WWE SmackDown

Season 11 Episode 40

Decade of Smackdown

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2009 on USA

Episode Recap

Todd Grisham & Jim Ross are in the ring to begin the Decade of Smackdown celebration.

Match #1: Batista vs Kane. (Before Kane came out, the showed highlight from Best of Smackdown DVD – Batista & Rey Mysterio vs MNM) Batista pins Kane.

In the back at the party, Teddy Long is greeting everyone. He stops to talk to Michael Cole, and Cole tells him he's had two dozen shrimp. Cole asks Teddy what he wants to drink and Teddy asks for a Diet Pepsi. Finlay then asks Teddy if he know what that will do to him. Finlay tells Hornswoggle to give them four Irish Whiskeys, and Cole says "Vintage Finlay!" Finlay convinces Teddy to have one then offers a toast to loving to fight and a decade of Smackdown. Before Teddy can drink, CM Punk stops him and Punk goes into his usual speech. Then the monster returns: Vickie Guerrero!!! After insulting Teddy, she introduces her new boyfriend Eric Escobar, who Vince signed without telling Teddy. Also, Vickie is his manager and will be Smackdown soon. Then Santino, dressed as the Undertaker scares Teddy.

Back at the party, a clearly drunk Michael Cole is sitting with Finlay and declares vintage shrimp. Meanwhile, Zach Ryder is trying to get into MVP's VIP Lounge and he tries to bribe is way in. Mark Henry says okay, if there's room. Henry then lets in Matt Hardy, Kelly Kelly, Alica Fox, Charlie Haas, Layla, Maria & Sgt. Slaughter. MVP says there's room for one more, but instead of Zach, they let in The Iron Sheik!

JR & Grisham introduce a tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

Match #2: John Morrison & Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & The Miz. Jack Swagger was at ringside for commentary, although he didn't say anything and just watched. Ziggler pins Morrison.

Back at the party, Funaki, Yoshi Tatsu and Jillian are doing, horrible karaoke. Sgt. Slaughter & the Iron Sheik argue until the Sheik starts choking. The Hurricane give him the Heimlich maneuver and the Sheik spits out a shrimp which flies over to Michael Cole, and he eats it. Then Chris Jericho & The Big Show walk in and are complete buzzkills. Michel Cole throws up on Jericho's shoes, which makes the Big Show hurl as well. Then Joey Styles looks and says Oh My God. (It's catch phrase city!)

It's time for a special message from The Rock.

Match #3: Lumberjack for the Women's Championship: Melina vs Michelle McCool. (The Lumberjacks are Eve, Maria, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Katie Lea, Jillian, Layla, Natalya, The Bellas, & Kelly Kelly) Michelle pins Melina.

The Undertaker cuts a promo about what he's going to do to CM Punk.

Back at the party, everybody is dancing when Drew McIntyre takes the stage to toast himself. He gets jumped by R-Truth.

Match #4: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena & The Undertaker vs Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & CM Punk. Undertaker pins Orton.

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