WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 21 Episode 8

Vengeance 2005

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2005 on
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Vengeance 2005
WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Intercontinental Champion Carlito Carribean Cool defeated Shelton Benjamen

Victoria defeated Christy Hemmie

Kane defeated Edge(managed by Lita)

Shawn Micheals defeated Kurt Angle

WWE Championship:
WWE Champion John Cena defeated Christian and Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship:
World Champion Batista defeated Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match


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  • I got three words for ya: THIS IS AWESOME!

    Vengeance: Violent, exciting, excellent, brutal. These four words that simply describe this pay per view. Vengeance had four out of six upper card matches, yes FOUR out of Six. It also marked the first time since Judgment Day 03 that both the WWE and World titles were contested on a single brand ppv. The event was topped off with a brutal and painful Hell in a Cell which was an easy nominee for match of the year. The ppv had some problems as it was loaded with upper card matches and the DIVAS match seemed tacked on so they could have a six match card. All in all this event was just unbelievable.moreless
  • Good pay per view

    Another good RAW pay per view.

    Intercontinental Champion Carlito defeated Shelton Benjamen

    Good match, to talented young superstars competing.8/10

    Victoria defeated Christy Hemmie

    A decent Divas grudge match, really good for a women's match. 7/10

    Kane defeated Edge

    Another match in Edge's and Kane's rivalry,

    and the match had some hate behind it.

    Shawn Micheals defeated Kurt Angle

    Rematch from the Wrestlemania classic really good match between two hall of famers.

    WWE Championship:

    WWE Champion John Cena defeated Christian and Chris Jericho

    Great fight between three wrestlers that had a problem with each other, very physical match.

    World Heavyweight Championship:

    World Champion Batista defeated Triple H

    Another good rematch between two guys that hated each other.moreless
  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Batista beat The Game but why did he survive the pedigree at vengeance but not on raw when at vengeance he suffered more punishment. Cena retains the title and might as well last until next year. Why does Edge still carry that briefcase if he's never going to use it as he lost to kane. Pay-per-view would have been saved if christy had beaten victoria and shelton beat carlito then it would get 10.0 rating in my bookmoreless
  • vegence should have been called victoria

    The only reason why i order the mess of a pay per view was cuz of victoria. victoria is hot. everybody liked the triple h and batista match. well i didnt it was BORING BORING Boring Boring and fake. the pace was slow. oh wow a barbwire around a steel chair now thats greusome. yeah right thats just pathethic. go rent some ecw or fnw videos. hell this match is so horrible i rather watch an xpw match. people who liked this bout dont know real wrestling. im glad i didnt waste my money on a crappy pay per viewmoreless
  • Batista defeated Triple H so badly that he needs 17 stitches and screwed up his spine when he was spinebustered into the lower part of the steel stairs. He is currently in rehab and would probably be back in 3-4 months. This was by far the best match in tmoreless


    Batista VS HHH

    The third match in the Batista VS HHH storyline, and what a match it is. The use of the weapons and the cage walls are good enough to entertain any guy who loves to see ECW. Batista sure shut up HHH here. 10/10 for this match.

    John Cena VS Christian VS Chris Jericho

    Another classic. Tomko was ejected from the ring twice by the referee, Cena DDTing Jericho into a steel chair, FUing Christian out of the ring, and Cena powerbombing Jericho when he was pinned to the turnbuckle,while Jericho simultaneously superplexed Christian!


    Edge VS Kane

    Kane really deserved revenge for the torment that Lita and Edge have been giving him and he gets his Vengeance, and Vengeance. Being able to win the match even with a Snitzky interference should deserve something. I was hoping that this match was going to have a twist to it like it being an Inferno match or Casket match, that I would've enjoyed.


    HBK vs Kurt Angle

    This match duplicates the Wrestlemania classic with a twist, HBK wins. Pretty good how he was still able to win after injuring himself when falling over the top rope. I would've preferred it if Michaels used the ankle lock on Angle to make him feel bad about losing through his own move.


    Victoria VS Christy

    I don't think Christy has ever won a match. I would've preferred this match even more if Trish interfered but that probably couldn't happen because Trish is in rehab. Maybe if it was a Bra and Panties match or Night Gown match then I would've preferred it more.


    Carlito VS Shelton Benjamin

    Alright match but when Shelton missed the Stinger Splash, it could've been better if he hit a referee, then Carlito would start cheating with chairs and maybe, apples?



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