WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 4

Ready for a Rumble

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on Syfy
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Ready for a Rumble
The last episode before the Royal Rumble. Match #1 World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, Match #2 Chris Benoit vs. The Miz, Match #3 Deuce & Domino versus 2 jobbers, Match #4: King Booker vs. Finlay, Match #5: MNM vs. Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Ashley, Match #6: Kane vs. MVP,Match #7: Over The Top Challenge: Kane, MVP, Chris Benoit, The Miz, King Booker & Finlay.moreless

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  • Not so good as the last three episodes, but it was decent.

    Helms vs Batista... meh, not of my interest. Helms is better than Batista.

    Benoit vs Miz was actually a decent match. considering that Miz is there.

    Now let's compare Batista and Miz.

    Batista's offensive moves on Helms:

    Carries Helms to a corner and hits him with his shoulder three times.

    Punches Helms in the head.

    Big Boot to Helms.


    Attemps to choke Helms, but Helms defends himself.

    Grabs Helms by the neck and tosses him.



    Batista Bomb.

    Match ends with Batista doing his Batista Bomb on Helms and covers him.

    Match Length: 3:07

    Miz's offensive moves on Benoit:

    Tries to grab Benoit's leg and go for a submission move, but Benoit rolls and kicks him in the head.

    Punches Benoit three times.

    Kicks Benoit twice.

    Irish whip Benoit, but Benoit knocks him.

    Punches Benoit, then tries to grab Benoit by the back (to apparently try a German Suplex, I think), Benoit escapes and grabs Miz by the back.

    Miz put his leg around Benoit's to avoid a Suplex, elbows Benoit twice and runs through the ropes to get rid of Benoit, causing Benoit's neck to hit the ropes.


    Holds Benoit's head and hits him 4 times in the head.

    Knocks Benoit's head into the turnbuckle.

    Chokes Benoit.

    Kicks Benoit once.

    Side Slam

    Tries a headlock on Benoit and kicks Benoit with his knee twice.

    Punches Benoit in the back three times.

    Scoop Slam.

    Eye rake on Benoit, fails a kick on Benoit.

    Match ends with Benoit locking the Crossface on Miz (who tried to hold both hands to avoid it, a plus for the guy there) and made him tap out.

    Match Length: 6:09

    Isn't it sad to say that Batista is Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion?

    Back to the show... Deuce and Domino... meh, I prefer Domino between both. I hate the Grease gimmick.

    Note aside, that Maryse girl makes me think that Smackdown could be a porn flick.

    Deuce/Domino vs Jobbers... I wanna se those Grease clowns go against London/Kendrick,

    MNM vs London/Kendrick/Ashley was good. Good action from both teams. Melina > Ashley.

    The Kennedy/Batista/Undertaker segment was good just to see Undertaker kick Batista. This feud will get hot as time passes by. I hope Taker wins at Mania and that WWE is just pulling a joke on the IWC with the rumour of Batista defeating Taker at Mania.

    Kozlov... screw him.

    Kane vs MVP was a good match. MVP still with the burn selling and with the ambition of burning Kane sounds interesting. I can see them setting the score at No Way Out.

    Over The Top Rope Challenge... it was used only to make Taker look as a serious candidate to win the Rumble. Sucks to see Kane being eliminated first after the pre-hype he got for eliminating 11 persons back in 2001. So if Finlay gets his shilleagh, then Sandman will use his cane. I can see weapons being used in the Rumble match.

    This episode wasn't as good as the past SD episodes.moreless

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