WWE SmackDown

Season 12 Episode 52

Tue. December 21, 2010

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 21, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Match #1: Randy Orton vs The Miz w/Alex Riley. Orton wins via DQ.

Big Santa along with Hornswoggle and Rosa give out presents. Then, after breaking a chair by sitting down, Big Santa (Show Claus?) reads a poem. When done, Show Claus gives out more presents and Cody Rhodes attacks Horswoggle and wrecks the set.

Good lord, we get a Raw Recap and it was just yesterday! (See I don't have to watch Raw anymore. It's all on Smackdown now anyway)

Todd Grisham interviews Beth Phoenix. Santino then bothers her, begging for a kiss. So she kisses Vladimir Kozlov instead. (He had mistletoe)

Match #2: Santino Marella w/Vladimir Kozlov vs Chavo Guerrero. Marella pins Guerrero.

Edge comes to the ring and says everything he's done to Kane has been worth it to win the World Championship again. Kane comes out and says Edge's story is finished and he will end the story for him and it will not have a happy ending. Kane says he will get the title back but he's going to do it on his terms and when he's ready.

Match #3: Drew McIntyre vs Kaval. McIntyre attacks Kaval before the match began and injured him. Kaval wanted to go on, so Drew beat him in 30 seconds.

Recap/Promo for Tribute to the Troops (It was the ending from Saturday's show)

Match #4: Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio. Mysterio pins Swagger.

Drew McIntyre apologizes to Kelly for last week.

Super Porky screeches at Dolph Ziggler.

Match #5: Dolph Ziggler & Fatso vs John Cena. Cena pins Ziggler. After the match, CM Punk hits Cena with a chair.

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