WWE Pay-Per-View

Season 2 Episode 1

Wrestlemania II

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1986 on

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  • this wrestlemania was held in 3 different arenas in which can only be seen as a big failure.

    a wrestlemania with guest joe frazier and about every 80s superstar you can mention it should have been great couldve been great but it fell flat was it the matches? No not entirely some of them were very good.maybe it is just me and im not really a fan of the 80s wrestlemanias but hey this isnt the worst wrestlemania and it is far from the best but can you tell me with so much star power how could a ppv of this caliber be so lackluster maybe im being too cynical but alot of people agree with me.the matches on this card are not even worth discussing because they speak for themselves.all in all im glad this wrestlemania was not in a prologue of things to come
  • quite good

    was quite a good event sum good matches and sum waste of time matches but all in all quite a good event tag team match between dynamite kid and british bulldog vs greg valeninte and bruts beefcake was by far match of the night. cage match could of done with a bit more but was still alrite. battle royal was alrite to watch aint a big fan of them tho coz not much wrestling is usually done in them. womens chamionship was too quick and was a wasted of time so were oen or two othas but the rest were alrite
  • It was alright.

    The Hulk Hogan King Kong Bundy cage match wasn\'t very good,as for most of the matches. The Battle Royal though was enjoyable, many famous wrestlers and celebrities like William the Refrigerator Perry, Big John Studd, and some more. I don\'t like the idea of making the event in three places, what were they thinking. I don\'t think that all the wrestling fans are gonna go to a certain place to see five matches at a pay per view that is supposodley \"The best event in sports entertainment\". Only if you are a hardcore wrestling fan, you should buy it.

    5 out of 10
  • not a bad event cage main event a bit of a let down

    well it had a few good amtches but some were awful especially the cage match at the end which was a let down. best ma tch on there was the tag match between greg and brutus against the british bulldogs i recommend that you should not really watch this but if u do i just skip the the matches until you get to the tag team match which im givin a 8 out of ten unlike the cage match which gets a 3.