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Season 23 Episode 4

Wrestlemania 23

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on
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Wrestlemania 23
Aretha Franklin will sing America the Beautiful
World Heavyweight Championship vs. WrestleMania Undefeated Streak
Batista (Champion) vs. The Undertaker (14-0 @ WM - 2007 Royal Rumble Winner)
WWE Championship Match
John Cena (Champion) defeated Shawn Michaels
Battle of the Billionaires
Losing Billionaire Manager will have his head shaved
ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (Managed by Donald Trump)
Intercontinental Champion Umaga (Managed by Vince McMahon and Armando Alejandro Estrada)
Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Money-In-The-Bank III
Interpromotional 8-Man Ladder Match
Winner gets one guaranteed Heavyweight Championship Match of their choice for one year
mr.kennedy defeated Edge CM Punk King Booker Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy Finlay Randy Orton
ECW Originals defeated The New Breed
8-Man Tag Team Match
ECW Originals (The Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, & Rob Van Dam)
The New Breed (Matt Striker, Marcus Cor Von, Kevin Thorn, Elijah Burke)
Interpromotional Women's Championship Match
Melina (Champion) vs. Ashley
Interpromotional Battle of the Giants
Kane vs. The Great Khali
United States Championship Match
Chris Benoit(Champion) vs. MVP

Presentation of the Hall of Fame of 2007
- "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes -
- "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig -
- Jerry "The King" Lawler -
- Nick Bockwinkel -
- Mr. Fuji -
- "The Sheik" Ed Farhat -
- "The Wild Samoans" Afa & Sika -moreless

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  • My favorite Wrestlemania. (so far)

    This is my favorite Wrestlemania so far, and was held in my homestate, Michigan. The matches were great and the whole billionare hair vs hair match was off the chain! Here's my ratings and a description for each of the matches that have occured.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    CM Punk VS King Booker VS Jeff Hardy VS Randy Orton VS Matt Hardy VS Mr. Kennedy VS Finlay VS Edge My favorite match of the night, an excellent match with more than I had expected. The right superstars going head to head in order to win a free title shot within a year's time. This match pratically stole the show, and just blew the roof off Ford Field after that legdrop Jeff hardy did on Edge off a 16 ft. ladder-AWESOME. And Kennedy picks up the win and manages to earn a free shot whenever he wants (though he drops it to Edge later, which was messed up, but paid off in the long run)but everybody here managed to put on a good show for the crowd.


    Kane VS The Great Khali

    Ok, let me just say that this was possibly the most boring match in the whole show, and the part where Kane slammed Khali was ovverated, it amazed me at first, but the more I watched it, I became less impressed. Kane could've done better in this match if you ask me though, he probably would've won if did (or at least make the match more colorful). But I'll give Khali his props on the double handed chokeslam.


    US Championship Match

    Chris Benoit VS MVP

    This was a pretty good match, and even though he lost, MVP really stepped up in this fight, showing that he can counter submissions very skillfully. Chris Benoit put up a decent fight to, though he could've done better, but I guess he wanted to see what the new generation could bring to the ring. Overall, a pretty decent fight, and a great match for MVP's first Wrestlemania.


    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Batista VS The Undertaker

    An excellent match between the Animal and the Deadman. Both giving it everything they've got to make a good match, which they succeeded very well in doing. I must admit that Batista had me goin when hit hit Undertaker with the Batista Bomb, I was like Batista gonna win! Batista gonna win! And to add to that, honestly, I didn't really care who won, since I liked both (really wanted Batista to win) but after remembering the Undertaker's undefeated streak, I started rooting for the Deadman. And as you should know, the Undertaker won, winning the WHC and updating his undefeated streak to 15-0. 2 final words: GREAT match.


    ECW Originals VS The New Breed

    A decent fight with the Originals (Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and RVD) going against the New Breed (Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, and Matt Striker). Not really much to say about this match, except that the DDT Tommy Dreamer pulled off on Matt Striker was HYPE, looked like he snapped his neck, followed by a 5Star Frog Splash by RVD to gain bragging rights over the New Breed.


    Battle of the Billionares Hair VS Hair Match w/ Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Bobby Lashley w/ Donald Trump VS Umaga w/ Mr. McMahon

    Crazy match and I do mean CRAZY! But I'll try to be brief. Bobby Lashley did a little overreacting, but managed to make an entertaining bout. Umaga did his thing and looked good doing it, and the McMahons helped to make the match more exciting... with the help of Steve Austin of course! Lashley picks up a win for Trump, saving his hair and his rep. The funniest part would have to be at the very end when Stone Cold stuns Trump and leaves laughing. This match lived up to my expectations and impressed me a great deal. Also, the Coast 2 Coast by Shane McMahon was OFF DA HOOK!!!!!


    WWE Women's Championship Lumberjill Match

    Melina VS Ashley

    BORING! Is all I can say to describe this match, and the bright side? Melina won, it wouldn't really have been a big deal if she lost, but I just don't think the Womens title would look good on Ashley, who still could've done better than what she's done even in the 3 minutes this match took place.

    WWE Championship Match

    John Cena VS Shawn Michaels

    Not a bad match, Cena started off slow, but then started to pick up the pace after HBk busted his head open on the ringpost. After that, the match was pretty much equal between the two. John Cena puts Michaels in the STFU and forces him to submit, thus retaining the WWE title and ending Wrestlemania still the champion. Its only a shame that Cena doesn't have good matches like he used to know. (Sigh) I can only pray for the future and have faith that he regains his great talent. Rating:3.5/5

    Wrestlemania 23 is by far my favorite Wrestlemania so far as the 3 yaers that I've been into wrestling goes. I can only hope that WM25 will be as good or better than this one.moreless
  • another year another great wrestlemania props to vince and crew for putting on another fabulous show

    mr.kennedy....kennedy!!!!!!!!!! won the money in the bank in the opening bout in a another classic instalment in the money in the bank series.woohooo!.then everyones favorite kane beat the not so great the "great" khali in a less than stellar performance.then chris benoit handed mvp a defeat in mvp's first wrestlemania and retained his us title.then the deadman taker beat batista like we all knew he would to win the world heavyweight title.then the ecw originals defeated the new breed.props to vince for giving the originals the nod in this matchup.

    then lashley defeated umaga and as a result vinces head got shaved.meh is all i can say.

    in a lumberjill match melina topped the playboy bunny ashley.

    and you cant see me john cena retained agaisnt the heartbreak kid shawn michaelsmoreless
  • Wrestlemania 23 is an incredible PPV. The best of 2007.

    Flair & Carlito vs. Chavo & Helms - * 3/4

    MITB Ladder Match - *** 3/4

    Kane vs. Khali - * 1/2

    Chris Benoit vs. MVP - ** 1/2

    Batista vs. Undertaker - *** 3/4

    ECW Originals vs. New Breed - ** 1/4

    Battle of the Billionaires - ***

    Ashley vs. Melina - 3/4*

    Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena - ****

    Overall, though there were only three great matches on the card, this is one of the most entertaining PPVs I have ever seen. Wrestlemania is always incredible and the twenty-third one certainly delivers. The three must-see matches are the MITB Ladder match, World Heavyweight Championship match and WWE Championship match.moreless
  • WM23 was full of action

    this was one of the best WM ever!

    money in the bank- was a very good fight lot of action there and a good move pulled by jeff hardy taking him and edge out of the match i would have liked to see someone else win besides mr. kenndey it was a good fight though lasting just over 35mins id score it a 7/10

    Kane vs khali

    this fight was avarge not really good Khali isnt much of a wreastler this fight was pretty boring except for kane and his steel hook id score it a poor 3/10

    United States Championship Match

    it was an ok fight pretty boring only a few good movies pull off between benoit and MPV it scores 5/10

    Presentaion of old wrestlers( Hall of Fame)

    was pretty good to see some old faces not much to say here 6/10

    World Heavyweight Championship

    i loved this fight! it was everything u could ask for batista messed up a little but it was awesome full of good moves and everything u want in a fight its amazing to see a 6ft man jump flying out of the ring onto a guy! undertaker got his 15-0 winning streak in this match also good entrances into the match 10/10!

    ecw originals vs the new Breed

    cant say match here didnt watch the fight i dont like ecw. ?/10

    battle of the billinairs perfect fight it was good and full of moves guest reff. was stone cold this fight was very interesting bobby lashley vs Umaga bobby won of course but it would have been funny to see don trump bald :D this was a good fight and to see vince's face while getting his head saved was priceless vince started loosing so sent his son in to try reff, good ending everyone got a stunner 9/10

    Ashely vs Melania not much to say here the fight didnt really last that long was a good fight but melania needs to loose the title she has had it to long this fight was if u got thrown out of ring the other diva's through u back in 4/10 Cena vs HBK

    this was a good fight blood drawn from both wrestlers the fight was long and had a good amount of moves exept we need to see hbk win the belt before he retires cena has had it to long,the fight went for about 40mins good entrances bad ending though hbk loosing from submisson 7/10

    hope u like this review about wrestlemania23 final score for wm23 is 9/10moreless

    wrestlemaina 23! here the results and what I think of the match ups.

    Tagteam lumberjack match- ric fliar & carlto def chavo and helm.

    was a good matchup. flair is teaching carlto what wrestle really means.

    money in the bank match- kenndey def matt,jeff,king booker,finlay,edge,orton,CMpunk.

    this was the best money in the bank yet. I loved it when jeff did that slam on edge when he was on top of the ladder.

    Khali def kane. that was a good monster on monster match but khali was stronger. also kane pick up khali.

    ECW orignals def the NEW BREED.

    this match up was really good. the ECW orignals RULES.

    world heavyweight championship-undertaker def batista.(new champion)

    this match was awsome. I'm glad tha taker finally got a championship. batista slamed him on the anoncers table.

    U.S championship-benoit def MVP (to retain the title)

    this was a good match but not the best. MVP came close of winning.

    Battle of the billionairs(hair vs hair match)- bobby def umaga. ( vince gets his head shaved.)

    this match was awsome. I loved it. stone cold was knocked out then shane was the ref. then donlad was beating the hell out of vince. then stone cold and bobby and trump shaved vince's head. then stone cold sutnnered trump.

    Women's championship(lumberjill match) melina def ashley.

    this match really got me mad. melina dominated the match. ashley try better next time. melina did a weird pin. I hate melina!

    wwe championship- john cena def HBK (to retain)

    this match was cool. this match can go down and wrestlemaina history. but I think it was time for HBK to be wwe champ. but I'm still a cena fan.

    this wrestlemaina was tight. I hope next year is even better.moreless

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