WWE SmackDown

Season 9 Episode 30

The Giant's Celebration

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The Giant's Celebration
1. Batista vs. Deuce
2. Hornswoggle vs. Jamie Noble
3. Chavo Guerrero vs. Eugene
4. Tag Team Match
MVP and Chris Masters vs. Matt Hardy and Ric Flair
5. Mark Henry vs. Joey Ryan
6: Kane vs Dave Taylor 7. Inter-gender Tag Team Match
Kenny Dykstra and Victoria vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson

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  • Ho-hum, The Great Khali's celebrating his title victory.

    Good evening ladies and gentleman, Roy Stantz here to throw his usual sarcasm around in today's episode review: the July 27th 2007 episode of WWE Smackdown, and it's being held in Fresno, Calafornia.

    The night starts off with Dave Batista facing Co-WWE Tag-Team Champion Deuce, aka the Superfly's stepson, brotha! Batista also hits on Cherry, who just blushes. Long story short, Batista hits Batista Bomb, pins Deuce, wins match!

    Max Whatshisname interviews Jamie Noble, who is facing the new Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle, who pinned Noble at the 2007 Great American Bash to win the gold. Noble claims that he will not be known as the man who got pinned by a leprechaun. Actually, I tend to know Noble as the man who had sex with a Tough Enough graduate *coughNidiacough*.

    A vignette of Michelle McCool "lovin' life" is shown, and I don't care. I liked her better when she was the evil elementary school teacher.

    Noble hits the ring, so does Hornswoggle, and it's basically a slapstick chase around the ring, pretty much like how I used to win matches when playing the WWF Attitude videogame.

    We are then told that Rey Mysterio is coming back, which segues into our next match...

    Chavo Guerrero goes one-on-one with Eugene, Smackdown's resident retard In fact, the crowd is actually cheering Chavito when he works on Eugene's left knee, which helps earn Chavo a Frog Splash and a pinfall victory.

    Backstage, Matt Hardy and the Nature Boy Ric Flair are heading to the ring.

    We get another promotional vignette, this time, on Jesse & Festus, the New Godwinns. I wonder about this...

    Let's get down to some tag-team action, as Matt and Flair take on the Masterpiece Chris Masters and the United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter, who gets no reaction from the crowd, which is a CRIME! This match is good, but Flair being in the ring is putting me to sleep. I wake up just in time to see Matt pin Masters, and challenging MVP to a rematch for the U.S. Title.

    Mark Henry squishes Some Guy, and I still don't care.

    Teddy Long needs a Best Man for his and Krystal Marshall's wedding, and the perfect candidate to fill that is...Ron Simmons - DAMN! A good nod to when Long used to manage Simmons back when they were in that tag-team called Doom with Butch Reed in WCW/NWA. Teddy and Krystal's wedding is going to be the worst segment on Smackdown ever. I hope Teddy comes out to a classical-instrumental version of his theme song like when Kane had that composed Slow Chemical playing when he married Lita.

    Because William Regal is now on Raw, Dave Taylor is now a jobber, to tell you the truth, and he gets squished by the Big Red Machine Kane.

    We go backstage once again, to see Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson. Obviously, Torrie hasn't learned anything from the last time she hung around an Asian man, as in Yoshihiro Tajiri, who forced Torrie to wear a kimono.

    We're ready for our main event match, which is Wang and Torrie vs. Kenny Dykstra and the supreme bad girl, Victoria! I watched the previous episode of Smackdown to see Victoria kick's Torrie's fake little ass! Here, I hope lightning strikes twice. But alas, it's not to be, as Torrie charms the referee into giving her the pinfall victory! I blame that loss on the fact that Kenny stole Stevie Richards' spot.

    I won't even go near The Great Khali's World Heavyweight Championship celebration!

    This Smackdown was boring and didn't give me much material to work with. See you next time and hope for better stuff to go with.moreless
  • "Anything But Spectacular"

    This episode of Friday Night Smackdown will be recieving the lowest score that I have ever given a show here on TV.com. This weeks show was anything but spectacular.The night opened up with Batista taking on Deuce in a match that he won.During and after the match Batista was flirting with Decuce's Girlfriend Sheri.Next up we saw Hornswoggle defend his crusiweight title against Jamie Noble. This match lacked wrestling. Hornswoggle taunted Noble by running around the ring and getting cheap shots when he could. In the end Hornswoggle retained the Crusiweigh title via count out after Jamie noble got Counted out due to Hornswoggle tactics. Chavo Guerrero took on Eugene in what can be described as a match dominated by Chavo Guerrero. In the end Chavo got the 1-2-3 over Eugene. Matt Hardy and Ric Flair vs MVP and Chris Masters can easily be described as the best match of the night. We saw good pure wrestling and a pretty good promo after the match between Matt Hardy and MVP. Matt Hardy and Ric Flair picked up the victory after MVP left Chris Masters in the ring. Next Up Mark Henery took on Joey Blalock in a squash match. Mark Henery is truly the silver back that he proclaims himself to be. After the match Mark Henery through Joey Blalock out the ring with a Gorilla press slam. Teddy Long asked Ron Simmons to be his best man for his and Krystals wedding. We can all guess that his reply was "D**N"!!! Kane took on Dave Taylor in a match that Kane Dominated. Kane picked up the victory after a Chokeslam. Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie wilson took on Kenny Dykstra and Victoria. In an entertaing match up. Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson picked up the victory after an impressive moonsault of the top by Jimmy Wang Yang to Kenny Dykstra. Next we had the Great Khali's Championship celebration. We got to see the Great Khali show off some of his Dance Moves. Batista crashed the party. He asked Khali for a Match against him for the Worlds Heavyweight title Khali simply replied NO! and Batista took down Khali with a spear to close Smackdown

    Top 5 moments from Smackdown

    5) Rey Mysterio's return Video

    4)Kenny Dykstra and Victoria vs Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson

    3)Mark Henery destroying Joey Blalock

    2)Great Khali's Celebration

    1)Matt Hardy and Ric Flai vs MVP and Chris Masters

    Overall Smackdown was alright but not spectacular

    6.5/10 Worst Smackdown in a long time!!!!moreless
  • 1.Batista beat deuce-2.Hornschoggle beat jamie noble by count out, 3. Ric flair and amtt hardy beat chris master and mvp, 4. Mark henry beat a local,5.kane beat dave taylor and 6. jimmy wang yang and torrie wilson beat victoria and kenny dykstra.moreless

    This smackdown was just alright. I thibnk that all those world heavyweight championship parties are getting old, i think it was just a fill in. Instead of doing that, they should have had a match like batista and kane agiainst khali in a handi-cap match-or even a partner of khali's choice. They even could have had a rematch for the world heavyweight championship. Its ovious what would happen, batista would come out and spear khali. Anyway, i missed the deuce Vs batista match, but i heard deauuce got whopped. Its about time he had a match. Dave taylor also had his first match in a long time- and he was defaeted by kane. Mark henry beat a local, which was actually dissapointing, you would think they would start having hinm face better then locals, funaki and eugene. Eugene just got a another whopping, he was beat by chavo and i dont think hes one a match since he came to smackdown. In my opinion the best match was when matt hardy and ric flair beat MVP and Chris masters. I noticed it was one of the only back and forth matches of the night. Also-Torrie and Jimmy wang yang beat Victoria kenny and victoria, boring match except for torrie.moreless

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