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Wrestlemania 25

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Wrestlemania 25
World Heavyweight Championship Edge(c) vs. Big Show vs John Cena WWE Championship Match Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton Money in the Bank Ladder Match CM Punk vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Finlay The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels 25 Diva Battle Royal(Divas from Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and Past Divas)the winner will become the 1st ever Miss.Wrestlemania Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy(Extreme Rules Match) Intercontinental Championship: JBL(c) vs. Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka w/ Ric Flair in their Cornermoreless

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  • The story of one match

    Well I guess it was OK overall.

    -MITB Fun opener. Not the best MITB but I liked it. Was rooting for Christian tho.


    -Kid Rock/Divas battle royal-Damn Kid Rock for cutting the divas` entrance. 25 Divas battle royal was bad....didn`t see Torrie or Trish or Sunny. Pointless. 0/10

    -Jericho vs. Legends. I consider Jericho as one of the very best in the businnes...waste of talent here. At first, I felt sad for Y2J as tried to sell Piper`s weak attempts for some punches/kicks. Then it became scary, I mean **** hell Snuka is a mess. With all due respect, If i was Jericho, I would be worried that he may get injured or worse at any moment. He defines retirement perfectly. The match had the marks of being one of the worst in history until Steamboat came on. Wow....hell of a performance, hats off. Save the match. 6.5/10

    -Rourke. The crowd were not really into it. It was ok, fun I guess but ridiculous.

    -Hardy vs. Hardy. Pretty good match, much better than the first time they tried this feud. Great ending, I`m happy Matt won. 7.5/10

    -JBL vs. Mysterio. Mysterio was ridiculous in his joker attire. Farewell JBL. Totally pointless. 4/10 (for the fun factor)

    -Undertaker vs. HBK. A classic. Exceeded the already high expectations. These two guys got the very best of each other. The PPV is worth it for this match only. One of a kind. 20/10

    -Edge vs. Big Show vs. Cena. Suffered from the fact that it`s after Taker vs. HBK. Average anyway. Cena winning is a real shocker. me. Can`t Edge have a decent run for once? Cena`s entrance was annoying. 6/10

    - Hall of Fame. He did it tons of times before, but I still love this Austin thing. Hell of a career. Great segment.

    -HHH vs. Orton. MAJOR disapointment. I liked this feud a lot. It`s true that Orton lost a beat of momentum by the end I was looking forward to this. An average match at the very best and the worst thing is that Orton didn`t even win. HHH wins again, how does this help really? 5/10

    Overall. A classic and some good matches...nothing really unwatchable but weak as per wrestlemania standards. Taker-HBK makes it worth it. Without this, it would have been the worst wrestlemania since 2000. Last year was better.....last time in texas was the best ever but again, for me it was the story of one match: Taker vs. HBKmoreless
  • A one-match PPV. Kinda lame for a WrestleMania PPV.

    I knew this year WRestleMania XXV wasn't going to be better than No Way Out and Royal Rumble. I was hoping WWE to prove me wrong, but they threw a disappointing PPV here.

    MizMo vs Colons was a dark match. Lame. It was a good match that should have aired on PPV.

    Well... what else to say?

    MITB: Started out good, but then there was some notorious botches and the anti-climatic finish with CM Punk winning the MITB match again. Even the MITB match from WrestleMania 22 was better than this.

    Star rating: ** 1/2

    Kid Rock... he should have been gunned down.

    Divas Battle Royale: Santina Marella... ugh.

    Star Rating: DUD

    Jericho vs Piper/Snuka/Steamboat - Surprised me a lot. I expected a dud, but this was good enough once Ricky started to wrestle. He looked great for his age and the saddest part is that he looked much more interesting and better than most of the active WWE roster in the ring.

    Star Rating: ** 1/4

    Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy: I didn't enjoy Jeff beating down Matt for most of the match. I was glad Matt won, but still a bit miffed while seeing Jeff being dominant over Matt.

    Star Rating: ** 1/2

    Rey vs JBL: Meh. WrestleMania XXV goes like a tachycardia. Up and down.

    Star Rating: DUD

    Michaels vs Taker: Really great match, but not a 5-star match from me. The cameraman spot and the botched DDT from HBK kinda killed it for me.

    Star Rating: **** 1/2 o **** 3/4

    Edge-Cena-Show: I liked hearing Cena's old theme song. But it made it obvious who was going to win. I wanted Big Show to win just because I was sick of seeing both Cena and Edge on tv. But no, Cena wins and my apathy increases on WM XXV even more than it already was.

    Star Rating: ** 1/2

    HOF segment. Nice.

    Triple H vs Randy Orton: Snorefest and easily one of the worst WM Main Event matches in history. Even the hot beginning with the early finishing moves appearing made me groan. Orton should have won clean or Triple H should have beaten the living hell out of Randy... but instead of caring about the family, he cares about his WWE Title. F*ck Triple H.

    Star Rating: *moreless
  • Did it live up to the Hype?

    Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year for wrestling fans around the world. We have seen some great matches in Wrestlemania past such as Hogan/Andre(WM3), Hogan/Warrior(WM6) and so many others. So did this PPV live up to the hype or did it sink like the Titanic? Well I'll go down the list of matches match by match. So lets get started: (I'll be rating everything out of 5 stars)

    Money in the Bank was the first match of the night, and while it wasn't the greatest Money in the bank it was still very enjoyable and as always included tons of crazy spots. My only gripe was even though I am a fan of CM Punk I would have liked to have seen Shelton or MVP win it also it could have been a tad bit longer. 4 out of 5

    25 Diva Battle Royal was very bad. First of all the divas didn't have a proper entrance, they all just came out together while Kid Rock played. So, you didn't know who was all in the match except for a few divas here and there. I found out the next day that former WWE diva Joy Giovani was in it, but I would of never known that because well we were never told or she was never seen. So, that was a huge disappointment, as the match which could have been decent ended up being one giant Mess 1 out of 5

    Jericho vs The Legends was ok, at first it was boring and slow and then when it came down to just Jericho and Steamboat it took off. Steamboat for being up there in years looks like he did years ago. He looks like he can still go and put on a good 20 min match. I hope at Backlash Jericho faces Steamboat in a one on one match. 3 out of 5

    Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy was better then I expected, I remember when these two guys feuded years ago and their matches weren't that good. Well this match was a lot better then I had thought but still could have been better then it was. The double table spots was cool as was the Jeff breaking his ass jumping over the ladder and missing Matt. The ending with the Twist of Fate using the chair was sick and was a great ending to this match. I doubt this feud is over so lets hope these two can continue to put on great matches. 3 out of 5

    JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio for the IC title was a joke, literally maybe thats why Rey came out as the joker. I don't have much to say about this match as it was only 21 seconds long. So all im saying is it sucked. 1 out of 5 stars

    The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, OMG this match was great and I mean great. This should have been the main event. I t was so good it made the 2 world title matches look like crap compared to it and it made it hard to follow it up. The match is worth buying the event just for this match alone. The spot when Taker flew over the top rope and on to the camera man was sick as hell, i thought Taker and the cameraman were dead. The ending with both guys hitting their finishers and only getting a two count was awesome this match has to be Taker greatest Mania match ever and also one of the best matches we have seen in WWE in a while. 5 out 5

    As for the last two matches, for the Edge (c) vs. John Cena vs. Big Show it was boring and I really can't remember all that happend in the match except the 300 Cenas and the spots where Cena picked up Big Show and Edge at the same time. Cena winning was predictable as Big Show has only won 1 Wrestlemania match in his life. 2 out 5

    Triple H vs Randy Orton was a complete and total let down, they had this really good feud going and had it very personal with great segments lead up to the match. The match in no way lived up to its expectations and as I said thats the reason why the Taker match should have been last it was just too good to have nay other match follow it up. The ending was dumb and nothing special really happend in this match. I thought we were going to have someone come down and possibly help Orton win and turn on HHH but nothing. 2.5 out of 5

    Overall, it was pretty good match of the night was Taker/HBK and while there were some matches that sucked, it was Mania and thats good enough for me. Was the event worth the $55 I paid for it? No, not really it was worth probably anywhere from $30 to 40. I still enjoyed myself and I'm still glad I ordered it. The DVD will be out on May 19, according to Amazon as its up for Pre-order, so I'll be picking it up and recommend that you do to.moreless
  • For a PPV being promoted as the "25th Anniversary" it fell a bit flat. It was still a good PPV, but fell quite flat from being spectacular.

    Okay, let's get this review up and running.

    First off, one of the matches mentioned over the build-up was Miz and Morrison going up against Carlito and Primo Colon for their respective Tag Team titles. But it wasn't shown on the live event. Well it was, just off WWE.com which made me go, huh? You have a match to unify both tag team titles and they couldn't find the time to put this on? Wow. That goes to show how much the 3-piece suits in the back think of their weak tag team division. The second I saw that the match would've been a "lumberjack" match, I had a funny feeling that this would've been given the "dark match" effect. Pretty sad to see their tag team division go even deeper into the toilet than it already is.

    In any event, let's get the show on the road:


    Money In The Bank 5 (C.M. Punk, Mark Henry, MVP, Finlay, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, Christian and Kane)

    A decent way to start the PPV off I guess. It felt a bit short and completely rushed in comparison to the other 4 in my view. Personally, Kingston stood out the most among all 8 men in the match itself. I knew he wasn't going to win yet he still looked like a million bucks among others. In the end, C.M. Punk won the match again. Makes me wonder, why have him win it again? The last time they had Punk win it, they screwed him over completely, making me wonder back then if they would've done the same thing for Jeff Hardy should he hadn't been suspended. Will they FINALLY make him look good this year? I doubt it. This is Raw's creative staff we're talking about here. Meh, decent match anyways. The only sour note in the whole thing was SIX men selling to a midget. Oye.

    Rating: ***


    NOW here's where I don't get. They couldn't find the time to put Miz/Morrison and The Colons on the card, yet they had the time to have Kid Rock singing for TEN MINUTES. Ten minutes, which could've easily gone to the tag team match wasted. Wonderful, WWE. You showcased how much you.......wait, I already mentioned that. Moving on.....


    25-Diva BattleRoyal

    Oh hell no, this was a terrible bathroom break. And it didn't help when the ladies were coming out DURING the Kid Rock fiasco. In the end, a MAN (yes a MAN) won the match. Yes, Santino Marella winning after being disguised as a woman. What made it worse? You could obviously see that there was someone in there that did NOT blend in very well and the announcers Cole, Ross and Lawler both had to pretend that they had no clue who this "woman" was. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I knew that this match would've been a joke, but damn. This? No.

    Rating: dud


    Chris Jericho Vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper w/Ric Flair

    All I can say for this match was Thank God for Steamboat. He pretty much saved this match from going downhill with his exchanges with Jericho. Piper was alright but Snuka, geez. Jericho still won......and got knocked out by Mickey Rourke who was at ringside. Still, this match didn't really do this PPV any favors.

    Rating: **


    Extreme Rules

    Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy

    A new attire for Matt. A bit generic, but a new attire for Matt. FINALLY a good match out of this card so far with Matthew pulling off the win via Twist of Fate with Jeffery's head sandwiched between a chair. Much like MITB 5, this match felt WAY too short for my likings. Damn you, Kid Rock.

    Rating: ***1/4


    Intercontinental Championship Match

    John "Bradshaw" Layfield (c) Vs Rey Mysterio

    Rule 1 of PPV matches: never give away a PPV match on FREE-TV. Which is the mistake they did 6 days before WrestleMania.

    This match ALSO gets a dud. And not even Rey Mysterio coming out as Heath Ledger's Joker from the Dark Knight could save it. The Intercontinental title was never defended at a WrestleMania since No. 18 and this was the best they could give. Wonderful, isn't it? A 19-second squash.

    Oh yes and JBL retired right afterwards.

    Rating: dud


    "HBK" Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker

    You know what? 5-star classic right here. These 2 men always deliver when it comes to WrestleMania and damn it did they ever deliver at the Reliant Stadium.

    Michaels kicking out of a chokeslam, tombstone and Last Ride while escaping Hell's Gate. Taker kicking out of 2 SCMs. Fans split 50/50. In my opinion, this should've been the main event.

    Rating: *****


    World Heavyweight Championship

    Edge (c) Vs Big Show Vs John Cena

    I liked this match personally. I know for a fact that people would immediately give it a 1-star while calling this "the worst WrestleMania of all-time" simply because Cena won the title again, which (a) is not the case cause I've seen plenty of bad WrestleMania PPVs and (b)I'd personally like to see Edge retain since he has been a piss-poor champion from the get-go when he won his 1st title in 2006. Now people would be saying "well it's not Edge's fault that his title reigns have been bad." True, yet you have to admit that they have not done Copeland's character any good other than being a paper champion, don't you think?

    Now let's see: Cena is the champion, Punk has the briefcase. The possibility of a Punk/Cena feud? Could be over the horizon, could not be.

    Rating: ***3/4


    Well I will give the WWE the benefit of the doubt for being able to have time for introducing the Hall of Fame class of 2009 to the masses of the Reliant Stadium, all 72 144 fans. Well it's better than nothing. Oh yes, Austin coming out in classic Austin 3:16 style. I personally consider the Attitude Era to be rather overrated, yet the teenager in me when that era came and went couldn't help but smile when Austin was out there. Thank you, Steve Williams.


    WWE Championship

    Triple H (c) Vs Randy Orton

    After the buildup to this match, you'd expect an all-out dragged down affair. Instead we get a very piss poor main event. I have never liked any Orton/HHH match, this one does not help much either. Adding the stipulation to have the title change hands via countout or DQ made it a bit worse than it already was. And even on WrestleMania where Triple H jobbed to Benoit, Batista and Cena, he still wouldn't drop the title to Orton. Now I have no love for Trips or Orton cause they bore me to hell, but quite honestly he should've walked out as champion. Matter of fact, this match should NOT have been the main event to begin with, Taker and Michaels would've made a better choice. God you guys disappointed me.

    Rating: **


    Overall, the twenty-FOURTH anniversary (just because this is WrestleMania 25 doesn't make it the twenty-FIFTH anniversary) of WrestleMania a 7.75. While it was better than 21 and 23, it still can't touch 22 and 24. Better luck next year in Phoenix.moreless
  • Utterly Disappointing

    I have been a WWE fan for over 25 years. I've seen every Wrestlemania, been to three of them "live" (via closed circuit television in the arena in the late 1980s - before pay-per-view existed), and have ordered every single one on pay-per-view for the past 15 years. I have enjoyed each and every one that I've seen...until last night's 25th event.

    For starters, it annoys me to no end that WWE kept promoting the event as the 25th anniversary. It was the 24th anniversary, not the 25th. The first Wrestlemania took place 24 years ago in 1985, not 25 years ago in 1984. Putting that aside, going into the event it looked like it was going to be a great show. The first sign of trouble was the night before Wrestlemania at the Hall of Fame ceremony. The televised portion of the ceremony was like one big ad for the Wrestlemania event and the Legends of Wrestlemania video game. WWE even had Jerry Lawler stop the awards show to present a clip from the game featuring Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. This is supposed to be a prestigious event, not another opportunity to shill WWE's wares.

    While I'm on the subject of the Hall of Fame ceremony, WWE need to start showing the entire ceremony live and unedited on television, like the Academy Awards and every other major awards show does every year. There's no need to show part of it live online and tape the rest, only to show it edited a few hours later on television. It's not like the USA Network has anything more important to show. All they played last Saturday night were 5-10 year old movies that they've shown numerous times before.

    Anyway, getting back to Wrestlemania 25...Things started off fairly well. Although I thought Nicole Scherzinger's performance of "America The Beautiful" was rather lackluster, it served its purpose nicely and was well done overall. The Money in the Bank ladder match was also very enjoyable, even though Christian should have been awarded the prize instead of C.M. Punk.

    Then came the first of the event's many downfalls: Kid Rock. What the heck was he doing there? Nobody goes to Wrestlemania to see Kid Rock. If, like Motorhead or POD, he was there to perform a superstar's theme music, that would be fine. Instead he performed a 10-minute medley of his "greatest hits", concluding with his latest single - which an on-screen graphic was kind enough to let us know is available on his latest album. Geez, even the video game shilling on the Hall of Fame ceremony the night before wasn't this much of a time waster.

    Kid Rock segued right into the event's second downfall: the 25 "woman" Diva Battle Royal to crown the first ever Miss Wrestlemania. It started off bad, continued to be bad, and ended bad. Why weren't any of the Divas given introductions so we'd know who they all are? Yes, I know WWE were trying to hide the fact that they had a man in drag (Santino Marella) in the match, but why bring back all these women from years past and give them absolutely no attention whatsoever? Sunny was in the match, but there was hardly a mention of her, and she was only fleetingly seen on screen. The same for the other past Divas - Molly Holly, Jackie Gayda, Joy Giovanni, and Torrie Wilson - some of whom were only mentioned when they went sailing over the top rope. Victoria was the only past Diva who got any bit of screen time, and it was just a brief few seconds. Having no introductions also hurts the current Divas, as it gives them no way to stand out from each other. Looking at all 25 women in the ring, without knowing who is who, it ends up being just a sea of generic blondes and brunettes.

    It's absolutely ridiculous that the women, some of whom can really work, were given one worthless spot on the card, and a man in drag walks away with the victory. That says a lot about what WWE thinks of its women's division. But WWE didn't just insult the Divas, WWE also insulted the audience by NOT having "Santina" be revealed to be a man in drag. The fact that WWE had neither the women in the ring NOR the commentators notice that there was a man in there was absolutely moronic. It was completely obvious to anyone watching, yet the announcers (of course) didn't notice that he was even there until the match was almost over, and none of the Divas even touched or attacked him throughout the match. After he tossed out his girlfriend Beth Phoenix, why not have her go back into the ring and pull his wig off, and then kick his butt? That would have been a somewhat respectable way to salvage this debacle. Instead WWE continued on as if "Santina" were a real woman. This match was clearly the Wrestlecrap Match of the Night. That's not something WWE should be proud of.

    The Chris Jericho vs. the Legends match started and ended with great disappointment. Roddy Piper was good, Jimmy Snuka was sad to see (he can hardly walk), but once Ricky Steamboat and Jericho were left to go at it one-on-one it was AMAZING! That part of the match was one of the few highlights of the whole night. Then it got really disappointing. Much ado was made of Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke, but they did little to nothing to affect the match. A run in or some interference during the match would be been appropriate (Flair briefly ran in and was quickly taken care of so that negated his presence at ringside).

    After the match was over, THEN Rourke is brought into the spotlight, having been called out by Jericho. After an eternity of making his way into the ring, Rourke gets in two punches and Jericho is left holding his head. I know that the WWE likes to put celebrities over at Wrestlemania, but that just looked bad for both Jericho AND Rourke, and it was so anti-climatic for the audience. I suppose, looking back, there wasn't much more that he could have done, but WWE could have handled it with more excitement than THAT. Flair and Rourke might as well not have bothered to show up since they did nothing of importance.

    The Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy match was another one of the event's highlights, so there's really nothing bad to say about it. Well, other than the fact that for an "Extreme Rules" match, there sure was a distinct lack of blood (save for a small cut on Matt's head).

    The Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield match was barely that. From bell to bell it ran a mere 21 seconds. The match was a disgrace to all the great Intercontinental matches in Wrestlemania history. I didn't pay almost sixty dollars to see an event with a match that didn't even last half a minute - especially when both wrestlers are capable of putting on an enjoyable and much longer match.

    Next up was the Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker match. An absolute classic that was damn near perfect. If anything it could have been a tiny bit shorter - there were too many near falls for my liking - but that's a very minor quibble. This was the last match of the night for which I truly felt like I was getting *some* of my money's worth.

    The first title match of the televised event was next, and it's the Triple Threat featuring John Cena vs. Edge vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. I'd ask why there needs to be a Triple Threat at every Wrestlemania, but that's irrelevant. The whole match just felt like The John Cena Show to me. It was lame and predictable. WWE even had the same exact spot in the match that they had on free TV a few weeks ago: Vickie Guerrero on the ring apron, Cena runs at her but stops, steps aside, and Edge spears her off the apron. The Big Show never won a singles title at Wrestlemania. He's long overdue. Instead WWE gives us the same old, same old. Yawn.

    The Hall of Fame Class of 2009 come out next and get the bows they deserve. Stone Cold Steve Austin then drives around the ring in his ATV and has a farewell beer bash. This was all well and good, but the fact that Kid Rock got more screen time than the Hall of Fame class is complete BS.

    Then we have the final match of the evening: Randy Orton vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship. I was actually looking forward to this match because their feud was intense, and it could have been a big payoff. But WWE ruined it by getting awfully strict with the rules. When you have a feud where both men attacked each other in the most vicious and brutal ways, and each one of them is just waiting to get his hands around the throat of the other, you don't set up a match where the rules of disqualification are stricter than ever. Because of that, there was no twist, no interference (by either Legacy or the McMahons), no nothing. It was lame, tame, and ordinary. The build up was better than the match. Besides that, it had NOTHING to do with the title. This was a personal grudge match, not a championship match, not a pay-per-view main event, and sure as heck not a Wrestlemania main event, let alone the main event of this big landmark "25th anniversary" Wrestlemania. THIS is the match that should have had Extreme Rules, THIS is the match where they should have been beating the ever loving crap out of each other.

    Wait a minute! That was the last match? When I ordered the event, one of the matches I was most looking forward to was the Champions vs. Champions Tag Team Title Match featuring Carlito & Primo vs. Miz & Morrison. But where is it? As I would find out the next day on WWE.com, the match did indeed take place at Wrestlemania - just not as part of the televised event. WWE shunted the match to the non-televised pre-show. A match for the freaking Tag Team TITLES was not worthy of being shown on television? It was not only a title match, but one in which the titles would be UNIFIED! Surely that's something important? Surely that's worth showing live on the air instead of a 10-minute Kid Rock concert or a joke of a Divas Battle Royal? The tag team match was thrown off the show so that Kid Rock could sing?!? Ummm...does WWE realize that the event is called WRESTLEmania, right? I paid to see wrestling, not a concert!

    Here's the thing I just don't understand. It's a scripted show, WWE knows they only have four hours in which to fit everything in, so why doesn't WWE plan it out better? Set time limits for each match and segment so that everything can be shown, and nothing feels rushed.

    Outside of two or three matches (none of which were for titles), this did not feel like Wrestlemania. Had this been No Way Out or Backlash, the card would have been fine and I probably wouldn't feel as negatively as I do about the fiasco. But it was Wrestlemania, it was the grandest stage of them all, and the WWE sorely disappointed. To make a big deal out of the "25th anniversary" and then put forth what I, and millions of others, watched Sunday night was almost atrocious.moreless
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