WWE Superstars

Season 1 Episode 13

Thu, July 9, 2009

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2009 on WWE

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  • Supertsars continues streak of bad shows.

    Match #1 R-Truth vs Ricky Ortiz 4/10

    Ortiz dominates until Truth hits the Lie Detector (ie Running Spinning Corkscrew Elbow).


    Match #2 Zack Ryder vs Tyler Reks 6.25/10

    Not that bad of a match. Reks countered the Zack attack into a jackknife pin for a near 2 and a half count. He got hit by it seconds after countering it for Zack to get the win. Why have a rematch it the same person wins? Reks isn't that bad, and I was hoping he was going to win this time around.


    Match #3 Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero (Chavo needs to compete on his knees) 0/10 (funny factor 5/10)

    You know Superstars has gone down hill since its recent debut when Hornswoggle is in the main event. It's also a shame that Chavo has been just a laughing stock in the WWE recently.

    Chavo gets on his knees every now and then while the ref argues with him. He starts counting (so is it a 5 count or a 10 count?). The end came when Hornswoggle bit him on his hand on the top rope and hit the tadpole splash for the win on Superstar's worst main event since its debut.


    Overall 3/10

    Yet another bad showing by Superstars. Vince is not showing that Superstars is a place where you "expect the unexpected", but rather a show full of dark-quality type matches. Also, what's the use of the ECW superstar initiutive if those superstars lose???