WWE SmackDown

Season 13 Episode 37

Fri. Sept. 16, 2011

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

Because we're still in Canada, Edge is here. He misses the show and us. But enough of that, time for Darth Cody to come down and complain. The insultathon begins! Edge walks away, Cody freaks out and Ted DiBiase attacks from the crowd.

Match #1: Sin Cara #2 vs Daniel Bryan. Bryan wins via DQ. Then Sin Cara shows up to attack Sin Cara and confused announcers are confused. Same outfits, but a darker shade of blue on the evil one.

Teddy Long tells Zach Ryder that if Randy Orton or Mark Henry attack each other during the Cutting Edge….who cares, the beat each other afterwards. Then Aksana shows up for sex puns. Trish!

Match #2: AJ w/Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix w/Natalya. Beth pins AJ.

Trish is trying to get Edge into yoga when Christian comes up. And of course, he wants Edge to bug Teddy Long for one more title match.

Match #3: Wade Barrett & Christian vs Justin Gabriel & Sheamus. Gabriel pins Barrett.

Match #4: The Great Khali vs Heath Slater. Khali wins via DQ when Jindar Mahal attacks him.

Match #5: Evan Bourne w/Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth w/The Miz. Truth pins Bourne.

Time for the Cutting Edge w/Mark Henry & Randy Orton. The no touch rule is enforced and it's time to yell at each other. Interview over, fight time, despite the locker room nobodies trying to keep them apart.

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