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4/16/09 Episode Discussion

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    [1]Apr 17, 2009
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    I claim this forum in the name of me, the TV.com Champion Drkstlkr Tai!

    Alright on a non-dumb note, let's talk about the debut episode of WWE Superstars.

    First up was The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy. It was a good fight, with both wrestlers looking solid. Two of Takers fingers were wrapped up durring it, so I'm guessing he hurt them at Wrestlemania or something. Undertaker won by count-out after Matt decided not to get back in the ring. Jeff attacked Matt again which winded up having Matt being chokeslammed by the Phenom at the end.

    Match number two had Finlay and Christian in a match for number one contendership for the ECW title. Christian won in another solid showing. I'm still trying to find out why Vince hates him so much.

    The last match saw Shane McMahon getting DQ'd in his fight with Cody Rhodes. This is the best I've seen Cody work so good job to him last night. Shane was off on his Coast 2 Coast by a couple of inches at the end of the show. Too bad.

    Overall, it was a very entertaining first episode of Superstars, it's like Heat, but with people you give a crap about.

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    I liked it. There weren't any five star matches, but they were all entertaining. I doubt every show will have these kind of stars on it though.
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    I gave this episode a 9, which is means it was really good (could have been better though). Christian was really good, he have great potential, and I can't wait one day see him fight against another champ (and possibly win, I mean other then the ECW champ).
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