X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 8

Ascension (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 18, 2003 on The WB

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  • Evolution goes out in epic fashion !

    Apocalypse rises, and before I continue, I should first say that I love, love, love how he looks and how he's handled on Evolution. Both his Egyptian form and his "Blue" form look fantastic!

    Now, Professor X tries to reason with Apocalypse, who seemingly destroys he and Storm, similarly to the way he offed Magneto some episodes ago. But in perhaps the best reveal of the series (certainly the greatest twist ever) Apocalypse has converted the 3 mutants and Mystique (she's alive after all!) into his Four Horsemen! With greatly enhanced abilities, the X-Men gather as many in their ranks as they can; Nearly every major player appears, including the Brotherhood. Collossus and even Spyke return, but conspicuous by his absence is Gambit. wtf?) and split off into teams for a globally epic final battle against the world's first mutant. The action is fantastic, with highlights being Beserker facing off against Storm, Magneto manipulating the Sentinels, and especially Jean matching up against (a decidedly badass) Professor X in a fight on the Astral Plane!

    I admit they could have done even more (with Rogue or Scarlet Witch in particular), but Rogue is perfectly used to (as usual) deliver the final blow. A brief resolution with she and Nightcrawler against an apologetic Mystique is a bit underwritten, but the lead out- revealing the future of the X-men, most characters grown, including Phoenix Jean!!) Is A+ material- and I almost shed a tear! I'm sad to see this series end.
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