WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 24 Episode 10

Unforgiven 2008

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 07, 2008 on

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  • That wasnt the greatest ever PPV

    THis Pay Per veiw was alright. I would say it was only just better than a normal WWE show. The Championship scrambles were good but 3 of them was a bit overboard. The Jerich v Michaels match was good match but when Jericho hobbled out to participate in the scramble was stupid an predictable. There was only about 5 matches in 3 hours and alot to much talking in between. The Cryme Tyme vs Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes match was a classic untill the stupid ending, you dont have a match that goes for over half an hour that ends with a roll up. It was a very disapointing PPV.
  • How does one make 3 matches under the same rules make for a good night? We'll just have to see........

    So let's get this under way. Three title matches will be defended under the same rules, one after the other. Such as this:

    - 2 men will start the match which will run for exactly 20 minutes.

    - Every 5 minutes, a new wrestler joins afterwards.

    - Whoever scores a pin or submission becomes champion, only temporary.

    - Whoever is the current holder of the title after the time limit expires, will be the OFFICIAL champion.

    So with that in mind, let's get this show rolling:


    ECW Championship Scramble - ***
    Matt Hardy wins the ECW championship
    Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry and Finlay became temporary champions
    The Miz did not gain a victory
    This was a pretty decent way to start the PPV and the scramble matches in general. Matt Hardy and The Miz started the match off, Chavo Guerrero entered at No. 3 scoring the first fall of the match on Matt Hardy. Mark Henry entered at No. 4 pinning Chavo Guerrero. Finlay, obviously, came out at No. 5, pinning Matt Hardy. Matt would however score the final pin of the match on The Miz after a Twist of Fate. To me, the last 5 minutes of the match pretty much sold me since everyone was struggling to score a win, while Matt was being defensive trying to prevent that from happening. In the end, Matt Hardy wins (deservedly mind you) over everyone else. Question is: who will he feud with now? We know Mark Henry will be getting a rematch soon, so after that, Matt's gonna need someone to chase him. We'll just have to wait and see.

    World Tag Team Championship - *3/4
    Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr retain over Cryme Tyme
    Nothing special at all in this. It is very HARD to get into a tag team match, yet alone a tag team TITLE match, anymoe because the WWE has no drive to make their tag team divisions legit anymore due to the fact that Vince McMahon claims that tag team wrestling was never over nor did it sell. YEAH, anyone who has seen wrestling in the WWE over the last 25 years or so (20 for me) would know how much crap Vince is full of for stating that. Also, it seems like a new generation star has been added to the Raw roster in Manu, real name Anoa'i, son of Afa from the Wild Samoans. Looks promising for the new generation stars on Raw, now that a certain someone isn't around to cut their lines short.

    Unsanctioned Match - ***3/4
    Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho by Ref Stoppage
    Despite lack of blood, despite lack of violence, despite interference, this was still a great match between these 2. It definitely did what I expected to see: Shawn Michaels' emotions getting the better of him and literally beating the living hell out of Chris Jericho, much to the delight of the fans. Others might think the ending was ridiculous, it wasn't to me. The same way Jericho's win over Michaels at The Great American Bash ended, justice was made for Michaels winning his match over Jericho in almost the same fashion. Kudos to the fans too. They literally wanted to see Jericho get the snot kicked out of him (and rightfully so).

    WWE Scramble Match - ***3/4
    Triple H retains the title
    Jeff Hardy and The Brian Kendrick became temporary champions
    Shelton Benjamin and MVP did not gain a victory
    Another good match, THE match of the night in my mind and the best scramble so far. Jeff Hardy and Shelton started the match. The Brian Kendrick enters at No. 3 and was pinned by Jeff Hardy. A few minutes later, THE Brian Kendrick PINNED Jeff Hardy (wow they're serious with Kendrick on SmackDown). MVP is No. 4 with The Brian Kendrick looking the strongest of the 4 surprisingly.....until Triple H came out last and pretty much buried all of that the second he got in, pinning Kendrick fairly quickly. A Twist of Fate to MVP gave Jeff Hardy the title again. A pedigree to Kendrick gave Triple H the belt (geez what a way to make Kendrick look bad). A Swanton to Kendrick gave Jeff the title. A pedigree to MVP within the last 10 seconds gave Triple H the title again and the right to be the official WWE champion afterwards. While I am happy that Kendrick got a pin, this match pretty much showed that this should've been a HHH/Hardy match instead. It was still a good match nonetheless.

    Divas Championship - *
    Michelle McCool retains over Maryse
    This was a piss break. Honestly no one can take McCool serious as a "champion" nor can they take Maryse serious either after being, what, the commercial girl for 2 years in the WWE? Anyways, worst match of the night. Moving on......

    World Heavyweight Championship Scramble - **
    Chris Jericho wins the title
    Kane and Batista became temporary champions
    Rey Mysterio and JBL did not gain a victory
    CM Punk was taken out before the match started
    Before the match started, CM Punk suffered a concussion backstage via Randy Orton along with the tag team champions and Manu, so a new champion will be crowned tonight. So here goes........
    Batista and JBL start the scramble. Kane comes out at No. 3 and pin JBL after a chokeslam. Rey Mysterio enters at No. 4. Chris Jericho comes out as Punk's replacement......and gets knocked out very quickly. With under a minute left, Batista pins Kane. Around that time, Batista is distracted long enough for Jericho to pin Kane with mere seconds left to walk out as the new champion. Didn't see it coming, yet it made Punk look even worse than they already did with him. Still, this match was okay. My least favorite of the 3 scrambles.


    Overall, I give Unforgiven 2008 a 7/10. Good PPV, good quality matches, a promo which "should have" happened on SmackDown in Vickie Guerrero, Big Show and The Undertaker. A good night for the WWE indeed. Here's looking No Mercy now and whatever the WWE can concoct.......
  • A bunch of scrambles, a few surprises

    Well here is breif summary of the PPV:

    The ECW Scramble was decent and I'm glad Matt Hardy pulled off the win, and I hope he feuds with someone else besides Henry now like Morrison. They should of have made it a Hardcore Scramble to separate it from the other 2 scrambles

    World Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase (c) vs Cryme Tyme was your typical tag team match nothing all that special but still a decent match overall.

    Unsanctioned Match: Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho was the best match of the night, and it would have been better if not for the ending with the ref stopping the match. They should of had HBK by getting the pin or submission following the beat down and then after the match had HBK still beat him some more, and start attacking the refs who were trying to stop him. Also, not enough blood.

    WWE Title Scramble Match: Triple H (c) vs MVP vs Jeff Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Shelton Benjamin was the best scramble of the night by far with the ending being really exciting with not knowing who was going to get the last fall between Hardy and HHH.

    Divas Title Match: Michelle McCool (c) vs Maryse was the worst match of the night and I didn't really enjoy it except for the few spots in the match that were decent. I'm just not a fan of Maryse as a wrestler, she should be a manager.

    The whole Big Show/Taker/Vicki thing was stupid and I'm dreading the thought of yet another Big Show/Taker feud. the only thing that would make this feud good is if they do gimmick matches like buried alive or last ride match. I just felt this segment went on way too long.

    World Title Scramble: Batista vs JBL vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho was good as well but still not as good as the smackdown one. The fact Jericho was in it was a good and bad thing. Good because well Jericho is now champ and its been a long time coming, but bad because it makes no seance since he was just beaten unconscious not that long before. They should of had Orton and his goons attack Punk after the match instead of before after punk retains the title to set up Orton vs Punk at No Mercy for the title. The one good thing is now the HBK/Y2J feud is even more entertaining then it was because now it will be for the title as well. I think they should have the two of them fight for the title in one of 3 matches if not all. Ladder/Submisson/Iron Man. There you go Vince your next 3 months worth of main events for the two of them and the title.

    Overall: It was a good PPV, not the best but still quite entertaining. The only thing about the scrambles I didn't like were the rules. a 20 min match where a new guy comes out every 5 min which is dumb and unfair because the last guy out only has to be in the match less then 5 min, and he'll be fresh while the other 4 aren't so it should have been all 5 men in the ring at once for the 20 mins.