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Season 2 finalist in Vegas here!

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    I actually tried out for this show, season 2, back in 2001! Got to go to Vegas for the auditions along with I think it was 250 other people. I tried out on the second day, Thursday and completely tanked in the ring. They made us go up there and jump the weight bags in the ring, then do 10 clapping pushups and the a kip up! Me jumping the bags were hilarious, since they were so far apart and I completely fell flat on my face. Of course, I totally blew the question part too! When it came time for them to show the casting special on MTV, there I was, falling in the ring as JR says over the pic, "Some people shouldn't be out there trying out" LOL! But, I was in the best shape of my life, but oh well! Good experience though!!!

    Any other fellow auditioners out there?

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