WWF Excess

Season 1 Episode 1

8/25/01 (Guest: Triple H)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2001 on Spike TV
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8/25/01 (Guest: Triple H)

There wasn't really an opening montage. The "x" symbol spun around a while and then they aired a clip of the San Jose tag match where HHH got hurt. More "x" spinning and we're underway.

Jonathan Coachmen and Trish Stratus opened the show. The set was basically just three screens and a podium, kind of like the ones you see at awards shows. Trish and Coach were standing throughout the entire show. That sucks for them. They showed HHH in the green room putting on his knee brace. They aired clips of Steve Austin/Kurt Angle feud from SummerSlam and Raw, including most of the milk truck angle. Trish said Angle would be on the show later via telephone.

They showed most of the HHH Birmingham footage that we've seen a hundred times. HHH came out. Trish went for a hug, but he said he'd settle for a handshake since the last time they were that close he had a lamp thrown at his head. He said he thought he was shot at first, but then figured out that he had a torn quad. Said he'd probably be back in three months. Coach said the scar from the surgery was 12 inches, but HHH showed it and it wasn't near 12 inches.

Greg From Florida became a trivia note by being the first ever caller. He basically asked which side HHH was going to be on when he gets back. HHH said it didn't matter, because he was going to beat everybody to climb the ladder to the WWF title. Coach said they had gotten over 4,000 emails in the last hour. Coach asked if he had watched the San Jose match since the injury. HHH said he has, but it wasn't like a Joe Thesman or Sid Vicious leg break. Said the Walls of Jericho on the table looked worse. I still think they should have said that was what hurt him, but oh well. They aired clips of when Shane bought WCW. Coach asked about HHH's experience in WCW. HHH said that there was no way you could climb a ladder, because all of the old guys on time.

Michael in Baltimore called. Said "they" (the screeners) told him to change his question, but he was going to ask it anyway. Asked about Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner and the WCW guys. HHH said Nash was a good friend and a number of people including Nash were still "finishing up their stuff". Said he would like to see Nash come in along with all the other guys. Said it didn't matter who he faced, friend or foe, he was going to beat them on the way back to the top.

Clips of the WCW/ECW Alliance forming aired. HHH said Stephanie and Shane are doing the same thing Vince did when Vince went national and put all the territories out of business. Email from John Hayes asked about his thoughts on Stephanie & Test making up on Raw. He said Test better be nice to her because she's his boss, and he was coming back. They showed clips of Austin joining the Alliance. HHH said he did it to feed his starving ego. Email from xdawg@home.com asked what his career highlight was. He said retiring Mick Foley. Coach asked him what it meant to him to be WWF champion. HHH said the WWF title was the biggest prize in the business. Said some guys could handle it at the top and others can't. Said he could and Austin couldn't. Coach asked him what he thought of Austin's comments right after the injury. Said he'll see what happens when he gets back.

they aired the entire "Bodies" video with clips of Booker T vs. Rock from SummerSlam. HHH said he was impressed with both people in the match. Email asked if HHH if he had his sights set on Hollywood. Said if somebody pounds on his door with a truckload of money, then he would probably have to consider it. Said his #1 goal right now was to come back and get the WWF title back.

They aired clips of mini Booker T from Raw before airing almost all of the Rock & APA vs. Test & Rhyno & Booker T match from SmackDown.

Peter from CA called. Asked if he was worried about his leg having a bull's eye on it when he came back. HHH said it didn't matter if everybody went after it, because it will be 100%. Coach asked about Tough Enough and said three people left after HHH was on the show. HHH said had he known they were living in a nice house with a hot tub he would have been much worse on them. Email asked when he knew he was going to be a wrestler. HHH said he wanted to be one since he was a kid. Tough Enough clips aired. They had HHH pick the match for the "From the Vault" segment, in which they show a classic match. HHH picked the HHH vs. Rock WWF Title match from the first weekly SmackDown. Coach asked if he thought he could get back into as good shape as he was back then. HHH took his shirt off and did his water-spitting gimmick. He flexed and said if he looks this good now, then he'll look even better when he gets back. He said everybody should take off their shirts and tried to persuade Trish to take hers off. She didn't and neither did Coach. That concluded the interview.

They updated Jeff Hardy's condition after SmackDown. Said he had "extremely bruised ribs" from the missed Senton Bomb off the ladder.

Talked to Rob Van Dam on the phone. He said he liked hardcore matches because you got to see who could take more punishment.

Showed clips of Jeff Hardy riding a motorbike around his front hard and jumping things. He built a volcano and jumped that.

They aired the HHH vs. Rock match with Shawn Michaels as the ref from the 8/26/99 SmackDown.

They talked to Kurt Angle on the phone. Said his book comes out next month. Stephanie from Jersey asked how difficult it was coming from the Olympics to the WWF. He said he caught on real quick and learned real fast. Said amateur wrestling was the toughest sport in the world, but he was gotten hurt more in the two years he's been in the WWF then his entire amateur career. Coach asked what was the funniest thing was that has happened to him while being on the road. Angle said there was too many and he just loves the being with of the boys.

They aired clips of Stacy Keibler's Raw Magazine photo shoot.

They plugged Heat and next week's show with Tazz. Studio went dark and the show was over.


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