X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 8

Ascension (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 18, 2003 on The WB

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  • The Beginning of the end.

    It's amazing how far season 4 went. All of it's episodes were classics. Then came the series finale.

    Apocalypse finally reveals his master plan. He plans to awaken the dormant X gene in all humans to make everyone mutants. Xavier tries to reason with Apocalypse which only leads to a fight in which Storm and the Professor are obliterated. It's later revealed that Apocalypse has turnsed Xavier, Storm, Mystique, and Magneto into his horsemen

    After seeing this, the X-Men gather pretty much all of the mutants who's made an appearance in this series for one final assault againts Apocalypse.

    All I could say is wow. The whole episode was amazing. Every momment of it played with your emotions. You couldn't help but feel sad when Apocalypse obliterated Storm and Xavier. Then you probably were shocked when you saw Xavier, Magneto, Storm, and Mystique were Apocalypse's horsemen. And you couldn't help but be mad when the Brotherhood refused to help fight Apocalypse. And then there was ending. It was amazing how Wolverine recruited nearly every mutant in the Evolution universe.

    This is easily one the best episodes of the series. It's ending was what made it a classic.
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