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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw which was The Best of 2004.
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      Take a look inside of the previous week's matches of WWE Raw.
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Episode 39
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Eugene def. Maven (DQ) Christy won the Rock-and-Roll Limbo-A-Go-Go Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin def. Christian Simon Dean def. The Hurricane Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def. Triple H & Batista (DQ) Lita def. Trish (new Women's Champion)
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Episode 38
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Edge and Chris Benoit are co-winners of the Battle Royal (both hit the floor simultaneously) Lita & Victoria defeat Trish Stratus & Molly Holly Ric Flair def. Jerry "The King" Lawler World Tag Team Champions William Regal & Eugene def. La Resistance Triple H vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit (ruling TBA)moreless
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Episode 37
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Gene Snitsky defeats Maven Chris Jericho def. Batista (DQ) Rhyno def. Jonathan Coachman Women's Champion Trish Stratus def. Lita and Molly Holly (Triple Threat Match) Shelton Benjamin, Eugene & William Regal def. Christian & La Resistance Chris Benoit def. Edge (Steel Cage Match)moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Episode 36
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Eugene & William Regal defeat La Resistance and Tajiri & Rhyno (Triple-Threat Elimination Match; new World Tag Team Champions) Lita def. Molly Holly Randy Orton def. Jonathan Coachman Shelton Benjamin & Chris Benoit def. Christian & Edge Christy def. Stacy Keibler (Lingerie Pillow Fight) World Heavyweight Champion Triple H def. Mavenmoreless
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Episode 35
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Randy Orton defeats Batista Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin def. Tyson Tomko (Non-Title) Edge vs. Chris Benoit (No Contest)
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 34
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Gene Snitsky defeats Eugene (Hardcore Rules Match) Christian def. The Hurricane La Resistance def. World Tag Team Champions Edge & Chris Benoit Shelton Benjamin def. Viscera Chris Jericho, Randy Orton & Maven def. Ric Flair & Batista
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 33
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were: Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin defeats Chris Jericho Maven def. Batista Gene Snitsky def. William Regal Ric Flair def. Randy Orton
    • Episode 100
      Episode 100
      Episode 32
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Gene Snitsky pinned Eugene (w/ Eric Bischoff). (2)Ric Flair & Batista beat Randy Orton & Chris Jericho when Jericho submitted to Flair. (3)Nidia & Victoria & Stacy Keibler beat Trish Stratus & Gail Kim & Molly Holly when Victoria pinned Gail. (4)Shelton Benjamin won a six-man elimination match by pinning Christian. (5)Edge beat Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match when he pinned Benoit.moreless
    • Episode 99
      Episode 99
      Episode 31
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1)La Resistance defeated William Regal & Eugene to retain the World Tag Team Championship when Grenier pinned Regal. (2)Trish Stratus pinned Stacy Keibler to retain the WWE Women's Championship. (3)Rhyno & Chris Jericho beat Christian & Tyson Tomko when Jericho pinned Tomko. A WWE Slam of the Night segment aired recapping Edge interrupting a Michaels and Benoit promo last week on Raw. He told them that he deserves a shot against Triple H at Taboo Tuesday, and he plans to prove it. Loyd said that each man is deserving of the title shot at Taboo Tuesday, and last week on Raw they each had a chance to show the fans which one of them is most deserving. 4)Chris Benoit & Edge & Shawn Michaels beat Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair, and Batista) when Edge pinned Triple H.moreless
    • Episode 98
      Episode 98
      Episode 30
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. A highlight video aired recapping the Randy Orton-Ric Flair feud. They showed scenes from the excellent promo which opened Raw two weeks ago, and clips from the main event, which saw a false face turn by Flair. Loyd promised us some major announcements relating to Taboo Tuesday. He then recapped the Orton interview from two weeks ago, stating that Orton wanted Flair to prove his loyalty to Triple H. Loyd said that Hunter and Flair walked to the ring last Monday to give their thoughts on Orton and Taboo Tuesday. In the ring, Flair said that Eric Bischoff gave Orton the night off for his safety and recuperation. He then repeated the claim that Shawn Michaels isn't a legend and Mick Foley isn't great or a legend, therefore Orton has never beaten a legend. They skipped ahead in the interview, editing out the "bleeding virgin" line, which has become legendary in the short five days since it aired. Instead, Flair stated that he has Orton in a match at Taboo Tuesday. Hunter grabbed the mic and accused the fans of liking the idea of choosing what happens to Flair and himself. He mocked the Rock by saying, "It doesn't matter what you think." It sounds to me like the seeds are being planted for a Triple H-Rock match at WrestleMania. Hunter continued complaining about Taboo Tuesday when Chris Jericho's music hit. Jim Ross said that they're still trying to figure out who is opponent will be. Jericho said that it sounds like a repeat, since Hunter was just out the previous week complaining about Taboo Tuesday. Jericho told Hunter that he needs to take his show on the road, since no one cares. He reminded Triple H that he was the one who came up with the Taboo Tuesday concept, and he'll be the one laughing at Triple H loses his championship (1)Shawn Michaels pinned Christian. (2)Batista (w/ Ric Flair) beat Chris Benoit by disqualification. In the ring, Bischoff told Eugene that someone backstage has a crush on him. When he asked Eugene if he would like to meet her, he nodded his head excitedly. Bischoff then introduced the diva runner-up, Carmella. She came out to her own theme music. Eric told Eugene that Carmella will wrestle Christy at Taboo Tuesday. He then said that she's different then Christy though, since she's been in Playboy. Carmella grabbed the mic and verbally seduced Eugene. She told him that she loves bald men, and she would find him irresistible if he lost to Bischoff at Taboo Tuesday and had his head shaved. Eugene agreed to do it as long as Carmella kissed him first. He puckered up, but Carmella pulled away and said that she couldn't do it. She said that he and the fans are not in the same league as she is. Eric said he admired her style and her match with Christy was still on. He then turned to Eugene and said that Carmella isn't the only one who doesn't like him; no one likes him. Eugene started to cry, but Christy's music hit and she danced out to the ring. Christy stood face-to-face with Carmella and shoved her to the mat. Eric separated them as Christy walked over to Eugene. She gave him a little peck on the lips before jumping on him and sticking her tongue down his throat. They left together. (3)World Champion Triple H pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho in a non-title match.moreless
    • Episode 97
      Episode 97
      Episode 29
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1)Shelton Benjamin beat World Heavyweight Champion Triple H by disqualification in a non-title match. (2)Trish Stratus & Gail Kim & Molly Holly beat Christy Hemme in a Bra & Panties Match. (3)Christian & Tyson Tomko beat Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels when Christian pinned Michaels. (4)Gene Snitsky pinned Val Venis. (5)Batista pinned Randy Orton in a no-disqualification match.moreless
    • Episode 96
      Episode 96
      Episode 28
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1)Victoria & Stacy Keibler beat Trish Stratus & Molly Holly when Stacy pinned Molly. (2)Shawn Michaels beat WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho by disqualification. A recap segment aired of the Kane/Lita storyline from Raw two weeks ago. They showed the chair shot to the back of Kane, which resulted in him landing on her. He then screamed for help as they drove her to the back on a gurney. Loyd said that there was a 50/50 chance that Lita could lose the baby. He said that Kane was with her at the medical facility last Monday, waiting to hear the news. Todd Grisham was standing with two doctors outside Lita's room. One doctor violated doctor/patient confidentiality as he informed Grisham that Lita lost the baby. Kane then stumbled out of her room, grabbed one doctor by the coat and began crying. He screamed, "No!" as he walked back into the room and collapsed on the floor next to Lita. Lita, meanwhile, stared into space as if she were in a vegetative state. (3)Chris Benoit & Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin beat Evolution (Batista & Ric Flair & Triple H) when Orton pinned Flair.moreless
    • Episode 95
      Episode 95
      Episode 27
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      Episode 94
      Episode 26
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1)Rhyno & Tajiri & Chris Benoit & William Regal beat Batista & Ric Flair & La Resistance when Rob Conway submitted to Benoit. (2)Tyson Tomko pinned Chris Jericho. (3)Triple H beat Eugene in a Steel Cage Match. (4)Randy Orton beat Kane (w/ Lita) in a Steel Cage Match.moreless
    • Episode 93
      Episode 93
      Episode 25
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1)Batista pinned William Regal. (2)Chris Benoit beat Ric Flair by disqualification. (3)Kane beat the Hardy Boys when he pinned Rat Hardy in a handicap match. (4)Eugene pinned Triple H in a no-disqualification match.
    • Episode 92
      Episode 92
      Episode 24
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      Episode 23
    • Episode 90
      Episode 90
      Episode 22
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. (1) Chris Jericho pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge in a non-title match. A video package aired looking at the Eugene-Triple H feud. Footage showed Eugene's interference in Triple H's match with Benoit, followed by William Regal showing up and telling Hunter that it was his idea. They then showed a few clips of Hunter's attack on Regal two weeks ago on Raw, which was followed by Eric Bischoff announcing to Hunter that he will face Eugene at Summerslam. In a hotel room during Raw last Monday, Regal told Eugene that he will be going to the arena with him. He told him that they'll leave just before the main event, but for now, Eugene needs to stay and watch TV. With Regal out of the room, Eugene threw the remote on the chair and walked out. Loyd said that Eugene made a decision to go to the arena and confront Triple H, leaving Regal alone. He said that this would turn out to be a big mistake. In the ring, Eugene screamed at Triple H for hurting Regal and demanded that he come to the ring, "right now!" Hunter came over the Titantron and told Eugene that he wanted him out of the business. He said that he should have quit, gone home, and never came back. Instead, he did come back, and everything that's happened to Regal is his fault. He went on and said to Eugene that what has happened tonight is his fault too. He revealed that he was in Eugene's hotel room, and the camera panned back. Rather then reveal a beaten Regal to us, we flashed back to Eugene's shocked expression. Triple H promised that this is just the beginning. No footage of Regal actually aired, just muffled sounds, but it was enough to get over the magnitude of the situation. (2) Chris Benoit & Eugene beat Triple H & Randy Orton (w/ Ric Flair) by disqualification.moreless
    • Episode 89
      Episode 89
      Episode 21
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw. Matches shown were. Quick highlights aired of the Lita/Matt Hardy/Kane triangle from last Monday's Raw. After Hardy and Lita hugged to celebrate their pending nuptials, Kane informed Lita that he's going to take apart Hardy at Summerslam. He then proposed, pun the idea of Lita marrying the winner. She readily accepted. I'd like to see Hardy lay down for Kane as revenge on Lita for setting up the match. (1)Kane pinned Maven. (2)William Regal beat Triple H by disqualification. 3)Randy Orton & Batista & Ric Flair beat Chris Benoit & Edge & Chris Jericho when Orton pinned Benoit. Loyd plugged the World Title match at Summerslam, and wondered if we'll see the youngest champion in history. He also plugged Raw for this Monday, as the last Raw stop before Summerslam.moreless
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      Episode 88
      Episode 20
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      Episode 19
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      Episode 83
      Episode 15
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Randy Orton & Batista beat Edge & Chris Jericho when Orton pinned Edge. A segment aired highlighting the Lita/Matt Hardy/Kane storyline. They focused on Kane demanding an answer from Lita, and Lita saying, "Yes." They then showed quick footage of her blossoming relationship with Hardy, and the stalking of Kane. Backstage, Stacy Kiebler hugged Hardy and congratulated him on being a father. He then asked her to keep a secret (here we go again), and showed her a ring. He said that he planned to propose to Lita that night. Grisham said that Hardy and Lita were ready to take their love to the next level. In the ring, Hardy told Lita that he wanted to show her how much he loved her. He got down on one knee and proposed. Before she could answer, Kane appeared on the Titantron. He told Lita that she should come clean with Matt. He told them both that the baby she's carrying is his. Hardy called him a liar and challenged him to come to the ring. Kane said that he should be angry at Lita. Backstage, Lita chased Hardy down. She pleaded with him to listen to her, saying that Kane threatened to destroy him. She then said, "The baby might be yours." He stopped and responded, "Might be mine?" (2)Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) and Eugene wrestled to a no contest.moreless
    • Episode 82
      Episode 82
      Episode 14
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Lita & Matt Hardy beat Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko when Lita pinned Trish. (2)Gail Kim and Molly Holly beat Nidia and Stacy Kiebler when Stacy submitted. (3)Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho & Edge beat Ric Flair & Batista & Randy Orton (w/ Triple H) when Orton submitted to Benoit in a six-man elimination match.moreless
    • Episode 81
      Episode 81
      Episode 13
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Batista (w/ Ric Flair) pinned Shelton Benjamin. (2)Lita pinned Gail Kim. (3)Eugene (w/ William Regal) pinned Johnny Nitro. (4)La Resistance beat Chris Benoit by disqualification. (5)Kane & La Resistance beat Edge & Chris Benoit when Kane pinned Benoit. (6)Shawn Michaels beat WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton (w/ Batista) by disqualification in a non-title match.moreless
    • Episode 80
      Episode 80
      Episode 12
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)La Resistance beat Chris Benoit & Edge to capture the World Tag Team Championship when Sylvan Grenier pinned Edge. (2)WWE Women's Champion Victoria pinned Jazz in a non-title match. (3)Shelton Benjamin pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton (w/ Batista) in a non-title match. (4)Eugene beat Kane by disqualification.moreless
    • Episode 79
      Episode 79
      Episode 11
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Edge pinned Ric Flair (w/ Randy Orton). (2)WWE Women's Champion Victoria pinned Molly Holly (w/ Gail Kim) in a non-title match. (3) Eugene & Chris Benoit beat Coach & Garrison Cade when Eugene pinned Coach. (4) Shelton Benjamin & Chris Jericho beat Randy Orton & Batista when Benjamin pinned Orton.moreless
    • Episode 78
      Episode 78
      Episode 10
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1)Trish Stratus pinned Lita. (2)Kane pinned Val Venis. (3) Chris Benoit & Edge beat Batista & Randy Orton (w/ Ric Flair) when Orton tapped out to Benoit to retain the World Tag Team Championships. (4) Kane won an 18-man battle royal when Shawn Michaels eliminated Triple H to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.moreless
    • Episode 77
      Episode 77
      Episode 9
      Showing Highlights from last week's Raw Matches Shown Were : (1) Shelton Benjamin wrestled Triple H to a no contest. (2) Batista pinned Tajiri. (3) Randy Orton (w/ Ric Flair) pinned Edge to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title. (4) Eugene (w/ William Regal) pinned Rob Conway (w/ Sylvan Grenier). (5) Chris Jericho beat Christian (w/ Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko) by submission in a steel cage match.moreless
    • Episode 76
      Episode 76
      Episode 8
      (1) Edge & Shelton Benjamin & Tajiri beat Triple H & Randy Orton & Batista when Edge pinned Orton. Edge was being worked over by Evolution as this match started. He battled back and managed to get the better of Triple H before making the hot tag to Tajiri. Tajiri's kicks were awesome and Evolution sold it perfectly as he worked on all three men. Batista managed to counter a hand-spring elbow into a clothesline to the back of the head to end Tajiri's momentum. Tajiri continued to get worked on by all three members of Evolution. They made quick tags and cut him off from making his way to the corner. He did get a quick backslide on Triple H for a two-count, but Hunter quickly pounded him down and tagged out to Orton. Randy locked on a rear chinlock. Tajiri managed to counter a sunset flip attempt by sliding out of it and kicking Orton in the back of the head. Orton's expression was priceless. He then tagged in Edge who went to work on all three men. The match degenerated into a six-man brawl with Benjamin nailing Batista with a splash in the corner and clothesline out of the ring. Meanwhile, Orton set Edge up for the RKO. Tajiri entered the ring, however, and nailed Orton with a kick to the midsection. Batista returned and set Tajiri up for a powerbomb, but he countered with green mist to the eyes. Batista rolled around on the mat, and Orton went to check on him. When Randy turned around, Edge was there with a spear for the three-count Highlights aired of Rob Conway defeating Hurricane last Monday on Raw, followed by Conway's promo against Eugene. Loyd said that Eugene just wanted to have fun with La Resistance, but now he has to be serious as he has his first match on Monday. He said that William Regal put him through a training session last week on Raw. Regal and Eugene were in the training facility in Stamford, CT, when Regal told Eugene that he was going to prepare him for his wrestling match. He demonstrated simple moves, which Eugene had no problem emulating. They then practiced chain wrestling, and Eugene was able to take Regal to the mat and make him tap out. I think it would have been hilarious to save this for his actual "debut" against Conway, but it was still a fun segment. The Eugene character continues to grow on me. He really has lightened up Raw. (2) Chris Benoit pinned Shawn Michaels to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Michaels was in control as this match started. He nailed Benoit with a flying elbow, but Benoit countered the superkick into a series of German suplexes. After connecting with four, Benoit went up for a flying headbutt attempt, but Michaels moved. Shawn only got a two count as he went for the cover. They exchanged offensive moves, with Benoit ending up on the floor. Shawn connected with a moonsault to ringside, leaving both men lying. Loyd recapped what has occurred in the match, and then plugged it one more time before returning us to the conclusion. Benoit took over offense shortly after the match was rejoined. He locked Shawn in two Crippler Crossfaces, but each time Shawn got to the ropes. Benoit then tried to lock him in the sharpshooter, but Shawn kicked off and Benoit collided with the ref. With the official down, Shawn climbed to his feet and nailed Benoit with a superkick. Before he could make the cover, however, Triple H entered the ring and nailed Michaels with the Pedigree. Benoit crawled over to Shawn and made the pinfall.moreless
    • Episode 75
      Episode 75
      Episode 7
      (1) Rhyno pinned Rob Conway (w/ Sylvan Grenier). As Conway was beating Rhyno in and around the ring, Eugene was playing around the announce table. He was picking up letter and placing it on his head while Jim Ross was complimenting Regal on the great job he's doing, sarcastically. Regal admitted to taking a liking to the "lad". As Conway continued pounding on Rhyno in the ring, Eugene wandered over to the sound man. He then started pushing buttons, setting off the pyrotechnics. Conway was momentarily distracted, allowing Rhyno to nail him with the Gore and get the pinfall. This was a good, funny, inoffensive segment. Backstage, La Resistance complained to Johnny Nitro about Eugene's involvement. Nitro, who has apparantly been promoted to match maker, told Regal that he has two weeks to get Eugene ready for his first match on Raw. It should be an interesting match, as you just know that Eugene will prove to be an artist in the ring. Highlights aired of WWE superstars at the Democratic Summit two weeks ago in Washington D.C. Conversations with Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders, along with Victoria, were featured in this segment. Loyd recapped the previous segment and then segued into talking Trish Status getting involved with Christian in a process of problem solving. Loyd narrated footage of Tyson Tomko interfering and costing Jericho a match two weeks ago on Raw. He said that Christian felt the need to introduce us to his new problem solver. In the ring, Christian ran down his list of accomplishments, and called Tomko, "The ultimate problem solver". He said that there is nothing he can't do. On cue, Christian's arch rival, Grandmaster Sexay, came to the ring. (2) Christian (w/ Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko) pinned Grandmaster Sexay Only about ten seconds of this match aired, as Sexay was blocked in a Hip Hop Drop attempt, and Christian countered with the Unprettier for the win. After the match, Tomko drilled Sexay with a boot to the head. Jericho's music hit and Tomko ran up the ramp to cut him off. Instead, Jericho came through the crowd and knocked Christian out of the ring. He then locked Trish in the Walls of Jericho until Tomko came down and pulled her to safety. (3)Kane wrestled Matt Hardy to a no contest. Kane dominated this match, nailing Hardy with two chokeslams. He then set him up for a Tombstone piledriver, but Lita came to the ring. She begged with Kane to stop what he was going. He dropped Hardy and picked Lita up instead. Once again putting her in the corner, this time he planted his lips on her for a kiss. Kane then walked out of the ring with a smile on his face as Lita checked on Hardy. (4) Triple H pinned Tajiri. Hunter maintained control just enough to make it realistic, but Tajiri took over and nearly got a countout victory. Hunter had a difficult time fighting Tajiri's kicks and nailed a spinebuster out of desperation. Later, Hunter countered a Tarantula attempt by tossing Tajiri out of the ring. Tajiri attempted a dropkick from the top rope, but knocked the ref out instead. With the ref down, Tajiri set up Hunter for some more green mist, but Triple H ducked. He then connected with a Pedigree for the pinfall. . A video package aired of Jerry Lawler introducing Harley Race last Monday on Raw, followed by Randy Orton coming down to challenge Race. Shelton Benjamin made the save and took out the Intercontinental Champion. Loyd called Orton's display "sickening", and said "Thank God for Shelton Benjamin." He then wondered if Michaels and Benoit could put the final nail in the coffin of Batista and Ric Flair. (5) Chris Benoit & Edge beat Ric Flair & Batista when Edge pinned Flair to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Benoit and Edge were dominating Flair as this match started. He managed an inverted atomic drop on Edge and made the tag to Batista. He came in with power moves on both Edge and Benoit, but was soon taken down. When Edge attempted a spear, however, he sidestepped him and knocked Edge out of the ring. Flair began working over Edge's broken hand. Benoit was being beaten on as the match was rejoined. After a desperation kick to the head of Batista, he made the hot tag to Edge. Eventually all four men were in the ring, leading to Flair attempting to lock the figure-four on Benoit. Edge stopped him with a spear, and gained the clean pinfall. This wasn't up to par of last week's match, but still very good. After the match, Triple H came down and attacked both men. Batista entered the ring with a chair, but Michaels made the save and took the chair away. He swung it at Hunter, but he ducked and nailed Benoit instead. After knocking Hunter out of the ring, he was confronted by Edge. He explained that it was an accident, and Edge accepted it. Benoit then tripped up Shawn and locked him in the sharpshooter. Edge eventually talked him into breaking the hold.moreless
    • Episode 74
      Episode 74
      Episode 6
      (1) Christian (w/ Trish Stratus) pinned Chris Jericho. Some good back-and-forth action started this match, with Jericho and Christian exchanging pinning combinations. Trish interfered to break up a Walls of Jericho attempt, so Chris put her over his knee in the obligatory spanking sequence. Christian pulled her to safety, but Jericho soon leveled both of them with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle to ringside. Later, Jericho nailed Christian with a butterfly superplex, but only got a two count. The high-impact moves continued with Christian's unprettier followed by another two-count. Trish's attempt at interference backfired, however, and she mistakenly slapped Christian. With Jericho trying to lock Christian in a Walls of Jericho, a mysterious bald man entered the ring and drilled Jericho with a bicycle kick. The ref was distracted by Trish and turned around in time to count the pinfall. This was a very good opening match. Backstage, Christian introduced Trish to the new "problem solver", Tyson Tomko. Loyd reminded us that Backlash took place in Edmonton, and Edmonton honored Chris Benoit with his own day. It was appropriately called, "Chris Benoit Day". A video package aired looking at Chris Benoit's return to Edmonton. It was an emotional video as Benoit gave us a walking tour of his old hometown, including his high school and the place where he had his first wrestling match. They interviewed family and friends as they talked about his lifelong dream. The mayor proclaimed April 18 as "Chris Benoit Day" and talked about how important it is for him to have his first major title defense in his hometown. This was an excellent segment which gave a lot of meaning to Benoit's title win. No mention was made about the fact that he now lives in Atlanta. Loyd talked about Benoit's title defense and his return to Raw last Monday as the World Champion. Benoit's entrance was shown on Raw, as Jim Ross talked about his title victory over "two of the best in the game". In the ring in Calgary, Benoit paid out compliments to the Dungeon and Stu Hart. He said that they made him what he is today. He then talked about how he wasn't given a chance, but now, "Chris Benoit is for real!" On cue, Shawn Michaels' music hit and he danced his way out to the ring. Michaels told Benoit that he has never beaten him one-on-one. He then showed footage from two months ago of his pinfall victory over Benoit. Shawn then challenged him to a match right then and there. After Benoit accepted, they were interrupted by Eric Bischoff and Johnny Nitro. Bischoff told them that a match of this magnitude needs two weeks to promote. Nitro then told him that they would be in Phoenix, Arizona, so Bischoff booked the match for Phoenix in two weeks. Benoit and Michaels gave each other a tense handshake and staredown to close the segment. Benoit has truly come into his own in the promo department. This was one of his best, and the two weeks given to promote this match should set up another great promo next week. Loyd plugged the Michaels-Benoit match a week from Monday on May 3. Loyd said it was a humiliating time for Molly, but a funny time for everyone else. He then said that Molly had a chance to regain her title last Monday on Raw. (2) Victoria beat Molly Holly by disqualification to retain the WWE Women's Championship. Victoria dominated in this match, with a series of impressive moves. After nailing Holly with a clothesline off the ring apron and a standing moonsault, she attempted a snap mare. Unfortunately, she pulled off Molly's wig. Molly snapped and attacked Victoria, locking her in a chokehold. After refusing to break it, the ref called for the disqualification. After the match, it took two referees to pull Molly off of an unconscious Victoria. The women's division is heating up. Loyd talked about a Bottom Line contest during May to win a trip to Summerslam. He then recapped the previous angle and wondered if Edge and Benoit could capture the World Tag Team Championship. (3) Edge & Chris Benoit beat Ric Flair & Batista to win the World Tag Team Titles. This match started off strong with each team getting in it's share of offense. Batista was being double-teamed by Edge and Benoit until he made the tag to Flair. Together they worked over Edge, including pounding on Edge's broken arm. Flair was in control on Edge as we went to a rare mid-match commercial. Loyd recapped what has occurred in the match, as well as the previous angle. He then introduced us to the conclusion of the match. The match picked up with Benoit controlling against Flair. He managed to knock down an interfering Batista before locking Flair in the Crossface. With Flair down, Triple H ran to ringside and jumped on the ring apron. Benoit released the hold and knocked Triple H to the floor. After Benoit drilled Flair with rolling German suplexes, Flair surprised him with a lowblow. Benoit rolled over and tagged out to Edge who erupted with offense on both Flair and Batista. Batista soon picked him up with a powerbomb attempt, but Edge hit him with his cast to drop him. Benoit then dumped Flair out of the ring and nailed Batista with a flying headbutt. Triple H pulled Benoit to the floor and started beating him against the stairs until Shawn Michaels came to ringside and drilled him with a superkick. Meanwhile, in the ring, Edge nailed Batista with a spear for the pinfall. This was an excellent match, which should make most people forget about Edge's disapointing match at Backlash. The idea of spreading it into two segments was a great idea, adding to the importance of the title change. Loyd plugged Raw for Monday in Topeka, and then plugged the huge Raw the following week, featuring Benoit vs. Michaels.moreless
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      (1) Chris Benoit beat Rob Conway (w/ Sylvan Grenier) by submission in a non-title match, with Johnny Nitro as special guest referee. Benoit was on offense as this match was joined in progress. Nitro tried to get him to break a hold in the ropes, but Benoit pulled Conway away from the ropes and suplexed him into Nitro, knocking him out of the ring. La Resistance nailed Benoit with a double-team as another ref came to the ring and counted two. Benoit then nailed Grenier off the ring apron and knocked Conway into the Crossface for the submission. This was a decent, but short match, by Benoit. (2) Lita won seven-woman battle royal by eliminating Trish Stratus to become #1 contender to the WWE Women's Championship. Lita was on offense momentarily as this match was joined in progress, but Trish soon turned the tables with a kick to the midsection. She attempted a bulldog, but Lita pushed her into the ropes where Jericho tripped her. As Trish turned to yell at Jericho, Lita dropkicked her from behind for the elimination. Backstage, Trish tried to complain to Christian about what happened, but he blew her off. He told her that she'll be his partner in a match against Jericho at Backlash, and she didn't seem to be too happy to hear that news. Loyd plugged the handicap match at Backlash, as well as the women's title match. (3) Kane pinned Rhyno This wasn't as much of a squash as I had thought it would be. Rhyno did manage to nail Kane with the Gore, but only got a two-count. Kane then locked him in a chokeslam for the pinfall. After the match, Edge came down to the ring with a cast on his left hand. He went toe-to-toe with Kane, but Kane soon dominated. He knocked Edge to the mat and then grabbed a chair to use. Edge surprised Kane with a spear, but Kane sat right up. Kane then took over on Edge again and prepared to break his other hand in the chair. Edge soon countered it with an elbow, and then knocked Kane down with a cast-shot to the head. Edge backed away from the ring as Kane couldn't get up to his feet. (4) Shelton Benjamin beat Triple H (w/ Evolution performing various "official" jobs around ringside) by countout. This was a good match, but too short to be a great match. Hunter was on offense for a majority of the time, occasionally throwing Shelton to ringside where Randy Orton would pound on him. Benjamin soon gained the advantage, however, and nailed him with what I call, The Shelton Splash. Triple H then fell to ringside. Benjamin followed him out there and surprised Hunter with a slingshot into the corner post. He crawled into the ring for the countout victory. After the match, Evolution attacked Shelton Benjamin. Loyd narrated brief highlights, saying it was disturbing for television. Michaels, Benoit, and Foley made the save, chasing Evolution away. Loyd said that Bischoff was upset that they interfered, so he planned to make them pay later in the evening. Loyd recapped the previous angle, saying that Benoit, Michaels, and Foley would have to face consequences thanks to Bischoff. In the ring, Bischoff informed Foley, Michaels, and Benoit that they would have to team with Shelton Benjamin next week against all four members of Evolution. Triple H then came from the back carrying a sledgehammer as the remaining members of Evolution attacked the men from behind in the ring. Evolution soon gained control, with Hunter nailing Michaels with a sledgehammer shot from behind and connecting on Benoit with a pedigree. Loyd plugged Raw in Chicago this week, with the eight-man tag match main event.moreless
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