X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 9

Ascension (2)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 25, 2003 on The WB
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It all comes down to this, the final battle between The X-men and Apocalypse, can they save the world, and their friends?

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  • although it was great, i think i just want more... (mostly because i just dont want it to end!)

    so i love how relationships rekindle in this episode... but the whole evoultion thing was about high school right?? shouldnt the rest of the xmen finish high school?? and i want to figure out how mystique deals with the rejection of her kids... i just want to know more!!! i want to know if xaviers visions come true... or if the relationships...l for example. kitty and lance, rogue and gambit, or kurt and his girlfriend get or stay together? and also i want to know how xavier sees magneto becoming friends... since the other cartoons of xmen show nothing close to xaviers visions... i think xmen evolutin should continue and finish with these visions... and one more thing! i want to know if in xaviers visions, jean is being controlled by mezmero!!! I really dont want this to be the end of xmen evolution... maybe they can show, also, if apocolis escapes again...)moreless
  • This series was great

    This really was a great series.This series went out with a bang and when we saw the future.........i was so sad that jean had died.Scarlet Witch was so nice,strong,and brave in this episode and i liked how she went with kitty and the x-men.overall a good series and a good series finale and i hope they hav4e a good life.


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  • Evolution goes out in epic fashion!

    Apocalypse rises, and before I continue, I should first say that I love, love, love how he looks and how he's handled on Evolution. Both his Egyptian form and his "Blue" form look fantastic!

    Now, Professor X tries to reason with Apocalypse, who seemingly destroys he and Storm, similarly to the way he offed Magneto some episodes ago. But in perhaps the best reveal of the series (certainly the greatest twist ever) Apocalypse has converted the 3 mutants and Mystique (she's alive after all!) into his Four Horsemen! With greatly enhanced abilities, the X-Men gather as many in their ranks as they can; Nearly every major player appears, including the Brotherhood. Collossus and even Spyke return, but conspicuous by his absence is Gambit. wtf?) and split off into teams for a globally epic final battle against the world's first mutant. The action is fantastic, with highlights being Beserker facing off against Storm, Magneto manipulating the Sentinels, and especially Jean matching up against (a decidedly badass) Professor X in a fight on the Astral Plane!

    I admit they could have done even more (with Rogue or Scarlet Witch in particular), but Rogue is perfectly used to (as usual) deliver the final blow. A brief resolution with she and Nightcrawler against an apologetic Mystique is a bit underwritten, but the lead out- revealing the future of the X-men, most characters grown, including Phoenix Jean!!) Is A+ material- and I almost shed a tear! I'm sad to see this series end.moreless
  • The best episode of the X-Men: Evolution series sees the defeat of the Apocalypse and some flashes towards the future.

    The end is near, as all the X-Men, the members of the Brotherhood and some Morlocks fight the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The fight scenes are superb, and it's a shame we had to wait for the last episode to see such outstanding animation.

    Magneto was one of the hardest characters to be defeated (second only to Xavier), just like he was when he wasn't being controlled by Apocalypse. In addition to him being as tough as ever, he uses his powers to control a Sentinel that was sent by Fury in the previous episode. The visuals look amazing during these scenes and it's definitely better than any Magneto/X-Men fight the show offered until now.

    Xavier has to be the strongest of the Horsemen, and if I'm not mistaking, his role was supposed to be Death. Jean fights him with all her powers, but she is no match for him. An interesting and worth to mention note would be that when she creates a shield to protect her from Xavier's attacks, the shield took the form of a Phoenix (this the second hint that Jean will someday become the Phoenix, and a third hint will be seen later in this same episode).

    Storm's powers are being used better than ever, with strong visual effects when she launches lightning bolts or uses her other powers. I believe Spyke was sent on this mission for a reason, to try and convince his aunt to stop and remember who she really is. But I guess there's no reasoning with someone mind controlled by the Apocalypse.

    Wolverine, Cyclops and Nightcrawler must face Mystique, the last of Apocalypse's Horsemen, left behind to protect him. Wolverine admits that all the Horsemen got a power boost from Apocalypse, as well as Mystique. Which means that he won't be able to recognize her until it's too late. The fight begins, and Cyclops and Nightcrawler stay back to fight Mystique while Wolverine goes after Apocalypse.

    Rogue and Leech arrive as well, in a SHIELD helicopter, as they are part of Wolverine's plan. Leech uses his powers to turn off all energy in the pyramid, and Apocalypse is absorbed into his Eye of Ages and dissappears. Now, with Apocalypse gone, everything has returned to normal, but the question is: has Apocalypse been defeated? Wolverine hopes he got lost in the space time continuum. Very touching, but kind of sad is the scene after the battler, when Mystique, now free from under Apocalypse's control approaches Rogue and Nightcrawler to tell them she's sorry for everything she did to them. Rogue doesn't listen thinking she is lying again and leaves. A very sad scene.

    In the end, everyone has been reunited, and Xavier explains that he managed to enter Apocalypse's mind and he has seen the future. A couple of flashes follow, showing us what is to come. Most important is that another hint of the Phoenix saga happening is featured, as we see Jean literally turning into a Phoenix. Other flashes include the X-Men, all grown up and wearing new uniforms; the same goes for the members of the Brotherhood. Xavier's speech towards the end is impressive, and very touching. Sadly, this is the last episode, and we will never see if the Xavier's flashes will ever happen.

    This episode was perfect, and a perfect ending to such a great series as X-Men: Evolution. The entire show was great, starting slow from the first season, and ending with a finale like this. The series will be missed by many fans (myself included), because it only got this good during the last couple of episodes. Overall a perfect ending to an almost perfect series.moreless
  • Apocalypse stopped, and the x-men live on!!

    X-men evolution was not like many Cartoons, if you ask em it was more aimed for an older aduience, sadly im 16 now and i still enjoy the show, I feel the show could have done better and lasted longer if it was on lets say like Nickelodean or sumthing. X-men evolution was my frist realy favorite tv show. The series finale if you ask me would have made a great movie in real life, the story line was perfect for a realy movie in theaters with the cast of the X-men movies. It was a much stronger stroyline then X-men: The last Stand. Wich still was a great movie, dont get me wrong. All togther i love the X-men for all the reason anyone could. R.I.P X-men evoltuion =[.moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

Eric "Magneto" Magnus Lehnsherr

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow

Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Jean Grey

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde

Neil Denis

Neil Denis

Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the final group shot of the extended X-Men team, Tabitha (Boom Boom) is wearing the outfit she wore in "Walk on the Wild Side" (episode 2-13)

    • Nightcrawler's reaction to Mystique does not fit well with everything he said and did throughout this season.

    • If Apocalypse could see the future, why didn't he see he would lose against the X Men? Why did he bother at all?

    • While Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Wolverine are walking down the steps of the Sphinx, Wolverine's belt is black and red. But in the next scene, it's back to its normal color.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Xavier: (final line of the series) Thanks to you all, we have averted catastrophe. It was not without its price, however. But steel is forged through fire, and like it we have been made stronger. We are prepared for what the future brings. I know this, because I have glimpsed into the mind of Apocalypse. Many challenges still await us. But I have seen some who were our enemies become friends. And with a heavy heart, I saw the dearest of friends become the most terrible of enemies. I saw my X-Men grow and change and of course, I saw that some people never change. But one thing was clear, that no matter what awaits us, terrible or wondrous... my X-Men will always be there, ready. And of that, I am proud.

    • Mystique: Rogue. Kurt. I just want you to know that the things I did... all the things I did... were because I...
      Kurt: Save it, Mystique.
      Rogue: Even you don't believe your excuses, so just...leave us alone.

    • Kurt: You did it Rogue. The girl who shut herself off from the world just saved it.

    • Scott: Do you think Apocalypse was stopped in time?
      Wolverine: We cut it pretty close, but yeah.

    • Rogue: Where'd it go?
      Wolverine: I don't know. Hopefully it just fell through the cracks of time. Never to be seen again.
      Rogue: For some reason I don't think we'll be that lucky.

    • Rogue: You've used us for the last time.

    • Wolverine: You ain't so tough without your powers, are ya?

    • Jean: Sorry Professor, but I have to do this.

    • Kitty: Wanda! You're going to have to forget he's your father or we're going to lose this!

    • Wolverine: Apocalypse is amplifying her powers, so she could be standing right next to us and I wouldn't know it.

    • Wanda: Father! Why are you doing this?!
      Kitty: That's not your father, at least not anymore.

    • Spyke: Don't hurt her! She's a victim in this, just like we are!

    • Wolverine: Everything you've ever learned about yourselves, your strengths, and your limits... it all comes down to this very moment. We're the world's last, best hope to stop this madman.

    • Wolverine: So we're going to trash those pyramids any way we can! No matter who we gotta go through to do it.

    • (Magneto falls from the sky and Toad screams)
      Toad: Hey, we won!

    • Toad: Did we win?
      Quicksilver: Don't you ever learn?
      Toad: Oh, that's right. We never win.

  • NOTES (21)

    • Sabretooth is the only mutant that did not appear in the series finale.

    • Havok finally joined the X-Men.

    • Wanda's and Pietro's future are influenced by their Ultimate X-Men Counterparts. They are agents of the Ultimates, a special team under SHIELD.

    • Like Static Shock, which got cancelled in May 2004, this series had only 52 episodes and 4 seasons.

    • Unlike the last series, Xavier didn't die in the series finale.

    • These characters were all in the picture of the X-Men at the end of the episode:

      Angel, Wolfsbane, Berserker, Magma, Iceman, Multiple, Cannonball, Jubilee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Spyke, Cyclops, Jean, Rogue, Gambit, Sunspot, Havok, Boom-Boom, Storm, Xavier, Wolverine, Shadowcat, X23, and Beast.

    • Xavier has the last line in the series.

    • Nightcrawler looks a lot like he did in the X-2 prequel comics.

    • Gambit, Wolfbane, Jubilee, and X23 return at the end of the episode. They all have no dialogue, though.

    • Series Finale.

    • The coat that Rogue was wearing in the future resembled the coat that Gambit wears.

    • The older X-Men look the same except for X23, Colosuss and Storm. And Shadowcat and Iceman are slightly taller.

    • Despite all the images of the X-Men of the future, Wolverine doesn't appear in them at all.

    • Though Scarlet Witches' (aka Wanda's) memories of Magneto were erased, she still went to fight him.

    • If you look carefully as Jean and Professor X are fighting psychically, she makes a shield. When the Professor comes at her at full force, she powers up, and the shield she created takes the form of a Phoenix.

    • Xavier's visions of the future are as follows:
      1) Anti-mutant demonstrations on Capitol Hill;
      2) Magneto training the New Mutants: Wolfsbane, Jubilee, Cannonball, Magma, Multiple and Sunspot. Boom Boom is not with them;
      3) Jean becoming the Dark Phoenix;
      4) Adult versions of the X-Men, with uniform designs very similar to the "Ultimate X-Men" comic. The roster includes Iceman, Colossus, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, X23, Storm and Rogue (who flies in). Jean is conspicuously absent;
      5) Adult versions of the Brotherhood: Avalanche, Pyro, Toad, Scarlet Witch, Blob and Quicksilver, all agents of SHIELD. Perhaps the formation of Freedom Force...
      6) Bastion leading a fleet of Sentinels;
      7) An extended X-Men team, including Gambit, Colossus, X23, Angel, Boom Boom and Spyke.
      At no point do we see Apocalypse, Legion, Leech, Mystique or Danielle Moonstar.
      The visions appear to be following a linear pattern: anti-mutant sentiment brings about a renewed Sentinel program, with Bastion at its head. The fact that Jean manifests the Phoenix and does not appear with the adult X-Men in the next shot could indicate her fate.

    • Berzerker's powers become more advance than ever before.

    • Rahne and Jubilee come back as new recruits.

    • At the end, Gambit had his arm around Rogue. They also showed Rogue flying (hinting that she fully absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers).

    • If you look carefully when Jean hugged the Professor he says "Thank you, Jean" you can see he looks at her in a strange way, likely because of what he saw of her in the future.

    • At the end when Prof. X is talking to everybody who fought the battle, Leech, Havok, and Colossus are not there.