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Season 26 Episode 3

Wrestlemania 26

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  • In this year's Wrestlemania, Undertaker and HBK will have a rematch, Chris Jericho takes on Edge, and Bret Hart takes on Vince.

    Good ppv if not great ppv for the WWE.

    Watching the full program, there were only two real duds of the night, the opening match, and Bret's match other than that there was a really strong effort by the stars to put on a show.

    Money in the Bank was good as it usually is. Every participant got his chance to show his moves and touch the briefcase making it appear that they all had chances to win this. There were a lot of memorable moments like Hardy being backdrop into the ladder, Swagger being sandwitch between two ladders, Bourne's high flying splash from the top of the ladder and so forth. I totally did not see Swagger pulling the win. That was great actually. Seems like the WWE realizes that despite having misused the guy for the bulk of his run on RAW, they see his potential.

    Sheamus vs. HHH

    A hotly contested match. Again one of the things that makes a wrestling match interesting is if you get the impression that the match could go either way regardless of who wins. Sheamus got a lot of strong offense here. It was a decent match but sadly HHH like he has done at many a Wrestlemania doesn't do the job. However, the match was competitive enough, and we haven't seen the last of this feud.

    Randy Orton vs. Dibiase vs. Rhodes

    I knew Randy would win this but Dibiase and Rhodes had their moments to shine.

    CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

    Another competitive match. The highlight of this match was an athletic counter by Rey in midair where he does an arm drag and then does a ddt on Punk. Rey gets over as expected.

    Bret Hart vs. Vince

    Admittedly, the second dud of the night. However, no one really expected much of a match here. I think what surprised me the most here was Vince's ability to let Bret beat him up by taking a dozen or so chairshots.

    Chris Jericho vs. Edge

    The first big title defense and second big match of the night following Money In the Bank. This was a great, great match with an unexpected ending. Chris and Edge have wrestled many times even before both men were Champions. A lot of memorable moments in this match such as Jericho countering the spear with codebreaker, then later giving his own version of the spear , then Jericho taking a big face slam off the top rope, or Edge going for spear only to be caught by Jericho's codebreaker. A solid effort by both guys. I was surprised that Chris retained giving Edge's big push. However, all this means is we're going to see this entertaining feud continue.

    John Cena vs. Batista For a Batista match, this match was long, not as long as Cena's matches but long enough take notice going about fifteen minutes. Also credit for both guys in that they made each look good here. This feud put over Batista as a strong heel, and invigorated Cena as strong face. Undertaker vs. Hbk II

    Another classic. Nothing to be shamed about here. It's amazing how these guys having wrestled for twenty years can still perform at such a high level for fans especially with both legends nearing the end of their careers. Undertaker and Hbk put everything on the line. So many moves and so many highlights. Again though that doesn't matter unless both men give you the impression that the match could go either way, and they did that. The legends went at it hard from the get go. Undertaker took about three strong superkicks to the face, and for first time, HBK kicked out of the Tombstone. Later Hbk countered Undertaker's powerbomb with a face buster. One of my favorite highlights had to be the moonsault off the top to the announcing table by Hbk, and Undertaker tombstoning Hbk on the outside. The psychology of the match was great especially that tearful last part with Hbk slapping Undertaker before he does the second Tombstone. All in all a solid effort by both men. There' s a reason that they closed of the show. They delivered a strong match for both their careers.

    Wrestlemania was a good if not great ppvs. Admittedly, there were a few duds, but all in all the effort was there, and a strong showing by WWE on their biggest night of the year.
  • This was the 26th annual Wrestlemania and it took place in Phoenix, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The roof for Wrestlemania was outdoors this year(3rd time in history) and there were 10 matches on the card. Theme Song was "I made It"

    Wow there has been much speculation and anticipation for this year's Wrestlemania 26 but here's the bad news. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as great as it had been anticipated to be. But here's the good news. It was WAY better than last years. Here is the rundown and match highlights/results from the card:

    1st match on PPV: Unified Tag Team Championship Match: R-truth and John Morrison vs (C) ShowMiz. Highlights: Morrison does a dropkick to The Miz and does a breakdancing legdrop, tags in Truth and he goes to the very top rope and does a huge legdrop for a two count. Truth then does his splits and does the corkscrew kick to the miz's face. Big show is tagged in and starts beating up on Truth. Later on, Truth goes for a cross-body to the Big Show on the outside but gets caught and rammed into the ringpost. Big Show then tags in The Miz without Morrison noticing and tries to do the "flying chuck" to The Miz but gets knocked out in mid-air for the 1, 2, 3. Rating: 2/5. Opinion: Ended way too quickly(about only 3-5 minutes I believe) Morrison and Truth deserve better and there was no reason for the bookers to rush it because this match had so much potential and could have been one of the greatest tag team title matches in Wrestlemania history.

    2nd match: Triple Threat Match: Ted Dibiase Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Randy Orton. Highlights: Bell rings and Randy Orton sneaks out of the ring for 2 seconds, hops back in and delivers a dropkick to Cody Rhodes. Dibiase then dropkicks Randy. Dibiase and Rhodes start to pound on Orton taking punches to Orton's head while he was on the canvas and the crowd starts giving them heat. While they were beating him up for two minutes or so Cody goes up to attempt his moonsault but abruptly stops when Dibiase goes for the pin. Cody is livid and he tosses out Ted and now it's a Triple Threat as there is no more factions against Randy. Ted comes back in and clobbers Cody in the face and the crowd goes nuts. They start to brawl and Orton capitalizes and Orton gets all fired up. Clothesline to Ted, Back Elbow to Cody, Another Clothesline to Ted, Powerslam to Ted, One powerslam for Cody, and an inverted backbreaker for Cody. Note: I guess this indicates that Randy is a face now. Randy also does a double-ddt I forgot to add and the crowd goes crazy. Orton kicks Ted out leaving Cody and Randy in the ring and thinks about doing an RKO to Cody but changes his mind. Instead he punts Cody's head in and Ted sneaks in behind Randy, attempts dream-street, but Orton rolls him over and RKO's Ted for the 3-count. After the match the big cylinder lowers and reads "RKO" and Randy does the "Orton pose" on the top rope which caused me to mark out because he hadn't done it in ages. Rating: 3.5/5. Opinion: This match exceeded my expectations. I thought it was stupid at first when this was announced but the match came out very swell and entertaining. So far this was the best match of the night and I went crazy for the "Orton Pose".

    3rd match: The 6th annual M.I.T.B. Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler vs Shelton Benjamin vs Drew McIntyre vs Christian vs M.V.P. vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston vs Kane. This year was a 10-man match and I won't cover everything so I'll give only the best highlights: Everyone starts brawling, Kane chokeslams Evan Bourne onto two wrestlers on the outside, Dolph does a Zig-Zag to Christian off the middle of the ladder, M.V.P. and Shelton ram a ladder into Kane's stomach while he was against the turnbuckle and Kofi ran up the ladder and started punching on Kane only to be powerbombed onto the ladder, There was a ladder set up in the middle of the ring and Matt And Christian got two more ladders and put them into the middle off the ladder. Matt and Christian started sandwiching Jack Swagger as he was caught in the middle of the ladder. Matt and Christian started sandwiching Jack Swagger as he was caught in the middle of the ladder. Christian and Evan start battling on top of the ladder and Evan knocks Christian off and Evan is thinking of going for the briefcase but instead does an Airbourne off the ladder on to Christian. One ladder is broken and Kofi actually uses it for stilts and I thought it was hilarious. Now towards the end. Swagger and Christian battle on the top but Swagger blasts Christian with the briefcase by swinging it to his face and Swagger won. The funny thing is that it took Swagger like 10 minutes just to unhook it. Rating: 4/5. Opinion: This M.I.T.B. did not disappoint as it does every year and I really hope they don't remove it from Wrestlemania because rumor has it that they are going to use M.I.T.B. for a PPV instead. I think the best part was Evan's Airbourne. I really wanted Christian, M.V.P., Or Evan Bourne to win but I guess they want to give Jack a chance. I was disappointed he won but still it was a spectacular match and I'm looking forward to next year's.

    4th match: Sheamus vs Triple H. Now the highlights will be short because I'm too tired to type everything out. Highlights: A great showing by Sheamus proving that he could be at 'Mania and he hit two of his signature backbreakers, two punt kicks but Triple H prevailed with a Pedigree as Sheamus attempted his crucifix powerbomb. Rating: 3/5. Opinion: Sheamus has many years to come and this was a fantastic showing at his first Wrestlemania and this match wasn't so bad.

    5th match: C.M. Punk vs Rey Mysterio(If Rey looses, he must join the S.E.S.) Highlights: Awesome Highflying/Muay-Ti Classic between Punk and Mysterio. Mysterio never disappoints with his 'Mania costumes as usual and came out sporting the blue "Avatar" look from the movie. Mysterio comes out on top with a 619 with Luke Gallows tried to interfere. Rating: 5/5. Opinion: I can honestly say that was a 5 star match. Everything was booked to perfection and there were hardly any botches when Mysterio did his high flying moves. Both men brought out the best in each other.

    6th match: Bret Hart Vs Vince Mcmahon No-Holds Barred, 13 years in the making. This is where Mania starts to get bad. Highlights: Bret came out to a mega-pop and when Vince came out, he was on the mic and announced that his Bret's family was working for Vince and sided with him. Vince and Bret are now in the ring and Bret says that they're really not with Vince at all. Vince looks confused and the match starts. The Ref is on of Bret's family members. Bell rings and Bret starts punching on Vince and tosses him to the outside. The Hart Dynasty start pounding on Vince and they do the Hart attack off the top-rope. Vince tries to escape under the ring, but takes out a blue wrench that scares away the Hart family. Vince tries to hit Bret but he ducks and takes the wrench and hits Vince with it. Bret then takes a chair and hits him with it probably over 15 times. Bret then does his sharpshooter and the crowd goes nuts, and Vince taps out. Rating: 1/5. Opinion: Wow come on now. This match has been anticipated for months and it ended in such a stupid way which ticked me off. This should have been between Bret Vs Vince, NOT Bret's whole family helping Bret beat Vince. I expected many trash cans, trash can lids, tables, chairs, singapore canes, ladders, and other objects to be used. I don't get why the creative team didn't remember Wrestlemania 19 when Hulk and Vince used many weapons. Instead it ended very boring and PG style. Waste of time.

    7th match: World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho(C) vs Edge. This match disappointed and ticked me off even more and here's why. Highlights: Match starts off slow and not what I expected. It starts to pick up when Edge goes and clotheslines Jericho off the apron on the outside. Edge gets a choke slingshot from Jericho. It gets better when Jericho attempts a Codebreaker but Edge counters and throws him into the corner, tries a spear, but Jericho counters into the W.O.J. and Edge spins out. Jericho uses a series of right hands but Edge kicks him and does an impaler DDT. Towards the middle Jericho targets the injured Achillies Tendon of Edge and even gets him in a single Boston Crab but Edge is able to reach the ropes. Edge starts limping and Jericho grabs Edge's leg once more, but Edge counters into a roll up for a near 3 count. Edge clotheslines Jericho over the top rope and both men fall to the floor. Jericho grabs his title but the ref says "No Jericho, I'll DQ you!" Jericho pushes Edge into the ref and clocks Edge with the title. The ref gets up slowly and counts, but Edge is able to kick out. Edge is limping and Jericho hits him with a 2nd codebreaker and it's over. WTF.
    Rating: 2.5/5. Opinion: I mainly bought this PPV because of this match to see these two proud canadians wrestle in what would have been an awesome match but it ended so dumb. This should have been Edge's crowning moment and Edge should have won this. When will a royal rumble winner ever win a Wrestlemania main event again?? It hasn't happened since Wrestlemania 23. I was personally disappointed because I really wanted to see Edge come out on top but sadly, he did not prevail.

    8th match: Man this 'Mania is flying by, already the 8th match. 10 diva tag team match. Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero Vs Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix. The annual p*ss break for Wrestlemania and I really didn't give a crap because I was still upset over Edge's match and felt ripped off. The Heels won this one. Rating: 1/5. Opinion: Ate golden oreos, didn't watch.

    9th match: WWE Championship: Batista(C) vs John Cena. This match was extremely predictable but who cares? My boy Cena came out on top.
    Highlights: Batista came out as usual walking with a stick up his a*s and actually used pyro for his entrance. John Cena's entrance wasn't so amazing this year as I was looking forward to it which was another disappointment. He came out to these marines and they were flipping and twirling there guns around as a marine walked through it. Out comes Cena all p*ssed off and he runs to the ring. This encounter wasn't as great as there Summerslam 2008 bout so there really was no highlights except Cena doing a 5 knuckle-shuffle off the top rope. Of course the Cena Haters won't care about this one but Cena won as Batista tapped out to the STF. Rating: 3/5. Opinion: This was very predicatble but I could care less because Cena is the man so take that haters. John actually walked up to some do*che hater after his match and laughed at the camera like last year. It's the same dude that has black hair and always attends WM and wears the "We Hate Cena" T-shirt. Pretty amusing moment.

    10th and final main event. Shawn Michaels Career vs The Undertaker's Undefeated Streak. This is the match that SAVED this years Wrestlemania from going in the toilet and this was the rightful main event and the bookers got it right. Highlights: You might wanna go on a rumor website to look up the highlights because mine won't do it justice for this 5-star match. At first I thought, "Oh this will suck, these two already fought last year and it will be pointless". This match ended up being one of the greatest in 'Mania history. I didn't want this match to end but Shawn had to job because he said he was retiring and took a forceful tombstone for the 1,2,3. After the match Undertaker got on his knee and rolled his eyes in the back of his head and the arena went all blue and purple like at every 'mania. The Pyro went off and the stage read: 18-0. The lights came back on the 'Taker helped Shawn to his feet. Shawn was basically in the same position as ric flair this year because he had to retire. Taker hugged Shawn and gave him a high-five and left the ring. Shawn embraced the over 70,000 fans saying "Thank You Shawn" for about 3 minutes and left and shook everyones hands. Shawn said something funny to the camera: "I'll be driving my kids nuts in 3 weeks!" It made me laugh and the WWE logo came on and it was over. Rating : 5/5(This Match Saved 'Mania). Opinion: Match speaks for itself, greatest off all time. I was mad that they didn't show the annual Montage package video at the end of every Wrestlemania. Lazy production f*cks.

    Overall Opinion: This was one of those Wrestlemania's once again, that wasn't so terrible, but wasn't so great. To be honest, I believe that the performers on the Midcard did a much better job then the main matches. Matches like the triple threat, M.I.T.B., Punk Vs Mysterio, Triple H Vs Sheamus Etc Etc. What upset me the most was that the matches that have been hyped for so long, sucked eggs and I've been waiting for them for so long like Bret Vs Vince and Edge Vs Jericho. But this still was a memorable Wrestlemania like always. Can't believe they forgot the montage video at the end though =(.

    I'm sad that 'Mania ended so fast =(. Well Anyways, Please read this and sorry that my review is so long! I just wanted to try to get everything on at once. Next year's Wrestlemania will be the 27th installation and will be in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga and I can't wait for it. Good Bye HBK!!!
  • Wrestle Shame-ia

    I pity the fool who paid $70 for this.

    This had to be arguably the worst-wrestled, worst-acted and worst-booked Wrestlemania in company history. There was not a single good match and even the usually awesome Money in the Bank match was not as good as it usually is.

    The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels was a mediocre match at best that had a horribly undramatic ending. While last year's bout was close to a 5 star match, this year's was close to a 2 star match, to be nice about it.

    WWE should be ashamed of this effort, just pitiful and I hope the buyrate was terrible.