    All and all it was enjoyable but nothing mind blowing. To me, nowadays WWE is fair at best but it seems to be on the up now because I must give credit to this PPV for making me pretty curious to see some developments, like the Taker-Edge feud.
  • "Great WWE PPV but Not a Great Survivor Series"

    Overall I think this was a decent WWE PPV I give it a 8.8/10 Here's my take:

    The show opened with a really good match for the ECW title between Morrison, Miz, and Punk. This easily would of taken my match of the night vote if it wasnt for the matches later to come noneoftheless this was a really good match. The Diva 10 man....women tag match was well wrestled, as expected Layla looked completely lost in the match even Kelly Kelly looked better than her. That kiss by Mikie James to Melina made the match that much better

    The tag team match dissapointed me but had decent spots. Trevor Murdoch's finisher looks amazing and I like it, I've seen Petey Willams do it but for a guy of Murdochs size to pull it off Kudos to him.

    The Traditional Survivor Series Match was well wrestled in my opinion it could of been better but it certainly wasnt bad. Nice to see Hardy get the Victory for his team. The biggest problem I had with this match was I felt like MVP, Mysterio, and Kennedy left way to early.

    Hornswoggle vs Khali, I wasnt expecting much from this match but, I was shocked to see Finaly help Hornswoggle. I think we might see a feud between the McMahons and Finlay for Hornswoggle.

    The Match of the night goes to Randy Orton vs HBK for the WWE title(Not because I'm a Orton fan). A lot of users on this site talk about Technicality in a match and this match had a lot of it. I really didnt have a problem with 5min long headlock in the beginning of the match by HBK because they did a lot with it, it wasnt a standard Headlock. I am happy this match ended with a clean finish. It was either this match or the Hell in A cell match for match of the night and this match had more wrestling.

    Batista vs Undertaker was a decent Hell in A Cell match. I wanted Edge to interfer after the match to have a clean finish but, this adds more drama to the title picture. The match was well wrestled....brawled out. (The Undertaker is the best pure striker in the WWE). Glad to see Edge back and Smackdown got that much better.

    Overall a good PPV but not a good Survivor Series
  • Not much in way of ground-breaking developments...

    Survivor Series saught to change little, and in fact, by the end of the night, most things had returned to the status quo, with the exception of the main event, perhaps.

    The ECW title match was decent, but too short, and it was surprising that Punk retained.

    The 10-Diva tag was largely forgettable - the fact it was first pinfall and not elimination was also kinda silly, although I was glad it was over quickly anyway.

    Cade and Murdoch retained their tag titles in a fairly boring match, and I wonder if Holly and Rhodes are going to stay tagged together as a permanent fixture. I kinda like them as a team.

    The only "traditional" 10-man tag on the card (disappointingly) was far too predictable - Triple H's team, the underdogs with the absence of Matt Hardy, eventualy steamrolled Team Umaga. At least Triple H wasn't the sole survivor...

    Hornswoggle vs Khali was a joke - the only good bit was after the match, when Finlay beat down on Khali with his weapon.

    HBK vs Orton was match of the night - the ending came out of nowhere, and was highly satisfying.

    The Hell in a Cell main event was decent, but more could have been done with it. Edge costing the Undertaker was frustrating, but at the same time, it makes Batista look weak, and if he wants to retain his upstanding image as a face, he'll give Taker another shot.

    Overall, a decidedly average event with little of interest. No titles changed which was a shame.
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