WWE Tough Enough - Season 4

Tuesday 8:00 PM on USA Premiered Jun 21, 2001 In Season


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  • The Finale
    The Finale
    Episode 9
    On this episode, Justice Smith was eliminated. The two final contestants have a boxing match at Armageddon (a WWE Pay-Per-View). Daniel Puder and Mike Mizanin also have a match in the ring tonight. They have to hit each other off of a big pillow they are standing on. They use big sticks to hit each other. Daniel Puder won.moreless
  • Episode 43
    Episode 43
    Episode 8
    Tough Enough begins with Al Snow in the ring with the four remaining Tough Enough contestants. Al asks Ryan Reeves if he wants to leave the show because he has two broken ribs. He says no. Then we watch a clip (30 seconds max) of each contestant saying who they would vote off. Three of them voted for Daniel Puder (jealous?) and he voted for Justice Smith. The three want Puder off because he is the most popular of the bunch. This does not mean he will win though because Carmella of the Raw Diva Search got "voted off" by he fellow contestants and later lost. Al announces the task of the night as having the Tough Enough contestants dress as women. Later they came out dressed as woman. Al Snow told them that they had to make Hardcore Holly think they are the best woman. Mike M wins. It is announced that at the next WWE pay-per-view, it will be the final two contestants against each other in a boxing match (Daniel Puder's specialty).moreless
  • The Tough Enough $1,000,000 Download
    This special showed footage of the tough enough we've seen on TV and the parts we didn't see. We saw the two contestants who lost a bet and had to wear a dress. There was also videos of the contestants learning how to wrestle, which we have not been seeing on TV.moreless
  • Episode 42
    Episode 42
    Episode 6
    The Tough Enough part of Smackdown starts with Daniel Rodimer getting cut. There are only four contestants left. They next had a arm wrestling tournament. In the first round, Daniel Puder defeated Mike "Miz" Mizanin and Ryan Reeves beat Justice Smith. In the final round, Daniel Puder beat Ryan Reeves, an upset if I've ever seen one. Later, Tough Enough ended with the remaining four contestants telling every one what they were thankful for.moreless
  • Episode 41
    Episode 41
    Episode 5
    The Tough Enough contestants had to do a challenge where they would have to grab a flag on the other side of the ring in 30 seconds. The Basham Brothers were in the way though. No one got past them. Al Snow announced the brothers the winners. Chris Nawrocki was voted off the show.moreless
  • Episode 40
    Episode 40
    Episode 4
    The show starts off with Al Snow introducing all of the seven contestants. They are all wearing special outfits, either costumes or trying to look good for the upcoming Sex Test with Torrie Wilson. Al asks Chris Nawrocki if he wants to quit because he broke a rib. He said no. Al then revealed that Nick Mitchell had been voted off. Then Torrie Wilson came out for the Torrie Wilson Sex Test. See more details on The Sex Test in our recap. Daniel Puder won. Later in the show we see what happened earlier in the show. Al Snow says all of the six contestants names and says that voting has started for this week.moreless
  • Episode 39
    Episode 39
    Episode 3
    The show starts off showing the last few hours for the seven contestants. They had to do several hard tasks, eat a huge amount of pasta (like Fear Factor huge), and then have to continue doing the hard tasks.
    Then the seven contestants come out to the ring with Al Snow. Al Snow introduces them to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle asks every guy for the guy's name and then makes fun of them for some reason. Kurt Angle then shows them an exercise. Kurt has a contest with them to see who could do the most (Kurt wasn't in the contest, see more on the contest in the recap). Chris Nawrocki won. The prize was to have a match with Kurt Angle. Angle quickly takes him down and wins. Then he asks if any other Tough Enough guys want to face Kurt. None raise their hand accept Daniel Puder. Puder goes into the ring and gets some cheers. It takes longer for Angle to beat Puder because Puder is in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), yet he eventually does. Then Kurt says they aren't Tough Enough and leaves.
    Later on, all of the tough enough guys are talked to be Torrie Wilson. She says that next week on Smackdown there will be a Torrie Wilson sex test.moreless
  • Episode 38
    Episode 38
    Episode 2
    All of seven of the Tough Enough contestants went into the WWE locker room. Big Show said they didn't pay their dues and they had to leave the locker room. He pushed Daniel Puder into a locker. The seven guys and Al Snow cam out to the ring. Al introduced them all. All of the seven guys had a personal message to the Big Show in the ring. After the seven gave Big Show his personal message, Al Snow said they could now do it to his face. Then the Big Show gave each guy a body slam! The Big Show even gave Justice Smith an extra elbow drop for the fun of it. He also gave some other guy a knee drop to teach him respect.

    Later in the show, it is discussed why there are only seven contestants tonight instead of the planned eight. John Meyer, quit during the first and second episode.moreless
  • Million Dollar Tough Enough
  • Episode 37
    Episode 37
    Episode 1
    In this episode, WWE cut the 50 Tough Enough finalists to eight finalists. One guy lied about his age and was kicked off. There was a weight lifting contest, and during the contest one guys hurt his arm. The next day he returned and did a task where you have to use your arms. All of the WWE people running it thought that show tremendous dedication. In the ring, Al Snow told him he was cut. Like a true sport, the guy thanked WWE for the opportunity. As he left, a WWE official gave him a OVW wrestling contract. The eight finalists are: Chris Nawrocki, John Meyer, Mike Mizanin, Ryan Reeves, Daniel Rodimer, Nick Mitchell, Justice Smith, and Daniel Puder. See more about the final eight in our recap.moreless