WWE SmackDown

Season 11 Episode 26

Rage in the Cage

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2009 on Syfy
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Match #1: R-Truth vs Shelton Benjamin Match #2: Melina & Gail Kim vs Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox Match #3: John Morrison vs CM Punk Match #4: Cage: Guest Ref: CM Punk: Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs Edge & Chris Jericho

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  • World Champ CM Punk and #1 contender Jeff Hardy halt all momentum heading into The Bash.

    SEGMENT 1 McMahon makes a rare Smackdown visit 6/10

    The night starts off with a suprise visit from McMahon mere days after buying back RAW from Donal Trump. He basically talks about how the audience are losers because they are either afraid of losing their job or they already did. He then calls out Teddy Long. What looked like him about to fire Teddy, he insteads states that he is on probation. (Good thing because Teddy is the best Smackdown GM since.... well he's the best Smackdown GM period!!!)

    Match 1 R-Truth v. Shelton Benjamin 6.5/10

    Solid opener that obviously could have been a lot better considering the high potential both superstars have. Truth gets the suprise win after a running corkswrew elbow (so I guess this replaced his scissor kick as a special?).

    I'm glad Truth actually beat Benjamin, but it would have been less obvious that he was going to win if it wasn't for Benjamin insulting him before the match about how Truth was born on the street compared to him graduating at the top of his class in some university.

    Match 2 Melina and Gail Kim v. McCool and Alicia Fox 6.75/10

    Suprisingly, a good match considering it's a Diva match. Melina did a good job of selling a jaw injury early on when McCool hit a full force big boot. She added insult to injury when the ref was checking if she was KO'ed by hitting a full force knee to the jaw. Once Gail Kim got the hot tag, she looked as if she was going to win with her signature inverted stomp facebreaker on Alicia Fox when she forgot McCool was the legal person (I honestly didn't even see them tag each other). McCool hit the Styles Clash (Take that TNA! LOL) for the 1-2-3. Match 3: John Morrison v. CM Punk 7.25/10

    Suprisingly the match started off really slow paced during the 1st half of the match, but the match quickly shifted gears in the 2nd half. In the end Morrison did a quick sunset flip for the 1-2-... CM Punk reverses to a sunset flip of his own for the 1-2-... (at this point I thought Punk got the win to gain momentum for The Bash) SUPRISE!!!... Morrison reverses Punk yet again to a German Suplex Bridge Pin for the 1-2-3!!! CM Punk sticks out his hand to give him an honorable handshake with both superstars smiling... SUPRISE!!! Punk pulls him toward his shoulder to hit the GTS. People are already booing Punk so why not turn him heel? Good move by WWE.

    Recently Morrison has been pushed getting various wins over other mid carders, but always losing against main eventers (ie Jericho and Edge). It is nice to see him get a win not only by a main eventer, but the WORLD CHAMPION. Match 4 Rage in a Cage (Guest Ref- World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk): Jeff Hardy and Mysterio v. Edge and Jericho 7.75/10

    Usually steel cage matches (tonight dubbed as "Rage in a Cage") are slow paced with the steel cage used as a weapon here and there, but this match was actually kind of fast paced thanks to all 4 superstars (especially Mysterio). There was a couple of nice spots (ALL involving Mysterio), but the most memorable being Mysterio using Jericho as a step ladder to do a top rop hurracarana on Edge.

    Edge was about to get the win with a spear on Jeff, but Jeff jumps over him resulting in CM Punk getting the spear. Later in the match, Jeff tried to hit the twist of fate on Edge, but he reverses by pushing him away resulting in him and Punk having a 2 second stare down and he turns around just to take a spear for the win by Edge.

    Immediatly following the main event, the broadcast ends with McMahon in Teddy's office stating that the World Title bout at the The Bash better be good (or else).

    Overall 8/10

    The bad thing was that there were only 4 matches, but the good thing was that the 4 matches weren't bad at all... in fact they got better and better as the evening went along. What was even better was the fact that Morrison got a HUGE win over the World Champ and the fast paced Rage in a Cage main event which suprised me because it seemed that the hardcore highflyer enigma Jeff Hardy was merely just an enigma (He didn't really use the cage at all. Also, the only high flying move he did was a Whisper in the Wind).moreless

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    • Shelton Benjamin: (to R-Truth) Since you come out here every week, talking about the truth, I got a little truth of my own. You see, you and people like you claim you came up in the school of hard knocks, that you got your education on the streets and you're actually proud of that. That truth is, that's just a line to make yourselves feel better for the under achievers that you are, unlike the Gold Standard. You see, I actually went to college and got myself a real education and I also graduated top of my class. You? The only thing you got going is…what you said in your song, you be skipping and jumping.

    • Vince McMahon: (to Rey Mysterio) You want to stand up, or you already standing up?

    • CM Punk: (to Vince McMahon) I don't need drugs or alcohol to get high. I get high off the competition, you know. The best high of all is crushing the competition, winning, and I know that you can relate to that.

    • Vince McMahon: I don't want you to win, considering your chequered past. I think you know what I mean, okay? I don't want you representing Smackdown as World Champion, just being straight with you.
      Jeff Hardy: Why don't you ask our fans who they want to represent Smackdown? And by the way, I don't need your luck. I've got my own.

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