WWE Velocity

Season 4 Episode 33


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2005 on Spike TV

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  • A great set of matches.

    In this edition of WWE Velocity, talented up and comer Frankie "The Future" Kazarian pulls out a win on former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London after a great match. After the match, London cuts a promo saying he isn't going to get screwed again. The next match featured current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio against independent wrestler Jimmy Jacobs. This was a great match, Jacobs really does his part well, Nunzio does some great mat wrestling with heel heat. Steven Richards vs. Hardcore Holly was a great brawling match. Holly worked very stiffly in the match, though. Funaki vs. WWE prospect Ken Anderson was a great match. I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson on TV in the future. My only complaint was the matches were too short with too much focus on SmackDown!. Also, London's promo could have been done a lot better.