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    • Running with Wolves
      Running with Wolves
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      5 people remain after last week's double elimination. The theme for the week is creativity. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly ,and Eve Torres guest star.
    • Now We Face the Rattlesnake
      Now We Face the Rattlesnake
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      3 people remain after last week's double elimination. There is no theme this week. The contestants are taken to a children's hospital and have a photo shoot to fully see what it takes to be a WWE superstar. At the end of the episode, 1 of them is going home. The Miz guest stars.moreless
    • Episode 37
      Episode 37
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      In this episode, WWE cut the 50 Tough Enough finalists to eight finalists. One guy lied about his age and was kicked off. There was a weight lifting contest, and during the contest one guys hurt his arm. The next day he returned and did a task where you have to use your arms. All of the WWE people running it thought that show tremendous dedication. In the ring, Al Snow told him he was cut. Like a true sport, the guy thanked WWE for the opportunity. As he left, a WWE official gave him a OVW wrestling contract. The eight finalists are: Chris Nawrocki, John Meyer, Mike Mizanin, Ryan Reeves, Daniel Rodimer, Nick Mitchell, Justice Smith, and Daniel Puder. See more about the final eight in our recap.moreless
    • Episode 38
      Episode 38
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      All of seven of the Tough Enough contestants went into the WWE locker room. Big Show said they didn't pay their dues and they had to leave the locker room. He pushed Daniel Puder into a locker. The seven guys and Al Snow cam out to the ring. Al introduced them all. All of the seven guys had a personal message to the Big Show in the ring. After the seven gave Big Show his personal message, Al Snow said they could now do it to his face. Then the Big Show gave each guy a body slam! The Big Show even gave Justice Smith an extra elbow drop for the fun of it. He also gave some other guy a knee drop to teach him respect.

      Later in the show, it is discussed why there are only seven contestants tonight instead of the planned eight. John Meyer, quit during the first and second episode.moreless
    • May The Best Man Win
      May The Best Man Win
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      2 contestants remain in the season finale. Both contestants compete in a 5 minute exhibition match in front of a live audience and WWE executives at a Florida Championship Wrestling event. The contestant with the best performance will win a WWE contract and the title of Tough Enough. This episode features Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Vince McMahon.moreless
    • I've Been Bamboozled and Flabbergasted
      5 people remain. The theme for the week is charisma. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 2 of them are going home. The Rock and James Roday guest star.
    • Get Your Teeth Out of My Ring
      Get Your Teeth Out of My Ring
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has chosen 14 men and women to compete to become the next WWE Superstar or Diva. This episode will test their commitment. At the end of this episode, the bottom 3 will be decided and 1 superstar or diva is going home.
    • Five for Flinching
      Five for Flinching
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      13 people remain after last week's elimination. This week will test if the contestants are afraid to get hurt and take risks. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. John Cena guest stars.
    • Bad Day. Real Bad Day
      Bad Day. Real Bad Day
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      12 people remain after last week's elimination. This week will test fitness, endurance and technique. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. Another contestant calls it quits. The Big Show and Stacy Keibler guest stars.
    • 110 Pound Elephant in the Room
      110 Pound Elephant in the Room
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      10 people remain after last week's elimination. This week will test agility. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. Bret Hart guest stars.
    • Its Getting Down To Nut Cuttin Time
      8 people remain after last week's elimination. This week's theme is focus. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. Another contestent calls it quits. John Morrison guest stars.
    • Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness
      9 people remain after last week's elimination. This week the contestants are put through an obstacle course. This week looks at teamwork. At the end of the episode, the bottom 3 are announced and 1 of them is going home. Rey Mysterio & John Salley guest star.
    • WWE Tough Enough 1 & 2 Reunion Special
      The cast of WWE Tough Enough 1 (Maven, Nidia, Chris N., Chris Ni., Darryl, Taylor, Victoria, Greg, Shadrick, Josh, and Jason) and the cast of WWE Tough Enough 2 (Linda, Jackie, Jessie, Kenny, Jake, Pete, Matt, Robert, Danny, Aaron, Alicia, Hawk, and Anni) get together for a WWE Tough Enough reunion.moreless
    • Pilot/Casting Special
      Pilot/Casting Special
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The pilot episode of WWE Tough Enough in which hundreds of young adults try out for the cast of a reality program looking for new wrestlers for the WWE. Viewers are introduced to hopeful candidate by seeing their demo tapes.
    • The Finale
      The Finale
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      On this episode, Justice Smith was eliminated. The two final contestants have a boxing match at Armageddon (a WWE Pay-Per-View). Daniel Puder and Mike Mizanin also have a match in the ring tonight. They have to hit each other off of a big pillow they are standing on. They use big sticks to hit each other. Daniel Puder won.moreless
    • House of Pain
      House of Pain
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Tazz wakes the contestants up to begin their first day of training. They are taught the proper way to fall to reduce the risk of injury. Stephanie stops in to give some important tips to the wrestlers.
    • Triple H Makes an Impact
      Triple H Makes an Impact
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Triple H lectures the young wrestlers about respecting the business and what it's like to be on the road for 300 days out of the year. Jason takes the message to heart and packs his bags as he contemplates quitting.
    • That's Not the Story
      That's Not the Story
      Season 1 - Episode 13

      A physical competition was held, which was a timed swim, where Josh won. Chris pouts after he loses, which Josh said he did after every physical challenge. Ivory comes to the house and gives pointers. The next episode was the MTV Special where the two winners were announced - the Male WWF Tough Enough winner was Maven and the Female WWF Tough Enough winner was Nidia.

    • WWE Tough Enough 2 Soundtrack Special
      The songs featured on the "WWE Tough Enough 2" Soundtack are shown with songs from such bands as Cold, Rob Zombie, Staind, Unwritten Law, etc.
    • Hello Hormones!
      Hello Hormones!
      Season 2 - Episode 11

      Hawk starts questioning his physical and mental ability to preform in the ring, the cast starts doing 5 minute matches, Hawk drops out because he needs to feel more comfortable in his work, and Jackie lands on the side of her leg and yelps in pain.

    • There's No I In Team
      There's No I In Team
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      The six remaining competitors must learn about power in numbers.
    • Spinning A Yarn
      Spinning A Yarn
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      A challenge gives the seven remaining competitors a story to tell for life.
    • One Man Show
      One Man Show
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      When the 10 remaining competitors find themselves the butt of a joke, they must talk their way out of it to win. Chris Jericho and Renee Young host.
    • Casting Special
      Casting Special
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      The Casting Special for WWF Tough Enough 2. 250 contestants were invited to audition in Las Vegas, Nevade for WWF Tough Enough 2. The trainers narrowed it down to 25 contestants. The 25 did a physical challenge with running on a hot day in the mountains. The final thirteen were then picked - Aaron, Alicia, Anni, Jackie, Jacob, Jessie, Kenny, Linda, Pete, Robert, Hawk, Matthew, and Shad.moreless
    • Sun City Here We Come!
      Sun City Here We Come!
      Season 2 - Episode 10

      The cast gets excited about going to South Africa, WWF Superstars, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler pay a visit and join the cast in the hot tub, the cast goes to South Africa where the stay in a luxorius hotel, go in a hot air balloon, see animals, etc. "Big" reveals a cut is going to be made while in South Africa.

    • Welcome to the Terrordome
      Welcome to the Terrordome
      Season 2 - Episode 2

      The announced thirteen participants are brought to their new home where, and Shad didn't show up because he didn't pass the required physical, so Danny replaces him. The thirteen start training on the beach where Aaron blacks out and is driven away in an ambulance.

    • The First Cuts
      The First Cuts
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Al Snow announces that their will be a cut the next day. The thirteen continue their training and Aaron returns with no injuries. They are training at Trax, when The Big Show enters and competes with them. They go on the beach again, and do their last physical challenge. The Tough Enough crew cuts Aaron & Robert.

    • Hawk Comes Through (sort of)
      Hawk Comes Through (sort of)
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      The contestants continue their training. Alicia gets a back injury, Big places a bet with the contestants that if either Hawk and/or Kenny lose on the Horse, that the males had to wrestle in jock straps and the women had to wrestle in bikinis, Hawk ended up losing for everybody.

    • Buh-Bye
      Season 2 - Episode 5

      The Dudley Boyz make a visit and tell the cast about how to make it in the business and what it takes, and does short interview career profiles with them. Alicia and Jessie start fighting because Alicia has been talking about her possibly being cut; Daniel gets cut because a lack of career personality.

    • What Are They Looking For?
      What Are They Looking For?
      Season 2 - Episode 6

      The cast gets to go to WWF Raw Is War and meets a lot of superstars. Al Snow, Bob "Hardcore" Holly, and Ivory compete on WWF Metal/WWF Jakked. Matt is forced to leave Trax because he previously injured his knee on the beach.

    • Downs and Ups
      Downs and Ups
      Season 2 - Episode 9

      Anni starts getting in-ring trouble, Jackie and her Boyfriend talk on the phone and get very emotional, WWF Tough Enough 1 Winners, Maven and Nidia pay a visit and share experiences being at Trax and the house, and "Big" announces that the cast is going on a vacation/training session in South Africa.

    • The Wages of Sin
      The Wages of Sin
      Season 2 - Episode 8

      Jackie and Pete have and intimate moment in the hot tub and get "frisky", but Jackie later regrets it because her boyfriend said he would walk out on her, Jackie's boyfriend sends her a package with sad song lyrics, the cast gets action figures made of them, and Edge makes a visit.

    • Acting Up and Getting Down
      Acting Up and Getting Down
      Season 2 - Episode 7

      Jake, Kenny, Alicia, and Pete all get in trouble after training at Trax and get punished by John "Big", Alicia gets cut on the spot because of her back problem, Jessie decides to leave because her body is in pain, Pete and Jackie flirt majorly - to the point where Jackie says "I want to f--- you" to Pete!, and Chris Jericho pays a visit.

    • The Last Cut is the Deepest
      The Last Cut is the Deepest
      Season 2 - Episode 12

      Jackie decides to stay at Trax and work through her knee injury (Torn ALC and ligament), the cast cut promos and mimic each other, William Regal pays a visit, the crew cuts Pete because they don't think he has what it takes to become a WWE/WWF superstar, and the crew cuts Anni because of the lack of her in-ring skills.

    • Remember To Be The Best
      Remember To Be The Best
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      The remaining eight competitors must focus or it's a long way down to the bottom three.
    • Who Are You?
      Who Are You?
      Season 6 - Episode 3
    • I'm Your B...."
      I'm Your B...."
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      WWE legend Pat Patterson pays a visit to the contestants at dinner time. He shares some of his person insight into the wrestling business. Al Snow takes the contestants to the ring to work on side headlocks and take overs.
    • Swamp Stories
      Swamp Stories
      Season 6 - Episode 2
    • No Hill Too Tall, Nor Water Too Deep

      Al Snow informs the final five that that they are going to have to train even harder because they are going to start being evaluated. Chris starts pouting, the five start doing Moonsaults, and Stone Cold Steve Austin & Debra visit the house.

    • He's a Great Looking Woman
      He's a Great Looking Woman
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The wrestlers take time to study film so they can improve their technique. Before another cut is made they all head out for dinner at a restaurant where all the waiters are transvestites.
    • An Olympic Experience
      An Olympic Experience
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Nidia and Taylor are the only two girls left in the competition and only one of them will get a contract. The remaining contestants must fight through their injuries if they want a shot at the big time. Al praises Chris for his blooming wrestling persona.
    • I Don't Wanna be a Wrestler
      I Don't Wanna be a Wrestler
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Al Snow makes an announcement that someone will be cut in 24 hours. Al has a match on SMACKDOWN!, so he invites the gang to come watch him in action. Stephanie McMahon surprises the girls and takes them all out to lunch for a heart-to-heart talk.
    • Timing is Everything
      Timing is Everything
      Season 1 - Episode 10

      Maven learns that his Mother's sickness has gotten worse, and temporarily leaves Trax to visit his Mother in the hospital. Josh gets upset and wants to leave because Greg had to drop out and Maven is away, and wants to quit. Chris drops out, figuring it's not his time.

    • The Rules of the Road
      The Rules of the Road
      Season 1 - Episode 11

      The crew goes to a restaurant and Taylor had a few too many beers and got drunk. While in the car, she flirts with Maven, revealing she had a little crush on him. Chris visits his parents' home and eat Breakfast there, and Promos were cut.

    • Injuries Start Piling Up
      Injuries Start Piling Up
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Injuries continue to mount as Greg is taken to the hospital for x-rays. WWE tag-team stars Team Xtreme stop by for some pointers.
    • The Vicious Circle
      The Vicious Circle
      Season 1 - Episode 9

      Al Snow teaches the crew the Circle Game and Chris loses the bet, having to wear "Harvard Sucks" T-Shirts. Greg had found out he had a back injury, and he had to leave Trax.

    • Boot Camp or Bust
      Boot Camp or Bust
      Season 6 - Episode 1
    • Episode 40
      Episode 40
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      The show starts off with Al Snow introducing all of the seven contestants. They are all wearing special outfits, either costumes or trying to look good for the upcoming Sex Test with Torrie Wilson. Al asks Chris Nawrocki if he wants to quit because he broke a rib. He said no. Al then revealed that Nick Mitchell had been voted off. Then Torrie Wilson came out for the Torrie Wilson Sex Test. See more details on The Sex Test in our recap. Daniel Puder won. Later in the show we see what happened earlier in the show. Al Snow says all of the six contestants names and says that voting has started for this week.moreless
    • Episode 41
      Episode 41
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      The Tough Enough contestants had to do a challenge where they would have to grab a flag on the other side of the ring in 30 seconds. The Basham Brothers were in the way though. No one got past them. Al Snow announced the brothers the winners. Chris Nawrocki was voted off the show.moreless
    • In the Stratus-phere
      In the Stratus-phere
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      The cast is surprised by some visitors. One of which is Trish Stratus. Also another cast member will be cut.
    • Episode 43
      Episode 43
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Tough Enough begins with Al Snow in the ring with the four remaining Tough Enough contestants. Al asks Ryan Reeves if he wants to leave the show because he has two broken ribs. He says no. Then we watch a clip (30 seconds max) of each contestant saying who they would vote off. Three of them voted for Daniel Puder (jealous?) and he voted for Justice Smith. The three want Puder off because he is the most popular of the bunch. This does not mean he will win though because Carmella of the Raw Diva Search got "voted off" by he fellow contestants and later lost. Al announces the task of the night as having the Tough Enough contestants dress as women. Later they came out dressed as woman. Al Snow told them that they had to make Hardcore Holly think they are the best woman. Mike M wins. It is announced that at the next WWE pay-per-view, it will be the final two contestants against each other in a boxing match (Daniel Puder's specialty).moreless
    • The End of the Competition
      The End of the Competition
      Season 2 - Episode 13

      As the final days dwindle down, the cast does Promos with the trainers. Linda faces of with Ivory, Jackie fights Al Snow, Kenny battles Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Jake goes one-on-one with Bob "Hardcore" Holly, the cast gets their action figures of themselves and say goodbye to the trainers, Linda is announced that she is the first WWE Tough Enough 2 champion, and then Jackie is announced she is the second WWE Tough Enough 2 champion.

    • Episode 42
      Episode 42
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      The Tough Enough part of Smackdown starts with Daniel Rodimer getting cut. There are only four contestants left. They next had a arm wrestling tournament. In the first round, Daniel Puder defeated Mike "Miz" Mizanin and Ryan Reeves beat Justice Smith. In the final round, Daniel Puder beat Ryan Reeves, an upset if I've ever seen one. Later, Tough Enough ended with the remaining four contestants telling every one what they were thankful for.moreless
    • Episode 39
      Episode 39
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      The show starts off showing the last few hours for the seven contestants. They had to do several hard tasks, eat a huge amount of pasta (like Fear Factor huge), and then have to continue doing the hard tasks.
      Then the seven contestants come out to the ring with Al Snow. Al Snow introduces them to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle asks every guy for the guy's name and then makes fun of them for some reason. Kurt Angle then shows them an exercise. Kurt has a contest with them to see who could do the most (Kurt wasn't in the contest, see more on the contest in the recap). Chris Nawrocki won. The prize was to have a match with Kurt Angle. Angle quickly takes him down and wins. Then he asks if any other Tough Enough guys want to face Kurt. None raise their hand accept Daniel Puder. Puder goes into the ring and gets some cheers. It takes longer for Angle to beat Puder because Puder is in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), yet he eventually does. Then Kurt says they aren't Tough Enough and leaves.
      Later on, all of the tough enough guys are talked to be Torrie Wilson. She says that next week on Smackdown there will be a Torrie Wilson sex test.moreless
    • The Tough Enough $1,000,000 Download
      This special showed footage of the tough enough we've seen on TV and the parts we didn't see. We saw the two contestants who lost a bet and had to wear a dress. There was also videos of the contestants learning how to wrestle, which we have not been seeing on TV.moreless
    • Swallow Your Pride, It's Good For You
      The nine remaining competitors are humbled when they face off against their toughest foes yet.
    • Million Dollar Tough Enough
      Million Dollar Tough Enough
      Season 4 - Episode 1
    • Friend or Foe?
      Friend or Foe?
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Friendships are put to the test with only five competitors remaining. Who can prove they have the discipline to make it to the end?
    • Episode #40
      Episode #40
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      The winners are announced.
    • Episode #31
      Episode #31
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      This week on Tough Enough, both Tommy Dreamer and Rey Mysterio made surprise appearances. Dreamer was the first to show, making an emotional speech right from the start. His words were so moving that many of the cast members were brought to tears. In fact, Dreamer himself was choked up, as well. According to Dreamer, his father is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Unfortunately, the disease has taken his father's eyesight. An operation restored his eyesight, however, only for two weeks. It was during those two weeks that Tommy Dreamer debuted on WWE television. Having his father witness his debut meant the world to Tommy. Not long after, his father once again lost his sight. Rey Mysterio's appearance was a lot less emotional, but equally informative. Rey talked to the cast about his training and coming up in Mexico City. He told them how important masks were to the people in Mexico. Then, in the ultimate sign of respect, Mysterio removed his mask, showing his face to the cast. Before Rey left, he pulled Jamie -- who had been having a very trying week -- aside and told her not to give up. He also told her that she looked great in the ring and has a bright future.

      Jamie's troubles started when she began to question whether she had what it took to be a WWE Superstar. She didn't know if she had the body for it. On top of that, she was starting to feel like some of the house members did not think as highly of her as she had hoped. Jonah went on to say that he is repulsed by Jamie, especially by her burping and when she lets her ass hang out.

      In an attempt to get her mind off her troubles, Jamie went out with several of the house members. She had a few too many drinks and it began to show. First, she intimately kissed a guy at the bar, a guy she later admitted to not remembering. Then on the way home, she began to flip out. Crying, she began to say that the competition was the biggest thing that ever happened to her and that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar more than anything else in the world. People in the house began to question her stability after her outrage.

      Rebekah also had a very trying week. Her in-ring training was progressing nicely, however, the same could not be said for her personal life. Back home, her mother's house was being foreclosed on. Not able to get the image of her homeless mom off her mind, Rebekah decided to leave the competition in order to be closer to her family.moreless
    • Episode #30
      Episode #30
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      For the first time this season, Al Snow, Bill DeMott, Ivory and Big made a cut, sending the 6' 10" Chad back home to Wisconsin. According to the trainers, as well as some of the cast members, Chad just wasn't picking up the in-ring work. Plus, his charisma was lacking. As a result, Chad was cut, leaving only 10 Tough Enough contestants. As usual, Scott found himself getting into some trouble this week on Tough Enough. In addition to engaging in an ethnic/religious war with Rebekah, he also had a few too many drinks during the cast's night out. In fact, Scott had so many drinks, that an ambulance was called. Near lifeless, Scott rested in a puddle of his own urine as EMTs attempted to help him. Luckily while at the hospital, Scott received the attention he needed. Embarrassed, he returned to the house the next morning. Rebekah's Christianity was also a large focus of the show this past week. The pretty WWE hopeful was heard several times saying that she does not have the Christian fellowship she hoped she would have in the house. As a result, she said she turns to her Bible for support. Moments later, Rebekah was shown doing what many would consider not very Christian-like things. Some of the cast members began looking at the evidence and began to wonder if sweet, little Rebekah was being a hypocrite. In addition to being a former Hooter's girl, Rebekah was seen dancing like a stripper on the top of a bar and sun bathing in next to nothing this week.moreless
    • Episode #29
      Episode #29
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Like last week, Scott managed to annoy everybody in the house on this week's episode of Tough Enough. His biggest target was Jamie. On top of calling her and a few of the guys in the house faggots, he also asked her a very personal question -- "have you ever used a female condom?" It was later learned that Jamie's dislike for Scott comes from when he saw her naked. Apparently, Scott just barged into the bathroom without knocking when Jamie was getting into the shower. Scott also managed to get on Eric and Jonah's nerves. The two guys made a bet with him, stating that if he was able to score a girl's phone number while out on the town, they would go to the beach the next day in bikinis. If he failed, however, Scott would have to do the act. Unfortunately for Eric and Jonah, Scott was able to pull two phone numbers. Eric and Jonah tried to talk their way out of the bet, but Scott wasn't budging. Later in the show, Scott tore a ligament in his hand. The injury should keep him out of action for six to eight weeks. The bad news caused the Tough Enough competitor to break into tears. What does Scott's future hold? Will he be forced out? Or will he fight the pain and continue to compete? Elsewhere on Tough Enough, Lisa was getting on the house's nerves. In addition to messing up in the ring, she would laugh every time she did so. This pissed off the roommates, as well as the trainers. As a result, Al, Ivory and Bill made the entire cast workout even more after their daily workout. After an already upset cast made it home from training, they figured the would all go out together, in an attempt to bond. Everybody agreed it was a good idea, except one person... Lisa. This obviously made the house even more upset with her. The next day, Big came over two hours early. He sat the cast down and told them that Lisa had decided the competition was not for her. She had quit and gone home.moreless
    • Quitter
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Last week on Tough Enough, the 13 members of the cast were chosen after a long and strenuous tryout process. As this week's show kicked off, Big told the cast members that their challenges were not done yet. He then pointed to a gigantic mountain-side house and told them they had to run to it because it was where they would be living.

      Even before everybody settled in, the drama of season three began. Apparently, Scott rubbed everybody the wrong way right from the start, especially his roommate Jamie. Before Jamie was even unpacked, Scott asked her if she was a lesbian. Jamie was clearly not excited about the question.

      Scott's insane comments intensified as the show went on. His most offensive comment to the house members came when he asked if there were a lot of fags in a certain location.

      In addition to being a nuisance in the house, Scott wasn't all that well like in the ring. Of the 13 cast members, he was the only that could not nail the back bump. This especially upset WWE Superstar Bill DeMott. At one point, DeMott jumped on Scott with his forearm crushing Scott's face and screamed at him at the top of his lungs.

      Elsewhere in the house, Jonah, who has a past with Jill, admitted to her that he has a girlfriend. Clearly, this did not sit well with Jill.

      Coupled with the fact that she could get the hang of the in-ring action, Jill was unhappy with her Tough Enough experience as a whole. With that in mind, she called Big to let her know she was quitting.

      The next day at Trax West, Big informed everybody that Jill was leaving the competition. He then asked that everybody stand up and say something to Jill about her leaving. Once everybody was done, an angry Big took over, saying that he was ashamed that he even picked Jill. He was upset that he picked her over others and she just quit after the first day of training. According to Big, this was an insult. He claimed that by quitting, he spit on all 12 other cast members. He finished by saying "You spit on me, I spit on you. Get up and leave!"moreless
    • Episode #27
      Episode #27
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Who will be the next Maven, Nidia, Linda or Jackie? The road to name the next Tough Enough Champions began Thursday night when WWE Superstars Al Snow, Ivory and Bill DeMott, alongside Big, narrowed the field of 75 hopefuls down to 13 cast members. This year, rather than throwing the extravagant casting gala, Tough Enough chose to make the Casting Special more intimate. Judges spent more time evaluating the hopefuls as people. Once they saw what they liked, they selected 25 finalists to go through a torturous several days of training, both in and out of the ring. Some of the 25 didn't make it to the end. The ones who did were there to hear the final 13 names called: Chad - Jamie - Nick - Jill - John - Jonah - Eric - Justin - Kelly Matt - Lisa - Scott - Rebekahmoreless
    • Episode #32
      Episode #32
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The Tough Enough 3 cast grew smaller this week while a few of the competitors expressed their desire to become more than just friends with their housemates. Jamie loves flirting with the guys in the house, especially John. She admits to having a crush on him, but there's just one problem. John has a girlfriend and has no desire to cheat on her. Kelly, meanwhile, began to buddy up to Nick. But Nick was clear that he had no intention of getting at all involved with his housemate. To make things even more interesting, Big said that he would draw two names at random and allow the winners to fly in a guest for the weekend. John and Jonah were selected and each chose to fly in their girlfriends. Scott thought he found a great opportunity to land himself some female action. He offered to purchase the visitation rights from one of the guys so he could see a former high school classmate of his. The fact that Scott hadn't talk to this girl in four years caused the cast to shake their heads and roll their eyes, but Scott was completely unfazed. His attitude changed though after making an awkward call to his crush out of the blue. She made it clear that she had absolutely no desire of going to California for a rendezvous with Scott. Scott was crushed, but he forgot about it after going out to a bar and surprising the cast by dancing with a totally hot girl! The girlfriends arrived, and got to spend some time with their very appreciate boyfriends. Jonah especially made sure to be on his best behavior. Surprisingly, everyone got along. Even Jamie, who thought she would hate John's girlfriend, even had to admit that she could see them being friends. After feeling some pain in his arm, Nick took a trip to the doctor where he was diagnosed with tendonitis in his elbow. The doctor ordered Nick to rest his arm for an entire week, which put him out of training. While at Trax later that week, the cast was surprised with a visit by WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page! DDP touched the cast with the story about how he didn't give up on his dream despite entering the business at age 35. At the end of the day, Big announced that a cut would be made. The trainers debated on who should be released next, centering on Kelly, Scott and Nick. In the end, Nick lost out. Al Snow informed him that the it's imperative to have enormous heart and desire to enable you to work through the pain. Nick felt he didn't deserve to be cut, but he was forced to pack up his things nevertheless. In addition, when Nick left, so did Kelly's crush on him.moreless
    • A Bag, a Rib, and a Cut
      A Bag, a Rib, and a Cut
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      This week's Tough Enough had to be seen to be believed, as the greatest rib in the show's history was pulled off perfectly. Complaining of an injured neck, Jonah was sent to a nearby hospital. Initially, the injury looked bad, which frightened Jonah's cast mates. While at the hospital, however, it was learned that Jonah's injuries were not as severe as first thought and that he would be alright with a little medication.

      Being the opportunist that he is, Jonah decided that this was the perfect opportunity to play a rib on his cast mates. Wrapped in head bandages and secured by a neck brace, Jonah walked into Trax West and asked everybody to sit around him. He began to cry as he told them that his injury was forcing him out of the competition. As Jonah began to cry, so did all of the other cast mates. This truly was an emotional moment. Before leaving, Jonah asked that everybody say something nice about him. Each member of the cast choked back tears as they spoke kind words about Jonah. The most emotional was Matt. Crying almost uncontrollably, he finally walked over to Jonah and gave him a big hug. Soon thereafter, Jonah asked that everybody remember this moment, he then ripped off the neck brace and finished by saying "when I'm kicking your ass in the ring." The rib was complete. Also on the show, Big announced to the remaining cast members that they would be going to Iceland. However, there was still going to be one cut made before the trip set off. Scott and Kelly pretty much knew that it was going to be one of them. Each one was seen making arguments as to why they think they should stay. In the end, however, it was Kelly that was given the ticket to Iceland, as Scott was sent home.moreless
    • Surprises!
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Ric Flair pays a visit to the camp.
    • Hard Lessons Learned
      Hard Lessons Learned
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Shawn Michaels visits the contestants.
    • Don't Jump
      Don't Jump
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      The Tough Enough crew returns from Iceland and they get started again by training for jumps. They start off with small jumps and then move on to bigger jumps. Will the cast be able to handle them? Also WWE wrestler Chris Benoit stops by as the guest trainer to help the hopefuls along.moreless
    • Group Dynamics
      Group Dynamics
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      The cast is in Iceland and their training continues there. The group really seems to bond and grow closer together during this trip.
    • Did We Mention that Kelly’s Back Hurts?
      This week's episode of Tough Enough was highlighted by a trip to Iceland, but prior to leaving for the trip, the cast decided it was payback time for Jonah.

      Upset with rib he pulled on them last week, the cast poured laxative into his protein shake. Unknowing, Jonah swallowed the whole drink down. The cast and trainers then sat back and watched as Jonah was doubled over in pain. Finally, he had reached the boiling point. After getting to the bathroom just in time, he realized that there was no toilet paper. In an attempt to continue the rib, Al Snow unraveled an entire roll of paper and passed Jonah three sheets.

      Finally when Jonah came out of the bathroom, the cast let him in on the rib. Everybody had a good laugh at his expense.

      The entire crew then set off for Iceland. While there, they trained outside in the cold. But inside, where it was warm, was where all the action was... at least that was the case for Eric. He found a girl at a local night club. After they swapped spit on the dance floor, the two went upstairs to Eric's room. The next morning, Eric admitted that it was a mistake. He left his room and begged Jonah and Justin to get the girl out of his room, but she wasn't budging. Finally after much trying, the girl agreed to leave, but not before stealing a piece of Eric's clothing for a keepsake.

      While in Iceland, Big alerted the cast that there was going to be a cut made. Many of the cast members thought that Eric was going to go, due to his actions with the girl the night before. However, in the end, it was Kelly that was sent packing.moreless
    • A Champion is Crowned
      A Champion is Crowned
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Viewers vote for the ultimate WWE superstar and Diva in the season finale.