WWE SmackDown

Season 10 Episode 31

Things to Come

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Match #1: Jimmy Wang Yang vs MVP. Jeff Hardy came to ringside to watch. MVP pins Yang. After the match Jeff gets in the ring and threatens to beat the crap out of MVP. MVP starts to walk away, but turns back to attack Jeff, but Jeff kicks him and hits the Twist of Fate.

Chavo Guerrero is wheeling in Vickei Guerrero when the run into Alicia Fox. Bam Neely comes out and tells them her office is ready.

Match #2: Mr. Kennedy vs Shelton Benjamin. Kennedy pins Benjamin after hitting the Mic Check. After the match, Benjamin sulks in the ring, he leaves and Eve interviews him. He says he sick and shouldn't have wrestled.

Hawkins & Ryder are in the locker room when Chavo walks in. Chavo wants to know what Alicia Fox is still doing on Smackdown. Chavo also wants to know who is Edge's guest on the Cutting Edge.

Match #3: Stevie Richards vs Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel. Kendrick pins Richards after hitting The Kendrick. After the match Ezekiel puts Richards in a backbreaker.

Edge shows up.

Match #4:No DQ: Jeff Hardy vs The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh. Khali wins via submission. MVP came out and interfered.

Promo for R-Truth.

Match #5: Maria vs Victoria. Maria pins Victoria.

Edge is talking to Alicia. He says he didn't want her backstage, he wanted her in the audience so she could watch the Cutting Edge up close.

Match #6: Big Show vs Domino. Show pins Domino after hitting a chokeslam. After the match, Umaga comes down to get in the Show's face.

Chavo is talking with Vickie. He says no one knows who Edge's guest is.

Time for the Cutting Edge. The ring is set up for TLC. Edge says he's been searching for some inner peace. He says he can't because in a few weeks he'll have to face the Undertaker. He says he's seen the cruelty, the pain, the suffering, that Hell in the Cell offers. Be he's found his inner peace because he's surrounded himself with his weapons of destruction, tables, ladders and chairs, the very things that helped him banish the Undertaker in the first place. He's found the person that could help him against the Undertaker, the person who can help him in HIAC, help him thrive, the person who knows the Undertaker better than anyone: Mick Foley. Mick is surprised and eventually gets in the ring. Edge says they've had history, but Edge runs a video highlighting the Attitude Era, and the one moment to remember: HIAC: Undertaker v Mankind when Mankind was thrown off and through the cell. Edge says the he saw Mick walk before the match and try to walk the same since, and he can't do it. Edge says that if Mick helps him against the Undertaker Edge can help Mick take away the pain he sees in Mick's eyes. Mick says he'd like to help Edge, but for the past several weeks, Edge has hurt Mick's credibility and even though he has said Edge has been great, the fans, unless the have a long memory, think Edge sucks. Mick says the only person who can help Edge is Edge, Edge needs to look inside himself and find the Edge that made Mick says Edge was the greatest superstar in the WWE, the Edge who shattered the glass ceiling when every said he wouldn't be popular, the Edge who did whatever it took to win. If Edge does that, Mick & JR will call the greatest and most violent match up in WWE history. Because if he doesn't, and the Undertaker faces the current Edge the Undertaker will tear him apart. Edge says he understands, and then attacks Mick.

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