X Games - Season 15

ESPN Premiered Aug 04, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • X Games 15 Champions
    X Games 16 draws closer by the day as it gets ready to take over downtown Los Angeles. Prep your brain for another year of X-intake, or simply get up to speed with a refresher course on last year's X. This is X Games 15 Classix: Champions.
  • Slammed and Stomped
    Slammed and Stomped
    Episode 11
    Are you in the mood for some insane tricks and hard falls? If your answer is YES, then this X Games 15: Slammed and Stomped show is ready for YOU to view! The biggest names in Action Sports like Travis Pastrana, Danny Way, Ricky Carmichael, Jake Brown and so many others are featured in this show. The only question that remains is simple: Did they Stomp or Slam?moreless
  • Best of Motors
    Best of Motors
    Episode 10
    The roar of the engine rocked X Games 15 both on Motorcycles and in Rally Car Racing. The guys such as Todd Potter, Kyle Loza, Ricky Carmichael, Chris Ridgway, Blake Williams, Travis Pastrana, Josh Hansen and others brought the crowd. Yet it was a young lady named Ashley Fiolek who stole the show in this Best of Motors highlight.moreless
  • Best of Female Athletes
    This Best of Female Highlight profiles arguably the greatest story of this X Games 15. A young lady named Ashley Fiolek who is profoundly deaf was victorious in the Super X Women's Moto Competition. It truly was the best female performance of X Games 15
  • Best of Skate
    Best of Skate
    Episode 8
    This Best of Skate highlight showcases the very best performances in the skateboard competition at X Games 15. The rivalry in the Skateboard Big Air competition between Bob Burnquist and Jake Brown continued with both seeking gold. The Skateboard Big Air Rail Jam made its debut and some young guns named Rob Lorfice and Adam Taylor showed they are ready for the biggest skateboard stage. While the trio of Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston, and Adam Dyet ruled the day in Skate Street. The Best of Skate is waiting for you so grab your board and lets ride!moreless
  • Best of BMX
    Best of BMX
    Episode 7
    This highlight features a bunch of guys who love to ride a bicycle. However these guys named Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kagy, Dave Mirra, Allan Cooke, Diogo Canina, Daniel Dhers, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler and many others take that bicycle riding to an entire different level.
  • Big Air Rail Jam
    Big Air Rail Jam
    Episode 6
    This is the first year that the Big Air Rail Jam event has been featured in the X Games. A courageous Danny Way took home the gold medal defeating Bob Burnquist, Rob Lorifice, Adam Taylor and Andy Macdonald in the competition.
  • Day 4 Highlights
    Day 4 Highlights
    Episode 5
    The dust has settled, the ramps are being torn down and X Games 15 is in the books. However the final day of competition contained some Rally Car Racing for the ages and a Skateboard Park Final that rocked the crowd.
  • Day 3 Highlights
    Day 3 Highlights
    Episode 4
    X Games 15 produced absolute craziness and much gold on Day 3 as the BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboard Street, Moto X Super Moto, BMX Freestyle Vert, Moto X Super X, Skateboard Vert and the Moto X Freestyle competitions all decided who was the very best. The galaxy of stars came out such as Daniel Dhers, Mark Burkhart, Jeff Ward, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Jeremy McGrath, Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kagy, Ashley Fiolek, Jessica Patterson, Bucky Lasek, Blake Williams and others. However, some of those stars mentioned had a very tough day and let the gold medal dream vanish into the night.moreless
  • Day 2 Highlights
    Day 2 Highlights
    Episode 3
    The second night of X Games 15 brought out the star power as Kevin Robinson, Chad Kagy, and Dave Mirra went crazy on the bicycle in BMX Freestyle Big Air. Then it was time to bring out the motorcycles for Moto X Best Trick as Todd Potter, Blake Williams, Kyle Loza and Travis Pastrana had the crowd in a frenzy all night long.moreless
  • Day 1 Highlights
    Day 1 Highlights
    Episode 2
    X Games 15 possessed an unforgettable first day of competition as for the first time in history both Ronnie Renner and Ricky Carmichael tied for gold in Moto X Step Up. While Australian skateboarder Jake Brown erased the demons from a horrific fall he had back in 2007 and was able to edge rival Bob Burnquist to win his first gold medal in the Skateboard Big Air competition.moreless
  • 15 Greatest Moments
    X Games guru Sal Masekela counts down the 15 Greatest Moments in X Games history. This show contains a galaxy of stars featuring Shaun White, Tony Hawk, Carey Hart, Travis Pastrana, Mike Metzger, Jake Brown and many others who have left an imprint on the Action Sports world over the years.moreless