WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 21 Episode 9

The Great American Bash 2005

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2005 on
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The Great American Bash 2005

WWE Tag Team Championships: Animal and Heindenreich defeated WWE Tag Team Champions MNM(Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury managed by Melina) to win the titles

WWE United States Championship: U.S Champion Orlando Jordan defeated Chris Benoit

Booker T(managed by Sharmell) defeated Christian

The Undertaker defeated Muhamad Hassan(managed by Davari), as the result of a pre-match stipulation, The Undertaker became the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Mexicools(Super crazy psicosis and juventud) defeated The B.W.O(Hollywood Nova the blue meanie and big stevie cool)

Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero

World Heavyweight Championship: J.B.L defeated World Chamopion Batista by disqualifciation

Melina defeated Torrie Wilson (Candice Michelle was Referee) in a Bra and Panties Match


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  • Just another bad Smackdown pay-per-view.

    This was not a good one at all.

    WWE Tag Team Championships: Animal and Heindenreich defeated WWE Tag Team Champs MNM to win the titles.

    I liked Heidenreich, but I hate Animal, he's fat and old. But I do like their team mor than MNM.

    An okay match nothing special, typical match.


    WWE United States Championship: U.S Champ Orlando Jordan defeated Chris Benoit.

    Decent match I like both of these guys, they both have talent especially Benoit. 7/10

    Booker T defeated Christian

    Very boring match, when I started watching

    wrestling about a year ago, I liked both these guys but they ran their course, Christian and Booker had one of the most boring fueds in WWE history. 1/10

    #1 contender match

    The Undertaker defeated Muhamad Hassan.

    Best match all night, I could not stop laughing when 'Taker powerbombed Hassan through the vent.


    The Mexicools defeated The B.W.O

    Horrible match, worst match of the night. I despise both of these tag-teams, and they put on a very boring and forgetable match. 0/10

    Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero

    The only thing that made this match good was the storyline behind it. 4/10

    World Heavyweight Championship: J.B.L defeated World Champion Batsta.

    Not a good main event, the match itself was okay, but the DQ was bad.

  • This wwe Smackdown ppv was said to be a good one but it just sucked. C`mon,it was so stupid Vince McMahon was P.O about it.Personally, I like Raw better than WWE Smackdown But that`s my opinon.As, a regular WWE PPV, It`s worst one next to No Way Out,it rmoreless

    IT just sucked bad,wCw`s PPV were better than this It was a bad one!The only good thing is the Road Warrior Animal return to win the titles with a pshcyo path. And than the B&P match between Melina and torrie awas also good part about this Bad PPV.GAB sucked badd
  • Warning: spoiler alert! Paul Londan defeated Nunzio, Rey defeated Eddie, Animal and Heidenreich defeated NMN, JBL defeated Batista by DQ, and Taker defeated Hassan.Match reasults

    The PPV was pretty good but the main event match Batista versus JBL could have ended a little better but other than that the show was pretty good. But if you did not order it you should not order it after you know who is going to win the matches. Smackdown should show some clips from it and maybe a few this Sunday on The WWE Experience. The Pay Per View had almost no upsets like Taker becoming the number one contender for the World heavyweight champion, Hassan getting last ride through the stage, and Animal and Heidenreich becoming the new tag team champions. My score for The Great American Bash is a 9.4. A great Pay Per View!moreless
  • This PPV sucked.

    I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of SD, and the Great American Bash did almost nothing for me. Lets start out match by match.

    1. Crusierweight Title match. Paul London vs. Nunzio. 2 minutes is not enough time for a match. 'nuff said.

    2. MNM vs. Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal - I guess I should be happy the tag division has another team in it. But why take the titles off of MNM. This makes no sense to me.

    3. Booker T vs. Christian - Yet another loss for Christian. The man is over as all hell yet he never gets a clean win. Its no wonder no one took him seriously in the WWE title match against Cena. Give Christian some freakin wins and actually use him in decent angles. yes I'm a Christian mark if you couldn't tell.

    4. Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit, US Title match - Why let OJ retain? He has done nothing with the US Title. my only hope is that Christian takes it from him soon, although I wouldn't mind Benoit so that it would lead to a Benoit vs. Christian match.

    5. Taker vs. Hassan - Well they killed of the Hassan character to get him off of TV as per UPNs wishes. Hopefully they can repackage him into something else.

    6. Mexicool vs. BWO - I agree with the ending on this. The Mexicools needed a win to establish themselves. Its a shame it had to come against the bWo. Maybe something more will come of it.

    7. Rey Mysterio vs Eddie - Round 6 million or whatever. The WWE continues to build this angle, but I think people may be tiring of it. I like the Mysterio win to keep Eddie POed.

    8. Melina vs. Torrie Wilson, Bra and Panties Match - Who am I to argue with simple T and A? Seriously though I like the Melina win. But why add Candice Michelle to the mix?

    9. Batista vs. JBL, for the World Heavyweight TItle - far too long with a DQ finish. Batista crushed JBL but left it open for a rematch. Look for that to happen with the 'death' of Hassan. Supposedly the original plan was to have HAssan beat Taker and challenge Batista at SummerSlam, now it seems like Batista vs. JBL II. Oh joy...

    A pretty weak PPV overall in my opinion. Hopefully Summerslam is better.moreless

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