WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 26 Episode 3

Wrestlemania 26

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on

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  • In this year's Wrestlemania, Undertaker and HBK will have a rematch, Chris Jericho takes on Edge, and Bret Hart takes on Vince.

    Good ppv if not great ppv for the WWE.

    Watching the full program, there were only two real duds of the night, the opening match, and Bret's match other than that there was a really strong effort by the stars to put on a show.

    Money in the Bank was good as it usually is. Every participant got his chance to show his moves and touch the briefcase making it appear that they all had chances to win this. There were a lot of memorable moments like Hardy being backdrop into the ladder, Swagger being sandwitch between two ladders, Bourne's high flying splash from the top of the ladder and so forth. I totally did not see Swagger pulling the win. That was great actually. Seems like the WWE realizes that despite having misused the guy for the bulk of his run on RAW, they see his potential.

    Sheamus vs. HHH

    A hotly contested match. Again one of the things that makes a wrestling match interesting is if you get the impression that the match could go either way regardless of who wins. Sheamus got a lot of strong offense here. It was a decent match but sadly HHH like he has done at many a Wrestlemania doesn't do the job. However, the match was competitive enough, and we haven't seen the last of this feud.

    Randy Orton vs. Dibiase vs. Rhodes

    I knew Randy would win this but Dibiase and Rhodes had their moments to shine.

    CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

    Another competitive match. The highlight of this match was an athletic counter by Rey in midair where he does an arm drag and then does a ddt on Punk. Rey gets over as expected.

    Bret Hart vs. Vince

    Admittedly, the second dud of the night. However, no one really expected much of a match here. I think what surprised me the most here was Vince's ability to let Bret beat him up by taking a dozen or so chairshots.

    Chris Jericho vs. Edge

    The first big title defense and second big match of the night following Money In the Bank. This was a great, great match with an unexpected ending. Chris and Edge have wrestled many times even before both men were Champions. A lot of memorable moments in this match such as Jericho countering the spear with codebreaker, then later giving his own version of the spear , then Jericho taking a big face slam off the top rope, or Edge going for spear only to be caught by Jericho's codebreaker. A solid effort by both guys. I was surprised that Chris retained giving Edge's big push. However, all this means is we're going to see this entertaining feud continue.

    John Cena vs. Batista For a Batista match, this match was long, not as long as Cena's matches but long enough take notice going about fifteen minutes. Also credit for both guys in that they made each look good here. This feud put over Batista as a strong heel, and invigorated Cena as strong face. Undertaker vs. Hbk II

    Another classic. Nothing to be shamed about here. It's amazing how these guys having wrestled for twenty years can still perform at such a high level for fans especially with both legends nearing the end of their careers. Undertaker and Hbk put everything on the line. So many moves and so many highlights. Again though that doesn't matter unless both men give you the impression that the match could go either way, and they did that. The legends went at it hard from the get go. Undertaker took about three strong superkicks to the face, and for first time, HBK kicked out of the Tombstone. Later Hbk countered Undertaker's powerbomb with a face buster. One of my favorite highlights had to be the moonsault off the top to the announcing table by Hbk, and Undertaker tombstoning Hbk on the outside. The psychology of the match was great especially that tearful last part with Hbk slapping Undertaker before he does the second Tombstone. All in all a solid effort by both men. There' s a reason that they closed of the show. They delivered a strong match for both their careers.

    Wrestlemania was a good if not great ppvs. Admittedly, there were a few duds, but all in all the effort was there, and a strong showing by WWE on their biggest night of the year.