WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 25 Episode 7

The Bash 2009

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2009 on

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  • Smackdown's newly formed tag team suprises The Colons and Legacy to gain gold on WWE's worst PPV since Survivor Series 2008.

    ECW Championship Scramble Match- Dreamer (c) vs Swagger vs Christian vs Henry vs Finlay 5/10 The Scramble matches back when it was 1st invented at Unforgiven 2008 were a lot of fun to watch, but this was a pure snoozefest.

    Christian was going for the pin after a Killswitch on Swagger, but Dreamer hit a DDT on Christian to be the champ for the last of the 20 minutes to retain. I never liked Dreamer and still think WWE made a mistake by taking the title away from Christian. Dreamer is only popular because he is the biggest face in ECW's history.


    Mask vs Title Match- Mysterio vs Jericho (c) 9.25/10 Match of the night that was much better than their boring match that took place at Extreme Rules with many memorable moments. Of those moments, the most memorable was when Rey went for a springboard crossbody only to be met up with Jericho in mid-air with a Codebreaker. To my surprise, he kicked out at 2 and 3/4. Another memorable moment was when Rey got a new move in his bag of tricks when he went for a double springboard (rebounding from one top rope to the top rope adjacent to the one he was already on) moonsault leg drop for a 2 and a half count.

    During the end of the match, Jericho ripped Rey's mask right off..... only to find out that he was wearing a 2nd mask underneath. Yet another something that Rey pulled out of his bag of tricks leading for Rey to get the pin to become a 2 time IC champ.


    No DQ, No Countout match- Khali vs. Ziggler 4/10

    A match that really should have took place on SD. Kane makes a surprise appearance taking advantage of the no DQ rules by hitting Khali with a steel chair for about 30 seconds until he walked away leaving the scraps for Ziggy to pick up the victory.

    Unified Tag Team Championship Match- The Colons (c) vs Legacy NA/10

    Before the match gets underway, Teddy Long comes out and fearing his recent probation threat by McMahon about putting on a good show, he lets Edge (whom BTW mentioned to Teddy earlier that he has been on every PPV whenever he is healthy for years except for The Bash) and Jericho in the match to the fans' suprise and pleasure.

    Unified Tag Team Championship Match- The Colons (c) vs Legacy vs Edge and Jericho 6.75/10

    Solid match where 90% of the match is basically Colons vs Legacy. The funny thing is the few times Jericho and Edge do manage to make a tag, they get tagged out seconds later.

    To live up Edge's "ultimate opportunist" theme, he gets in a tag after Carlito hits the backstabber on a member of Legacy. To Carlito's confusion, he turns around to receive a Spear by Edge to crown new tag champs. _____________________________________________________

    WWE Woman's Championship Match- Melina (c) vs McCool 6/10

    An average Diva contest which crowned a new Woman's Champion after McCool hit her Faithbreaker (ie AJ Style's Styles Clash).


    World Heavyweight Championship Match- CM Punk (c) vs Jeff Hardy 5.75/ 10

    I expected A LOT more from these 2. Jeff managed to hit 2 Twists of Fate, but missed 2 Swanton Bombs afterwards.

    Punk told the ref that he had an eye injury. As the ref turned his back on Punk, he merely kicked the ref on the back to get himself DQ'ed thus retaining his title. He tells Jeff that he thought the ref was him since he has an injured eye. Jeff doesn't buy it as he attacks Punk leading the security to come out to separate the 2.


    John Cena vs The Miz 5/10

    Like the Khali/ Ziggy bout on SD, this match should have really happened on RAW.

    This match was pointless. WWE writers should have really either make Miz put up a bigger fight and lose OR, even better, get a pin on Cena.

    His former partner, John Morrison, has recently got a push by getting a pin on the World Champ CM Punk on SD. Cena already has the spotlight. They should have really made Miz win this one. _____________________________________________________

    WWE Championship 3 Stages of Hell Match- Orton (c) vs Triple H 6/10

    Yet another World Title bout that was an utter disapointment.

    The only reason WWE promoted this match as a 3 Stages of Hell match was to get more buys on the PPV. In reality, 85% of the match was a stretcher match.

    stage 1 (single match)

    HHH gets himself DQ'ed by hitting Orton with a steel chair.

    Stage 2 (falls count anywhere)

    Seconds after STAGE 1, HHH hits a pedigree on the outside of the ring to tie the score at 1 to 1.

    Stage 3 (stretcher match)

    At this point, both wrestlers are completely out of it, being groggy for the rest of the match.

    HHH was inches from becoming the new WWE champ until Legacy came in to stop the stretcher holding Orton in its tracks. HHH retaliates by getting a hidden sledgehammer from under the arena (WTF!? This game of "Where will HHH get a sledgehammer from next?" is really getting old).

    He hits Legacy with it only to be met with Orton whom has a piece of metal that HHH hid his sledgehammer from in the 1st place. He was KO'ed enough for Orton to retain his title.


    OVERALL 6/10

    Both the Khali/ Ziggy and Cena/ Miz bouts should have happened on their respective brands corresponding show. The only thing I liked about the bouts was 1) Kane's suprise return and 2) Ziggler's recent push (he should now have a rivalry with a REAL superstar.... perhaps Morrison?). Their were also major bad things about the 2 bouts such as 1) Both matches were a bore and 2) Miz should have won to get that much needed push (he already has the mic skills for it).

    The only matches that were PPV worthy IMO were the Mask vs Title match, the Unified Tag Titles match, and the Woman's Title match wasn't that bad either.
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