WWE SmackDown

Season 8 Episode 1

Henry Strikes Again

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Syfy
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Henry Strikes Again
1. Falls Count Anywhere JBL def. Matt Hardy 2. Three on One Three Falls Match Mark Henry def. Rob Eckos John Troske Gus Harlacher 3. Cruiserweight Championship Kid Kash def. Juventud 4. United States Championship Match 6 of the Best of 7 Series Chris Benoit def. Randy Orton (DQ) thanks to Orlando Jordan 5. Tag Team Match sponsored by Simon Dean's Simon System The Gymini def. Paul London Bryan Kendrick 6. Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Tag Team Match MNM def. Batista and Rey Mysterio (with help from Mark Henry)moreless

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  • i belive that mark did a great job meaning that he took out batista some thing that many have tryed and all have failed

    i belive that mark did a great job meaning that he took out batista some thing that many have tryed and all have failed like Triple H and Randy Orton so for mark good luck for him fighting kurt angle and others i see mark having a biger futre on smackdown this time around than last
  • Smackdown! Rebound for 1/6/06 - Mark Henry is the Holy Sh*tzzz!!!

    Smackdown! Rebound for 1/6/06 - Mark Henry is the Holy Sh*tzzz!!!

    The show started off with a video recap of last week (the same one that was shown on Monday Night RAW), detailing what had transpired between Melina and Batista, in regards to her publically suing Batista for alleged sexual harassment.

    Then we saw the WWE Tag Team Match rematch between the then-champions Batista and Rey and Nitro and Mercury of M.N.M. ... and of course the interference from the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry, Melina and M.N.M.'s newest ally, allowing for M.N.M.'s win over Batista and Rey to steal the titles.


    The first match of the night was none other than a rematch between JBL and Matt Hardy ... in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The battle went pretty much everywhere in the arena, but it ended up with Matt Hardy on a ladder and JBL on his limo on the stage ramp.

    Eventually JBL picked up the win, but little did he know that the Boogeyman was back, hiding inside his limo. As he emerged, JBL and Jillian tried to get the hell out of there, but Boogeyman caught Jillian, and we were treated to a really nice look up her skirt (for an extended period of time), before her shoes fell off too. Then Boogeyman laughed as JBL watched in horror ... as he stuffed a handful of nightcrawlers down Jillian's skirt and panties! Looks like Boogeyman wants JBL in the ring ...

    The next match was highly unorthodox ... a Gauntlet-style match almost. Three jobbers were in the ring, and the man who would face them? None other than the returned World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. One by one, he demolished EACH one, using hellishly powerful moves most of us have never even SEEN before! I mean, holy crap! This is NOT the Sexual Chocolate I remember from the Attitude Era! This Mark Henry is STRONG as f***, and he scares the hell out of me! Let's just say ... he decimated all three of those guys ... and made Bobby Lashley's moves look weak.

    After the match Michael Cole went to the ring to interview Melina, and she continued her charade of acting as the "victim," explaining that Mark Henry is now her bodyguard as she sues Batista.

    Next, we were treated to a HUGE surprise as Mr. Kennedy ... KENNEDY ... returned! But of course, he's still injured, so he just provided commentary for this next match - the Cruiserweight Championship Title match between the current champ, Kid Kash, and the former champ, Juventud (FYI, this is Juvie's last match, he was fired this week for being a nuisance backstage). Fast paced match that ended up in Kash retaining after Juvie f-ed up a high-risk move on the turnbuckle.

    Next, we were taken to the locker room to see tons of reporters, journalists, and media people gathered around Batista for a major press conference regarding Melina's accusations. Not surprisingly, Batista handled the situation extremely well, making it very clear in a very professional way that he denies her accusations ... bottomline, the way he put it, I really don't think there's any way Melina's word is gonna get Batista convicted here ... she'll have to play dirty. Then, Mark Henry barged in and had words with Batista ... the tension continues to grow.

    Next, with the score at 3-2, Match 6 of the Best of 7 Series for the United States Championship commenced as Chris Benoit took on Booker T's replacement, the Legend Killer Randy Orton of course, for the second week in a row. Of course, Booker T and Sharmelle made their way out here for commentary again, but this time, as Sharmelle tried once again to interefere with Booker's crutches, the referee saw it and banished her from ringside. The angry Sharmelle stormed off, taking that crutch of Booker T with her.

    Once again Orton came extremely close to winning the United States Championship for Booker, but once again another idiot interfered. For the second week in a row, Orlando Jordan was pissed off that Booker didn't select him as his replacement, who, in his own words, was a longer-reigning U.S. Champion than either of them (he also tapped out to Benoit in record time at Summerslam to LOSE the title) ... so he decided to take matters into his own hands! The idiot stole Booker's remaining crutch, ran into the ring, and attacked Benoit with it, thereby disqualifying Orton ... again! Now, the Best of Seven Series is tied 3-3 between Booker and Benoit ... so that means the final match will be sudden death!


    Next we saw the RAW Rebound, which highlighted the first 1st Blood Match in years, which took place on RAW, between the WWE Champion John Cena and Kurt Angle. Of course, Cena ended up bleeding pretty damn badly, but he did make Angle tap out nonetheless when he locked in his new alt. finisher, the STFU. Then of course all of the participants in this Sunday's Elimination Chamber Match came running in one after another, pretty much taking each other out on the last RAW before New Year's Revolution.


    Next we saw another wide-screen Irish vignette promo for the debut of Fit Finley, debuting soon.

    Next, the annoying Simon Dean came out here again ... but this time, it wasn't the same crap we're used to getting! Shockingly, Simon Dean revealed a NEW tag team (like SD! needs anymore ...) for Smackdown! ... The Gymini, two bulky, bald guys that look like steroid-using version of Doug and Danny Basham (but with identical faces) ... almost like pseudo-Goldbergs!!!

    Holy crap! More powerhouses! Sponsored by Simon Dean and his Simon System (and his segue, apparently), they made short work of the team of Golden-masking wearing London and Kendrick, demolishing them after throwing them several feet in the air! Jesus ... what is with Smackdown!? When I said Smackdown! needed more guys to match RAW's roster, I meant more MID-CARDER singles wrestlers, not more goddamn powerhouses and tag teams .... oy vey. What in the hell is WWE doing here???

    Anyway ... next up was the much anticipated Steel Cage Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

    This marked the first time in six years that those titles were defended inside a steel cage! Now, okay, can someone explain to me WTF? I thought the whole point of giving Batista/Rey those titles was so that they could go to Armageddon and face Kane/Big Show Champions vs. Champions ... and I thought the whole point of having Mark Henry screw them out of the titles last week was so that the titles were return to being contended in the Tag Team Division with Nitro/Mercury, and so Batista could go back to defending his title ... starting with a rivalry with Mark Henry? So WTF man? What's the deal? Smackdown!'s Creative Team makes my head hurt .....

    Next, Bobby Lashley cut a short promo promoting himself as being the Royal Rumble winner ... okay ... WOW ... umm ... his mic skills suck ... wowzers. Anyway, we saw another video of all the impact he's made the short time he's been in WWE, including maintaining an undefeated streak, main-eventing Survivor Series, and just plain tearing up our living rooms with PURE power.

    Anyway, the Cage Match finally started as M.N.M. made their way out here, followed by Rey Mysterio and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Although throughout this match Rey and Batista dominated over Nitro and Mercury, everything changed when Melina called in M.N.M.'s big back-up, Mark Henry!

    After walking around the cage like an idiot, the World's Strongest Man finally found the door to the cage .... and then proceeded to rip out the chain and rip open the door!!! He then used the steel cage door to demolish both Batista and Rey, allowing M.N.M. to pick up the win and retain the titles! Then, he climbed up to the ceiling of the cage and beat his chest like King Kong! Can anyone stop Mark Henry from dominating Smackdown!?


    The preview for next week's Smackdown!:

    The Final Match of the Best of 7 Series for the United States Championship will come to a head .... (WTF they aren't going to Royal Rumble or waiting until Booker's healed???) as Randy Orton will once again step in against Chris Benoit and attempt to win the gold for Booker (something about that just seems wrong ...). They are now tied 3-3, but who will walk away the Undisputed United States Champion?


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