WWE Superstars

Season 1 Episode 12

Thu, July 2, 2009

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 2009 on WWE

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  • Weak.

    - John Morrison vs. Charlie Haas: Man, Morrison just cannot go in the ring. MNM's matches a few years ago were decent, so it just goes to show that Joey Mercury was the reason for that. Charlie Haas deserves so much better than this too.

    - Santino Marella vs. The Brian Kendrick: Marella, is another guy who needs someone good to be in there with him to churn out a halfway watchable match. Kendrick continues on this downward spiral.

    - Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Reks: Reks, the current FCW Champion, actually showed some potential here, but Ryder is just so uncharismatic and unappealing.

    - Edge vs. CM Punk: Not bad, but this was essentially a heel vs. heel match, which may work in Ring of Honor, but always fails in WWE, no matter how good the wrestlers may be.
  • CM Punk sells eye injury yet again on below average episode of Superstars.

    The Brian Kendrick vs Santino Marella 5/10

    Sunset Flip pin to get the victory for Santino.


    John Morrison vs. Charlie Haas 5.75/10

    Would have been better if Haas got more offense. Since Shelton is gone, it's pretty much garanteed he's now in Jobberville.


    Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Reks 5.25/10

    Suprised Reks didn't win. Bad move from WWE management. Reks actually isn't that bad


    Edge vs. CM Punk 6.25/10

    Their matches that took place on SD are MUCH better. This is their worst bout yet....,but still an average match. Punk quits via eye injury (to Edge's delight).


    Overall 6/10

    Average bouts that should have shown Reks win, but it was nice that Edge got a victory,... even if it was by forfeit