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Season 24 Episode 3

Wrestlemania 24

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on
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Wrestlemania 24
Triple-Threat WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) defeated John Cena and Triple H

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. The Undertaker.the undertaker won

ECW Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs.kane.kane won Raw/SmackDown/ECW Battle Royal Winner

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. MVP vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison.cm punk wins

Career Threatening Match
Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels.ric flair is forced to retire

Raw vs. SmackDown Match
Umaga vs. Batista.batista won

BunnyMania Lumberjack Match
Ashley & Maria vs. Beth Phoenix & Melina

Belfast Brawl
Finlay(with hornswoggle) vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield.jbl won

Raw/SmackDown/ECW 24-Man Battle Royal
Winner gets a ECW Championship shot the night against Chavo Guerrero.

Here's the official 24 men: Kane, Mark Henry, Great Khali, BDV, Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang, Hardcore Holly, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Miz, Snitsky. Jesse, Festus, Kendrick, Cody Rhodes, Trevor Murdoch, Deuce, Domino, Matt Striker, Val Venis, Lance Cade, Shannon Moore, Kofi Kingston,
Elijah Burke, Matt Striker.

Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather.flodyd won

Presentation of the Hall of Fame Class of 2008 - Ric Flair, Rocky Johnson, High Chief Peter Maivia, Mae Young, The Brisco Brothers(Gerald and Jack Brisco), Eddie Graham, Gordan Soliemoreless

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  • The 24th annual WrestleMania PPV. Many claim that it would suck because of predictability and whatever nonsense they could come up with. Still, let's see how it went.

    24-man Battle Royal (Winner faces ECW champion)

    Sadly I haven't seen this match so, meh. All I know is that Kane won by eliminating Mark Henry last.

    Belfast Brawl - JBL def. Finlay w/Hornswoggle

    I figured that MITB 4 would've started us off, like what happened last year. Still, this was probably the best thing to do with a card like this. In any event, I liked this opener. Both guys can work no-disqualification matches pretty well. While this wasn't a complete bloodbath, it was still well done. JBL wins via Clothesline From Hell.

    Rating: **3/4

    Money In The Bank 4

    C.M Punk def. Chris Jericho, Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison, Carlito, MVP and Shelton Benjamin

    This has definitely become an annual thing ever since WrestleMania 21. While the 1st MITB was great, the 2nd and 3rd still couldn't lift up to its expectations (Flair, Finlay and Lashley didn't belong in the 2nd one, the 3rd one had too many people going for the briefcase). When the match qualifier were taking place, it was obvious that Jeff Hardy was gonna win and get an even bigger push than the one he initially got. Instead he got busted for drugs, suspended for 60 days, lost his main event push and the Intercontinental title he was wearing, not to mention some respect from a lot of fans. So with him gone, it was anyone's ball game.

    This is easily the WWE's first Match of the Year candidate right here. A lot of sweet moves with the ladders and insane bumps to boot. Morrison with a moonsault while holding a step-ladder, the sunset flip into a powerbomb/superplex combination from a ladder, Carlito with his Backstabber to Jericho off of a ladder, Matt Hardy making his return screwing MVP out of winning the match (yep Matt returned which made this even sweeter). In the end, C.M. Punk won and earns himself a shot at either of the top champions on Raw or SmackDown.

    Rating: ****1/4

    Note: I think I know why they had Punk win. With his straight-edge lifestyle and congress breathing down the WWE's neck about steroids and drugs (never mind that ALL wrestling promotions should be inspected), it would give them somewhat of a good look. Just my thoughts on that.

    Raw Vs SmackDown Inter-Promotional Match

    Batista (SmackDown) def. Umaga (Raw)

    Like I mentioned when this match was made: "they don't know what the hell they want to do with Batista on SmackDown, so let's put him up against someone just to get a pop from the crowd." We all have seen Umaga bringing his best in big-time matches, Batista on the other hand is too damn lazy to work unless he's in there with someone like The Undertaker. And I was right. Umaga was there, "Lazy" Batista was there. There's obviously something about Umaga that fans like about him cause I heard an "U-U-Umaga" chant. Batista won via Batista Bomb, obviously.

    Rating: **

    Note: Batista botched the Batista Bomb. Funny as hell.

    ECW championship - Kane def. Chavo Guerrero (NEW champion)

    A 6-second squash. Plain and simple. Now I know people are whining about this, but still. With the card they had, who in the hell would care that Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in a 10-minute match? Be honest.

    Rating: dud

    Shawn Michaels def. Ric Flair

    This is it. The match where Ric Flair finally hangs up his boots and rides into the sunset. Many people have claimed that a young talent should be the one to get the rub from Flair. I say, are you on bad crack? None of the younger stars deserve to retire Flair, even if it's one of my favorites. If anyone deserves to wrestle Flair in his last match, it's Shawn Michaels.

    And what he got was another Match of the Year candidate, along with a classic WrestleMania moment. We know Michaels brings it on big stage matches, Flair on the other hand brought his A+ game. I swear, watching Flair with Michaels was like reminiscent to the old school Flair of the 80s. The "holy crap" moment came when Michaels went for a Asai moonsault to Flair, he moved and Michaels landed knee first on the Raw announce table with his torso landing on the EDGE of it, ouch..........and he still went through the match. Michaels did it again, and missed. Still, kudos to Flair for selling it.

    Throughout the match, Michaels was hesitant on using Sweet Chin Music on Flair, only to be caught in the Figure Four. Michaels even did his variation of the Figure Four and didn't put Flair away. A low blow and eye poke by Flair when the referee was distracted (God I love when he did that). Hell, Flair got hit with 2 superkicks......AND STILL COMING BACK. My God, what a match. And the ending, oh my. How I didn't break down is amazing. Before nailing the final superkick to finish Flair off, Michaels quoted by saying, "I'm sorry. I love you." Sweet Chin Music, 1-2-3, Michaels win, Flair is retired.

    Rating: ****3/4

    Note: Right after losing, Flair got a huge standing ovation from the Orlando crowd as he walked back to the locker. Thank you, Flair, you will truly be missed.

    Bunny-Mania Lumberjack Match

    Beth Phoenix and Melina def. Maria and Ashley

    The traditional bathroom break of WrestleMania, as always. The one thing that was kinda funny, except Santino being Santino, Snoop Dogg wailing Marella, etc was the lights going out. THAT was funny, still kudos to the technicians for getting themselves out of that mess.

    Rating: *

    Triple Threat Match - WWE championship

    Randy Orton def. John Cena and Triple H (STILL champion)

    Ah, the match most Orton fanboys feared. That their beloved so-called "greatest heel champion of all time" was about to do the job to either Trips or Cena. Still, it was a good match between the three. My initial thoughts was our favorite political buddy Triple H would win the WWE title by going over John Cena, thus getting his win back from WrestleMania 22. THAT's not what happened. Orton pinned Cena (shock) to retain the WWE title. If this wasn't the biggest swerve of the night, I don't know what is.

    Rating: ***3/4

    Boxer vs Wrestler

    Floyd Mayweather def. Big Show via knockout

    This was entertaining, to say the very least. The way the fans were pro-Big Show and wanted to just absolutely destroy Mayweather. Hell, the fans chanted "one more time" when Big Show chopped him. And if anyone can remember how these celebrity/wrestler matches are like in the WWE, can expect a lot of chaos. Such as Mayweather's crew getting involved. Ending came from a brass knuckle loaded right hand to the jaw for the knockout win.

    Rating: **3/4

    World Heavyweight Championship

    The Undertaker def. Edge (NEW champion)

    Shocking, huh? SmackDown getting its first WrestleMania main event slot since WrestleMania 19. Wow. Anyways, this was a great way to end a spectacular night in Orlando. At first the match was a little slow, until Taker went airborne, that's when the match got even better. I sure hope Trips was watching cause this is how you make someone look good with you instead of making them look like a stinking joke, cause they made it look like Edge was truly going to be the one to actually break the winning streak. Old school, countered. Chokeslam, kick out. Last Ride, kick out and countered. Tombstone, KICK OUT. Spear by Edge after Hawkins and Ryder (MAN I hate those names) interfered, Taker KICKED OUT. Spear by Edge again.......into the MMA choke for the submission win.

    Rating: ****1/2

    Overall, I give WrestleMania 24 a 9.0. Out of all of the WrestleManias in THIS era, this would have to be the second best one they did, barely edging the 20th WrestleMania. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who tries to make this WrestleMania look bad at all, don't deserve to be called a wrestling fan because this was a great show, top to bottom.moreless
  • Wrestlemania was live at the citrus bowl in orlando, florida. As you can see i'm going to make this review all over because they improved tv.com and I don't know how to edit my other wrestlemania review. This Wrestlemania wasn't the greatest but it was okmoreless

    1. Over the top battle royal for the shot at the ECW Championship. This wasn't televised but Kane won To recieve a title shot later in the night.

    2. Jbl vs Finlay(Belfast Brawl)3/5. Nice little hardcore match to start of Wrestlemania with trash can lids, trash cans, tables, singapore canes, a shellalegh. Jbl wins with the closeline from hell.

    3. (Money in the bank ladder match)2.5/5. Not the best ladder match since wm21 but it was still fair. It didn't seem that exciting to me as the match from wm21. C.M. Punk wins.

    4. (Battle for Brand Supremacy)Batista vs Umaga 1/5. There was no build up whatsoever leading to this match and batista screwed up the batista bomb. Umaga dosen't even deserve the Wrestlemania spotlight. Batista wins.

    5. Kane vs Chavo Guerrerro(ECW Championship) 1/5. Very short. I gave this a one becuase Kane won.

    6. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair(Career Threatening match)4.5/5. Eaisly the match of the night because it stole the show. Shawn Michaels was obviously expected to win all along but it was scripted so well that I thought Ric would actually win. The "I'm sorry I Love you line" was genius. The only flaw was that Rics last match should not have gone out in a last few chest slaps. Shawn Wins.

    7. (BunnyMania tag match) 0/5. Great way to relieve the sadness of ric losing but its still the annual piss break of wrestlemania.

    8. (WWE championship match) John Cena vs Triple H vs Randy Orton 2.5/5. One of the worst wwe championship matches of wrestlemania history because it wasn't what I expected. I mean come on, there was no back and forth action and this is not the match that would keep you off your seat. There was no breath taking "2 and a half counts" and it ended way to quickly. Its Wrestle-Freaking-Mania for gods sake. I hate the concept of triple threat matches and I hate the person who created it. I mean Triple Threats would be great for filler ppvs like backlash but not wrestlemania. As for the match, HHH wasn't himself neither was Randy. Randy has a lot of talent and the dumb bookers wasted his talent by not letting him do anything. Thats what disappointed me. It was all cena until he got pedigreed and randy won when he punted in triple h's head and fell on Cena. Anyways since Triple H is an overpowered you know what, It would have been an epic one on one match between cena and orton for the championship. But no, triple H always gets the oppurtunity at the title at wrestlemania. It should have been triple h vs batista for the battle of brand supremacy but at least the ric vs shawn match saved this lackluster title match.

    9. (The Biggest vs The Best) Big Show Vs Floyd Mayweather 0/5. This was stupid in my opinion but oh well. Mayweather wins.

    10. (World Heavyweight Championship) Edge vs The Undertaker 4/5. Second best match of the night. Now this is a great match that every wrestlemania should have. I'd rather pay to see an epic one-on-one rather than a dumb triple threat match. As for the match, This definately kept me on the edge of my seat. I actually thought edge would have won but Taker came out on top.

    Thanks for reading my second review. Overall this wrestlemania was okay. Half the card was great half the card sucked. As for the stadium, never again should they make wrestlemania outdoors. I live here in Florida and the weather is unpredictible. You never know when it will heavily rain or but really hot. They should have at least built a roof on top but oh well. Now they know they should never make an event outdoors after many people got hurt by the pyro. But nonetheless this ppv was not worth the money. Well now they tell us at the last second that its gonna be for free when smackdown moves to MYnetworkTV.moreless
  • Not as good as last year's, but still addictive.

    Ah. The 24th annual Wrestlemania, this time down south in the Citrus Bowl, with a pretty great matchcard to boot. Doesn't kill 23 if you ask me, but still very worth watching and buying. Now to get started on the matches:

    Belfast Brawl

    Finlay w/ Hornswoggle VS JBL

    I thought they were gonna do things the traditional way and start off the show with the MiTB match, guess they wanted to try something different this time. Well, anyways this was a pretty nice opener for Wrestlemania, both men got their hits in and did an excellent job getting the crowd hyped for the later matches, even though JBL managed to pick up the win via the Clothesline from Hell.

    Rating: 3/5

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin vs CM Punk vs MVP vs Mr. Kennedy vs John Morrison vs Carlito

    A pretty awesome match, though there were more stunts in this one, it didn't really have me as impressed as last year's but still ,managed to keep my eyes glued to the TV. Shelton Benjamin just kept me entertained for the whole match even though he only lasted for about 7 minutes in, he just took my breath away with that sunset flip powerbomb/ superplex off the ladder on Kennedy and Morrison... SICK. Chris Jericho put up a pretty decent fight as well, despite this being his Wrestlemania in 3 years. MVP did a good job to, but IMO, could've done more than what he did; still pretty nice for his very first ladder match in general. CM Punk wins MiTB after trapping Y2J in the ladder. Overall, a pretty great match.

    Rating: 4/5

    Battle for Brand Supremacy

    Batista vs Umaga

    All I can say is that this year's Battle for Supremacy was waaaaaaaaaay better than last year's, even though this fight had a pretty good buildup, at the same time, it just seemed kinda slapped together. Batista might've volunteered to fight Umaga, but still the match just seemed to be there just to be there. Honestly, I don't even see the point of these matches anyways, just for bragging rights? PAH! Either they improve these Brand Supremacy matchups and actually make them worth watching, or just quit doing them entirely. But thats just me, BTW, Batista wins w/ a rather jacked up Batista Bomb, check it out to see what I mean.

    Rating: 2.5/5

    ECW Championship Match

    Kane vs Chavo Guerrero

    The first EVER ECW title defense at a Wrestlemania, and not a very good one at that. Could've been longer even if it was only Chavo going one on one with Kane. This match makes Kane's fight with Khali last year look like a main event (in length at least). But on the bright side, Kane picks up the win (obviously) and is crowned the new ECW Champion. Case closed.

    Rating: 1/5

    Career Threatening Match

    Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

    An excellent retirement match for the Nature Boy. Though he was getting on my nerves on the last RAW before Wrestlemania (read my review on him to get my point, but don't worry, it was only for that reason, other than that, I respect the dude as much as anyone would). But anyways, I think Ric Flair needed to retire, he's been in the wrestling business for 36 years, he's already set a record for the longest wrestling career in history. Now was just time for him to just hang up his boots then go home with his family, kick back, chill and look back on the video memoirs of his legendary life. But back to the match, HBK and Ric Flair both bought their A game to the ring and showed everyone that they did in the process. That moonsault onto the announcers' table from HBK was TIGHT, even though I'm pretty sure everybody felt it... ouch. And while I'm at it, Ric Flair was a beast, it took not 1, but 2 Sweet Chin Musics from the Heartbreak Kid to lay him and his career out for the 1-2-3. Then after A rather depressed HBK left the arena, good 'ol Ric got a standing ovation from everyone in the Citrus Bowl showing their appreciation for all that he has done for us. Goodbye Ric Flair, you will be greatly missed by many.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjack Match

    Maria and Ashley vs Beth Phoenix and Melina

    Meh. This match may be be better than last year's, but Ashley is still not up to the challenge. The only thing that got me about this match was at the end when Snoop Dogg clotheslined Santino Marella, though that wasn't really nothin to gak at either. As you should know, the Glamazon picked up the wim for her and Melina after a delayed Fishermen Suplex on Maria (who also really did nothing). I wouldn't recommend watching this match unless you just wanna see a fishermen's suplex or just pass the time, but even then wouldn't recommend viewing this. (Afternote: The Snoop Dogg thing was a bit overhyped as well (no disrespect Snoop) but that lil mini SUV car was fresh!)

    Rating: 2.5/5

    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

    Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Triple H

    A decent match, snd for any John Cena fans out there, I would recommend this match for them. But if you ask me, he did terrible here and looked real pathetic when Orton left the ring afterwards, still the champ. Triple H did a pretty mediocre job to if you ask me, the only thing that looked more desperate than him was that Pedigree he performed on Cena. But thats a bit of an improvement compared to the matches that he's in now where he just has the upper hand at the start, gets his butt kicked, and then comes out of nowhere with a Pedigree to pick up the win. Now Randy Orton on the other hand proved his worth as WWE Champion by owning both Cena and the Game. Not much else to say about this match except... Orton's punt to the head is friggin awesome!!!!!! Rating: 3.5/5

    The Biggest vs The Best

    Big Show VS Floyd "Money" Mayweather

    Excellent buildup and creativity, albeit predictable results. I already knew that Maywether was gonna win, though I wanted Big Show to. I just hope that all future celebrity vs wrestler matchups aren't all where the celebrity wins and look like Superman by overcoming the odds. But other than that, I looked forward to this match, and it wasn't anything more or less than my expectations. Mayweather wins by KO'ing the Big Show with brass knux to the jaw... ouch!

    Rating: 3.5/5

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    The Undertaker vs Edge

    My favorite match of the night, definitely worthy of the title "main event". I actually thought that Edge was gonna end Taker's undefeated streak. Both men bought their A+ game and tore each other apart, keeping the crowd content and nailed down to their seats not wanting to miss any part of the action. And surprisingly, Edge actually put up a good fight by himself (CH and ZR just came into be seen, so they weren't really any trouble). Undertaker went airbourne like he did last year with Batista, and still got the same, if not a better reaction from the crowd. Edge had me going after that 1st spear, and I definitely thought it was over after the 2nd spear, though it was very weak (on top of the usual). But then... bam! The Gogoplata! After about 15 seconds of futile resistance, Edge, blood pouring from his mouth, taps out and drops the title to the Undertaker, the crowd goes wild! What a way to wrap up Wrestlemania, for now anyway.

    This was a fantastic show that went on, but like I said earlier, WM 23 is still the best in my book, even though 24 just staight up owned in some areas where 23 didn't, and still managed to put on a good show for the people. Well, with nothin left to be said, good night everybody.moreless
  • Wrestlemania 24

    Belfast Brawl

    Finlay vs. JBL

    This was a great way to kick off the show. It was pretty much a weapons match, with some trash cans, steel steps, a table, etc. being used. These two really put on a solid match. It was back and forth, with some nice spots here and there, until the finish which seemed out of nowhere to me.

    Winner: JBL

    Match Rating: 8/10

    Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Mr. Kennedy vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. Chris Jericho vs. MVP

    As usual an amazing match with a bunch of highspots. This is pretty much worth purchasing the dvd for. There were too many spots to count. Punk finally picks up the win after taking out Kennedy, which was a great move as Kennedy was the one to take Punk out at last years.

    Winner: CM Punk

    Match Rating: 9/10

    Batista vs. Umaga

    The first bad match on the card. It was pretty weak, with nothing special happening until the finish, which was botched as well.

    Winner: Batista

    Match Rating: 4/10

    ECW World Championship

    Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane

    Play by play: Chavo freaks out when he sees Kane behind him instead of coming down the ramp, gets chokeslammes, then pinned. Second and last bad match of the night

    Winner & NEW ECW World Champion: Kane

    Match Rating: 1/10

    Career Threatening Match

    Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

    I dont know if I can say this, but this is Ric Flair's best match I have ever seen. This was a more than respectable way to end his wrestling career. These two put on an amazing matchup, blowing away their match back at Bad Blood 03. They used all 20 minutes of what they were given, and to their fullest. Even the ovation for Flair is worth a second watching

    Winner: Shawn Michaels

    Match Rating: 10/10

    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

    Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

    I haven't seen too many positive reviews for this match, but I saw it once and enjoyed it a lot. It was very back and forth between the three, with some high impact action. The ending was out of nowhere, with Orton unexpectedly retaining the belt. I think it added to the match

    Winner & Still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

    Match Rating: 7/10

    No Disqualification Match

    Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show

    Pretty boring at the beginning, as Mayweather used some tactics to not have to start the match. It went on too long in my opinion. The action started to pick up towards the end, until Floyd (with some help) nailed Show with a pair of gold brass knucks for the cheap win.

    Winner: Floyd Mayweather

    Match Rating: 6/10

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Edge vs. The Undertaker

    This was the start of a chain of amazing matches between the two over 2008. This was a classic match up, which was the perfect main event for the biggest pay per view of them all. The match started slow, and gradually picked up, leading to an amazing finish. If you haven't seen this match yet, get the dvd. It's well worth the money

    Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker

    Match Rating: 9.5/10

    With the exception of 2 bad matches, this was overall an amazing Wrestlemania. The Ladder match, career match, and main event were all classics. While the opener & world title matches were very good as well. Overall a great card and definately Wrestlemania worthymoreless
  • this can only be described as a modern day classic and should go down in wrestlemania history books as one of the greatest of all time!.thats right wrestlemania3 im looking at you and if wwe keeps this up your might be thrown off your pedestal of best ppvmoreless

    ok this show starts when j.b.l one of the best heels today.if your a wwe fan and you dont hate him i pity you.i dont know a wrestling fan who does not him(thats a good thing) anyways he took on finlay and beat him at his own game which was a belfast brawl which wont go down as a technical classic but because of the story around it and the fact that jbl beat the crap out of hornswoggle leading up to the match. AND pepsi loving cm punk!!!! won the money in the bank ladder match!*cheers* in a great match up which showcased the best of wwe's up and coming stars.batista defeated umaga to show that smackdown! is the dominant brand.then the big red machine kane downed chavo gurrero in a very very very short match to win the ecw title!!!!!.then the good ol nature boy ric flair! was forced to retire at the hands of the heartbreak kid shawn michaels in a match few will live to forget.then melina and her partner beth pheonix downed maria and ashley in a lumberjill match in a bout that i dont want to describe.then came the shocker of the night when randy rko orton retained agaisnt "jobs to no one triple h" and "you cant see me cena!" in a good match up to solidate his spot as a main eventer.then here it is the dead man,the man formerly known as the american bada**,mr.fantastic himself the undertaker!!!!!!!!! defeated edge!!!! to win back HIS world heavyweight title.taker downed edge and all of his cronies to show that he always does come out on top!moreless
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