X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 8

Ascension (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 18, 2003 on The WB

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  • Evolution goes out in epic fashion !

    Apocalypse rises, and before I continue, I should first say that I love, love, love how he looks and how he's handled on Evolution. Both his Egyptian form and his "Blue" form look fantastic!

    Now, Professor X tries to reason with Apocalypse, who seemingly destroys he and Storm, similarly to the way he offed Magneto some episodes ago. But in perhaps the best reveal of the series (certainly the greatest twist ever) Apocalypse has converted the 3 mutants and Mystique (she's alive after all!) into his Four Horsemen! With greatly enhanced abilities, the X-Men gather as many in their ranks as they can; Nearly every major player appears, including the Brotherhood. Collossus and even Spyke return, but conspicuous by his absence is Gambit. wtf?) and split off into teams for a globally epic final battle against the world's first mutant. The action is fantastic, with highlights being Beserker facing off against Storm, Magneto manipulating the Sentinels, and especially Jean matching up against (a decidedly badass) Professor X in a fight on the Astral Plane!

    I admit they could have done even more (with Rogue or Scarlet Witch in particular), but Rogue is perfectly used to (as usual) deliver the final blow. A brief resolution with she and Nightcrawler against an apologetic Mystique is a bit underwritten, but the lead out- revealing the future of the X-men, most characters grown, including Phoenix Jean!!) Is A+ material- and I almost shed a tear! I'm sad to see this series end.
  • The final battle between the X-Men and the Apocalypse begins.

    This episode has got to be one of the best, if not the best episode so far. Everything that happens in it will impress you and leave you wanting more. The threat that has been mentioned or present in the last two and a half seasons, the Apocalypse, is here.
    The beginning is great, as the X-Men capture Mesmero and force him to say what Apocalypse plans to do. They are shocked to learn that Apocalypse plans to turn the entire world into mutants. Most of the humans probably won't survive the process. Xavier decides to travel to Egypt and reason with Apocalypse. He insists on going alone, but Storm comes as well. They arrive in Egypt, where they find Apocalypse has evolved, and his new impressive design really inspires fear. He seems more powerful, no more the weakling we have seen so far. And last but not least, he finally speaks, and his voice-actor does a great job.
    Xavier tries to reason with him, but Apocalypse won't listen. He merely waves his hand in the air and Xavier explodes in front of him (similar to how Magneto was destroyed in the season premiere, also by Apocalypse). Storm attacks, determined to avenge Xavier's death, but she too is destroyed by Apocalypse.
    At the Institute, the X-Men watch in terror what just happened and are shocked by Apocalypse's powers. Jean leaves the room crying, realizing that Xavier knew this would happen to him all along, but he still went. Cyclops tries to comfort her, and we get another one of those rare Jean/Scott moments.
    Wolverine decides it's time to attack before it's too late, and sends the others to gather as much help as they can. Nick Fury returns in this episode, introducing the new and improved Sentinels, now capable of fighting only Apocalypse. The plan is to destroy the energy spheres Apocalypse has created to protect his pyramids, and then enter them to destroy everything they find. Wolverine reluctantly agrees and accepts Fury's help.
    The teams are formed, and each one leaves for a certain destination. Apocalypse senses his spheres are under attack and creates his Four Horsemen, and the scene is amazing, as well as the background music used. Who are his Horsemen? None other than Xavier, Storm, Magneto and Mystique (how exactly did Mystique get there I'm not sure, but it adds a lot of emotion to the story).
    The final fight is about to begin, and after an introduction like this, the story can only get better.
  • The final battle, the final episode, and sadly just the dawn of the real action left in the limbo of our minds

    What a weird summary n o? Ok, Ascension is awesome, but when they said \"All the mutants\" I pictured Juggernaut fighting Xavier, or Forge making some artifacts of defense, Gambit Pyro and X-23 would been of help, not to mention if they manage to bring Moonstar Sabretoothor even Captain America, after all this was the night when all the future should be decided...
    But well taking that away 9it was a good episode, just no perfect. Emotive, complicated, with great action. Apocalypse looked awesome.
  • The Beginning of the end.

    It's amazing how far season 4 went. All of it's episodes were classics. Then came the series finale.

    Apocalypse finally reveals his master plan. He plans to awaken the dormant X gene in all humans to make everyone mutants. Xavier tries to reason with Apocalypse which only leads to a fight in which Storm and the Professor are obliterated. It's later revealed that Apocalypse has turnsed Xavier, Storm, Mystique, and Magneto into his horsemen

    After seeing this, the X-Men gather pretty much all of the mutants who's made an appearance in this series for one final assault againts Apocalypse.

    All I could say is wow. The whole episode was amazing. Every momment of it played with your emotions. You couldn't help but feel sad when Apocalypse obliterated Storm and Xavier. Then you probably were shocked when you saw Xavier, Magneto, Storm, and Mystique were Apocalypse's horsemen. And you couldn't help but be mad when the Brotherhood refused to help fight Apocalypse. And then there was ending. It was amazing how Wolverine recruited nearly every mutant in the Evolution universe.

    This is easily one the best episodes of the series. It's ending was what made it a classic.