WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 23 Episode 14

Survivor Series 2007

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on

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  • "Great WWE PPV but Not a Great Survivor Series"

    Overall I think this was a decent WWE PPV I give it a 8.8/10 Here's my take:

    The show opened with a really good match for the ECW title between Morrison, Miz, and Punk. This easily would of taken my match of the night vote if it wasnt for the matches later to come noneoftheless this was a really good match. The Diva 10 man....women tag match was well wrestled, as expected Layla looked completely lost in the match even Kelly Kelly looked better than her. That kiss by Mikie James to Melina made the match that much better

    The tag team match dissapointed me but had decent spots. Trevor Murdoch's finisher looks amazing and I like it, I've seen Petey Willams do it but for a guy of Murdochs size to pull it off Kudos to him.

    The Traditional Survivor Series Match was well wrestled in my opinion it could of been better but it certainly wasnt bad. Nice to see Hardy get the Victory for his team. The biggest problem I had with this match was I felt like MVP, Mysterio, and Kennedy left way to early.

    Hornswoggle vs Khali, I wasnt expecting much from this match but, I was shocked to see Finaly help Hornswoggle. I think we might see a feud between the McMahons and Finlay for Hornswoggle.

    The Match of the night goes to Randy Orton vs HBK for the WWE title(Not because I'm a Orton fan). A lot of users on this site talk about Technicality in a match and this match had a lot of it. I really didnt have a problem with 5min long headlock in the beginning of the match by HBK because they did a lot with it, it wasnt a standard Headlock. I am happy this match ended with a clean finish. It was either this match or the Hell in A cell match for match of the night and this match had more wrestling.

    Batista vs Undertaker was a decent Hell in A Cell match. I wanted Edge to interfer after the match to have a clean finish but, this adds more drama to the title picture. The match was well wrestled....brawled out. (The Undertaker is the best pure striker in the WWE). Glad to see Edge back and Smackdown got that much better.

    Overall a good PPV but not a good Survivor Series