WWE Tough Enough - Season 2

Tuesday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jun 21, 2001 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • WWE Tough Enough 2 Soundtrack Special
    The songs featured on the "WWE Tough Enough 2" Soundtack are shown with songs from such bands as Cold, Rob Zombie, Staind, Unwritten Law, etc.
  • WWE Tough Enough 1 & 2 Reunion Special
    The cast of WWE Tough Enough 1 (Maven, Nidia, Chris N., Chris Ni., Darryl, Taylor, Victoria, Greg, Shadrick, Josh, and Jason) and the cast of WWE Tough Enough 2 (Linda, Jackie, Jessie, Kenny, Jake, Pete, Matt, Robert, Danny, Aaron, Alicia, Hawk, and Anni) get together for a WWE Tough Enough reunion.moreless
  • The End of the Competition

    As the final days dwindle down, the cast does Promos with the trainers. Linda faces of with Ivory, Jackie fights Al Snow, Kenny battles Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Jake goes one-on-one with Bob "Hardcore" Holly, the cast gets their action figures of themselves and say goodbye to the trainers, Linda is announced that she is the first WWE Tough Enough 2 champion, and then Jackie is announced she is the second WWE Tough Enough 2 champion.

  • The Last Cut is the Deepest

    Jackie decides to stay at Trax and work through her knee injury (Torn ALC and ligament), the cast cut promos and mimic each other, William Regal pays a visit, the crew cuts Pete because they don't think he has what it takes to become a WWE/WWF superstar, and the crew cuts Anni because of the lack of her in-ring skills.

  • Hello Hormones!
    Hello Hormones!
    Episode 11

    Hawk starts questioning his physical and mental ability to preform in the ring, the cast starts doing 5 minute matches, Hawk drops out because he needs to feel more comfortable in his work, and Jackie lands on the side of her leg and yelps in pain.

  • Sun City Here We Come!

    The cast gets excited about going to South Africa, WWF Superstars, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler pay a visit and join the cast in the hot tub, the cast goes to South Africa where the stay in a luxorius hotel, go in a hot air balloon, see animals, etc. "Big" reveals a cut is going to be made while in South Africa.

  • Downs and Ups
    Downs and Ups
    Episode 9

    Anni starts getting in-ring trouble, Jackie and her Boyfriend talk on the phone and get very emotional, WWF Tough Enough 1 Winners, Maven and Nidia pay a visit and share experiences being at Trax and the house, and "Big" announces that the cast is going on a vacation/training session in South Africa.

  • The Wages of Sin
    The Wages of Sin
    Episode 8

    Jackie and Pete have and intimate moment in the hot tub and get "frisky", but Jackie later regrets it because her boyfriend said he would walk out on her, Jackie's boyfriend sends her a package with sad song lyrics, the cast gets action figures made of them, and Edge makes a visit.

  • Acting Up and Getting Down

    Jake, Kenny, Alicia, and Pete all get in trouble after training at Trax and get punished by John "Big", Alicia gets cut on the spot because of her back problem, Jessie decides to leave because her body is in pain, Pete and Jackie flirt majorly - to the point where Jackie says "I want to f--- you" to Pete!, and Chris Jericho pays a visit.

  • What Are They Looking For?

    The cast gets to go to WWF Raw Is War and meets a lot of superstars. Al Snow, Bob "Hardcore" Holly, and Ivory compete on WWF Metal/WWF Jakked. Matt is forced to leave Trax because he previously injured his knee on the beach.

  • Buh-Bye
    Episode 5

    The Dudley Boyz make a visit and tell the cast about how to make it in the business and what it takes, and does short interview career profiles with them. Alicia and Jessie start fighting because Alicia has been talking about her possibly being cut; Daniel gets cut because a lack of career personality.

  • Hawk Comes Through (sort of)

    The contestants continue their training. Alicia gets a back injury, Big places a bet with the contestants that if either Hawk and/or Kenny lose on the Horse, that the males had to wrestle in jock straps and the women had to wrestle in bikinis, Hawk ended up losing for everybody.

  • The First Cuts
    The First Cuts
    Episode 3

    Al Snow announces that their will be a cut the next day. The thirteen continue their training and Aaron returns with no injuries. They are training at Trax, when The Big Show enters and competes with them. They go on the beach again, and do their last physical challenge. The Tough Enough crew cuts Aaron & Robert.

  • Welcome to the Terrordome

    The announced thirteen participants are brought to their new home where, and Shad didn't show up because he didn't pass the required physical, so Danny replaces him. The thirteen start training on the beach where Aaron blacks out and is driven away in an ambulance.

  • Casting Special
    Casting Special
    Episode 1
    The Casting Special for WWF Tough Enough 2. 250 contestants were invited to audition in Las Vegas, Nevade for WWF Tough Enough 2. The trainers narrowed it down to 25 contestants. The 25 did a physical challenge with running on a hot day in the mountains. The final thirteen were then picked - Aaron, Alicia, Anni, Jackie, Jacob, Jessie, Kenny, Linda, Pete, Robert, Hawk, Matthew, and Shad.moreless