WWE Superstars

Thursday 8:00 PM on WWE Premiered Apr 16, 2009 In Season





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  • candy ass Kane

    I think Kane is a uber douche. He should no longer be called Kane nor should his candy doucher ass be able to use that entrance music or the mask he ruined his image for me and I'm sure plenty others his new name should be uber douche . On a serious note tho paul Hammond or whatever his name is should totally try out for the penguin in the next batman movie.
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  • If you are a wrestling fan then you should enjoy this.

    I do not tune into this show every Thursday night but if I happen to not be doing anything then I will watch it. It's a good show to watch while eating dinner. WWE Superstars generally has no big stars on the show. Instead the show focuses on the wrestlers who does not appear on the big shows like Raw or Smackdown. As a huge wrestling fan and a supporter of young talent, I find it cool to see younger talents carry a whole show and even star in the main events. So yeah, this show focuses almost completely on talent who do not get used and the younger guys who are making names for themselves. I recomend you check into it sometime.