WWE Tough Enough

Tuesday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jun 21, 2001 In Season


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  • tough or not (not in my mind)

    What the hell is this a show that makes the wrestling superstars that aventuely first have to go to UPW before they finaly get a break at WWE.
    The only succes story was that of maven and Nidia (Nidia is not a part of the WWE) Maven is not a superstar he's just the guy that eleminated the Undertaker at Royal Rumble 2002.
    Nidia is a hot girl but never had a break for the title as she finaly went to the big brand RAW in 2004.
    Nidia won a no1 contender match but got screwed as of this she later that year left the WWE.
    Al the Tough enough champs didnt get a break let look at Johnny Nitro on RAW went to UPW came back and finaly did something.
    Just as of this title of the story i don't get it just stop just give me some divas
  • If it ain't broke, don't brake it.

    WWE is dropping the ball. The first two seasons where done very well. They followed a group of Willie Lunchmeats who wanted to become pro wrestlers. You got a look at there personalities and who they where. Some you wanted cut and others you where sad to see go. It was a good time the whole time and made you really appreciate what the superstars put themselves through to put on a show.

    Then you have this year's go round: what the hell? It seemed fixed like a Don King fight. You knew Danny Pruder was set to win in from the giddy up. The "prospects" where only seen in little glipses training and there events where just fodder. In the other seasons they showed there intense drills and there private life. Where did that all go. The real buzz killer is the fact the old Danny Pruder is now MIA. At least we got to see the other seasons winners BEFORE they whent to OVW for training. This is a classic case of braking what didn't need to be fixed. WWE, now you have something to fix.