WWE SmackDown

Season 13 Episode 44

Fri. Nov 4, 2011

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

Match #1: Street Fight: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes w/The Bag Men. Orton pins Rhodes.

Raw Recap….of NASH & Triple H.

Match #2: Tyson Kidd vs Ted DiBiase. Holy Crap! DiBiase pins Kidd.

Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry…who instead threatens Daniel Bryan.

Match #3: Alicia fox vs Natalya. Alicia pins Natalya.

Big Show comes to the ring and says that for every Smackdown that he doesn't get a rematch against Henry he's gonna knock him out every time. Then Christian comes out to whine, and get chokeslamed.

Match #4: Christian vs Sheamus….doesn't happen because Christian can't compete. So..

Match #4b: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett. Barrett pins Sheamus after Christian makes a miraculous recovery.

Sheamus, Christian and Barrett brawl backstage.

Raw is the Muppet Show.

Big Show talks to Daniel Bryan.

Match #5: Sin Cara vs Epico. Cara wins via DQ when Hunico (Evil Sin Cara) attacks.

Match #6: Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan w/The Big Show. Henry wins via DQ when Show knocks him out. Then Show tries to get Bryan to cash in MITB, but Henry gets up and slams both Bryan and Show. Teddy Long shows up makes a title match for Survivor Series.