WWE SmackDown

Season 10 Episode 32

On the Edge of Madness

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Recap of Edge's assault on Mick Foley from last week's show.

Due to Edge's attack on Foley, Tazz has joined Jim Ross on commentary for this week.

Match #1: Olympic Diva Tag Team: Maria, Cherry & Michelle McCool vs Maryse, Victoria & Natalya/. Maryse came out in tennis attire, Victoria in a gymnast outfit and Natalya arrives in equestrian gear. Michelle came out in beach volleyball attire, Cherry was in boxing gear and Maria was wearing ski equipment. (Yes it was a winter outfit despite being the summer games) Natalya beats Maria via submission.

In the back, Hawkins & Ryder find Bam Neely unconscious. Chavo Gurerro arrives and says he's been looking for Bam for 20 minutes, and then Chavo finds a black rose next to Bam. Chavo give the rose to Vickie and she looks confused.

Match #2: Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore vs Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder. Ryder pins Moore after Hawkins & Ryder hit a double DDT.

Eve interviews MVP. MVP claims Jeff Hardy is reckless and he will beat Hardy at Summerslam.

Match #3: Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin. Hardy wins via DQ when MVP hits the ring and kicks Hardy in the head.

Chavo is explaining to Vickie that the black rose had to have come from the Undertaker. Hawkins comes in and says that Ryder has disappeared.

Match #4: Indian Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Contest: Triple H vs the Great Khali w/Runjin Singh. H was winning when Khali headbutts H. They brawl for a while then Khali puts the Vise Grip in H.

Hawkins is found knocked out with a black rose on his chest.

Promo for R-Truth.

Chavo tells Vickie that they have to find Edge so he can protect them from the Undertaker. Vickie doesn't want to, but Chavo says they have no choice and he leaves to find Edge.

Match #5: Jesse w/Festus vs Vladimir Kozlov. (Kozlov can finally speak English. He says he's undefeated and demands better competition) Kozlov pins Jesse after hitting a headbutt on Jesse when he came off the top rope.

Once again with Chavo & Vickie. Chavo says Edge has agreed to see them as long a Vickie is civil.

Match #6: Super Crazy vs Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel. Kendrick pins Crazy.

Another round with Chavo & Vickie, this time Edge comes in. Edge says that they can't let what happened to Hawkins, Ryder and Bam happen to them, but they have to do things Edge's way. Vickie reluctantly agrees.

Edge, Vickie & Chavo come to the ring. Edge grabs a couple of chairs and hands one to Chavo. Edge calls out the Undertaker. Edge says that the Undertaker won't come out because they're ready. He has Chavo put Vickie in the corner and takes both chairs…and then hits Chavo! Edge slams Chavo headfirst into one chair, picks up the other and delivers a con-chair-to. Edge looks completely nuts. Edge drags Vickie to the center of the ring and threatens to dump her our of her wheelchair…then does it anyway. Edge asks Vickie what's wrong. He says the person she needs to worry about isn't the Undertaker, it's him! He says Mick Foley was right, this is the Edge that needs to be in the Cell with the Undertaker. He says he's going to pull the Undertaker and the entire family down to Hell with him.