WWE War Games: WCW's Most Notorious Matches



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  • Season 1
    • Monday Nitro: September 4, 2000 - War Games 2000 Match
      A brainchild of controversial promoter Vince Russo, War Games 2000 featured a three tiered cage reminiscent of the film Ready to Rumble. Members of this star studded match would not only have to fight their way to the top of the structure to retrieve the hanging World Title, but also battle all the back to bottom of the cage to escape.moreless
    • Fall Brawl: September 13, 1998 - War Games Match
      In the first War Games Match in which pin falls are allowed, one Superstar will earn a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Will Team WCW or Team n.W.o Hollywood prove to be the more cohesive unit and launch one of its members toward the ultimate prize?
    • Fall Brawl: September 14, 1997 - War Games Match
      The legendary rivalry between the n.W.o and the Four Horsemen plays out inside the doublecage, with the next generation of Horsemen joining founding father, Ric Flair. Will the n.W.o play it straight, or does the ever-devious group have something up their sleeve?
    • Fall Brawl: September 15, 1996 - War Games Match
      The n.W.o has invaded WCW, turning the wrestling world on its ear. Now, WCW stalwarts must enter the Match Beyond and stand up to the poisonous faction. But can they trust every member of the team to be loyal to the cause?
    • Fall Brawl: September 17, 1995 - War Games Match
      The Hulkamaniacs take on the Dungeon of Doom. Though Hogan's stable featured four legendary performers, this match is best remembered for a giant interruption for the Hulkster.
    • Fall Brawl: September 18, 1994 - War Games Match
      The unlikely pairing of the Rhodes family and the boisterous Nasty Boys facing off against the rough-and-tumble Stud Stable led by future WWE Hall of Famers Terry Funk and Arn Anderson.
    • Fall Brawl: September 19, 1993 - War Games Match
      Future WWE Hall of Famer Booker T joins his partner and brother Stevie Ray in the cage to support the menacing Sid Vicious against a foursome led by the enigmatic Sting and the notorious Shockmaster.
    • WrestleWar: May 17, 1992 - War Games Match
      Two star studded alliances clash inside the infamous cage. Before he was Stone Cold, a young Steve Austin hones his brawling wrestling style as part of the Dangerous Alliance. The son of the War Games mastermind Dusty Rhodes, Dustin, aligns with Sting's Squadron.
    • WrestleWar: February 24, 1991 - War Games Match
      One of the most notorious War Games matches of all time, this classic battle features two of WCW's biggest stars of all time- Ric Flair and Sting. But the night is best remembered for a scary moment involving Brian Pillman and a vicious powerbomb inside the steel.
    • Great American Bash: July 16, 1988 - War Games Match
      The Four Horsemen are back inside the unforgiving cages as Nature Boy Ric Flair leads his stable against long time rival Dusty Rhodes and an all-star team including the powerful Lex Luger.
    • Great American Bash: July 31, 1987 - War Games Match
      The War Machine substitutes for Four Horsemen manager J.J. Dillon as the Horsemen continue their quest to decimate Dusty Rhodes and company inside the steel structure. Would this added fire power be enough for the Horsemen to ride off victorious?