X-Men: Evolution

Season 3 Episode 11

Dark Horizon (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Aug 09, 2003 on The WB
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As Jean´s and Scott´s graduation day approaches, Rogue suddenly begins acting strangely. After crossing Magneto, the X-Men and Acolytes team up to stop the coming of Apocylapse.

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  • Rogue does it again! Muahaha!

    LOL!. Okay, so after waxing poetic about how much I loved seeing Rogue go nuts with all her abilities back in Self Posessed, an act that had her sidelined for the next 3 episodes, she's finally feeling better and out and about. Then, BAM! She's steeling everyone's powers again, dropping mutants left and right! She's just too powerful! This time around, she's under mind control, so the difference is she knows exactly what she's doing- moving like an unstoppable force taking down everyone who stands in her way. LOVE. IT.

    Also, graduation is rolling around, and now that Jean and Cyclops are together, they are trying to make plans for the future.moreless
  • The X-men and Magneto's acolytes form an unlikely alliance to stop the resurrection of Apocalypse.

    This episode serves only as an introduction for the next part, but it is a great episode nonetheless. The events that lead up to the conclusion of this first part are all superbly animated and sort of touching, especially the last day of high school for the younger X-Men. I suppose most fans of this show who are a "little" older (like me) remember that day. Principal Kelly's speech is impressive but however cut short by Magneto's appearance on the school field. Earlier in the episode, Rogue is being mind controlled by Mesmero (just like he did with Jean and Gambit earlier on the show), to attack both the members of the Brotherhood and Magneto's acolytes and absorb their powers. Why? Because he believes she is the third key, the one that will awaken the Apocalypse. Mystique reluctantly accepts to help Mesmero, just to be sure her daughter is safe. Confronted by Magneto, Rogue runs away together with Mesmero.

    The X-men and Magneto's acolytes are forced to form an unlikely alliance, seeing that alone they would be no match for Apocalypse or his servants. While most of them travel to Egypt to research Apocalypse's pyramid and learn how to stop him, Wolverine, Gambit and Sabretooth leave to rescue Rogue from Mesmero. Back in Egypt, inside the pyramid, Beast deciphers some of the hieroglyphs and learns the origin of En Sabah Nur, the Apocalypse. Suddenly, the walls collapse and the X-Men are divided, and all the statues of Egyptian gods come to life and attack them...

    Overall a great episode, but not as good as the second part. It's still enjoyable though, and one must watch it to fully understand the next episode.moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

Eric "Magneto" Magnus Lehnsherr

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow

Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Jean Grey

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde

Neil Denis

Neil Denis

Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis


Guest Star

Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Nick Furry

Recurring Role

Matt Hill (III)

Matt Hill (III)

Alex Summers/Havok

Recurring Role

Bill Switzer

Bill Switzer


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • During the whole time the X-Men and Magneto's team are in the Pyramid, Pietro isn't there, but he appears in part 2.

    • When Rogue absorbed Sabretooth, why didn't she grow hair and fangs like in "Spykecam"?

    • When Rogue first went into the car, no one opened the door. There was no Mystique, and it couldn't have been Mesmero.

    • In the beginning, Kitty was caught by Rogue in Scott's room. She was in her own room when she woke up.

    • It's raining outside, why didn't Rogue get wet?

    • Magneto, some of the brotherhood, and the acolytes crash the graduation (Blob, Gambit, Pyro, Toad, Sabertooth and Colossus) then the next time they are seen, there is only Blob, Gambit, Sabertooth and Colossus. Pyro and Toad are no where to be seen. Then later Toad is back. Pyro still remains missing, even from the back view of them when they show Mesmero.

    • The car Wolverine and Sabertooth were searching didn't have a license plate.

    • Kurt and Kitty got hurt by the flying chairs (yet no one else did). How come Kitty didn't phase through all of the chairs about to hit her? How come Kurt didn't teleport or use his acrobatics to dodge them?

    • There seems to be constant errors at the very end of the episode concerning who exactly went along for the trip. Either that or the animators have a hard time drawing everybody in the same panel. In the Blackbird while they are traveling we see Cyclops, Beast, Xavier, Storm, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler all seated with four of Magneto's spheres following the jet. On the ground we see Jean has now appeared, and later in the tomb we catch a quick glimpse of Iceman. The only members of the Brotherhood/Acolytes team present seem to be Colossus and Pyro along with Magneto, though Quicksilver is apparently around somewhere.

    • Rogue is somehow able to absorb Colossus' power by touching him while in his metal form. In the comics, as long as Colossus was in his metal form, Rogue couldn't absorb his powers.

    • During the scene where Wolverine, Sabertooth and Gambit were at the Airport, we see Gambit looking at the radar and you can clearly see that his eyes weren't their usual red on black but a normal set with the white of the eye showing.

    • When Rogue went after the Acolytes, she first absorbed Colossus's powers. He was still in metal form when she dragged him across the room before absorbing the others. When she left their hangout, Colossus, still unconscious is seen in human form. Lying next to him is Pyro, whose uniform is mostly a reddish tone instead of the usual shades of orange and yellow.

    • Prior to the opening scene of this episode, clips from "Mindbender", "Self-Possessed", and "Under Lock and Key" played in order to set up what was going to happen. In regard to the latter, Magneto's voice sounded very different from those clips compared to the previous episode itself. It didn't seem to sound like Christopher Judge (who voices Magneto in this series) at all.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kurt: Ow ah...five more minutes?
      Kitty: Come on,we're missing the last day of school!
      Kurt: No way!

    • Professor Xavier: Magnus, explain yourself.
      Magneto: The girl is under Mesmero's control, Charles. She attacked us, absorbing our powers and use his powers to cover it up.
      Professor Xavier: What prove do you have?
      Magneto: My suvillian's camera, they show it all!

    • Kelly: We can prevail,we can- Oh no!
      (Magneto and company shows up)
      Scott: And there goes graduation

    • Gambit: Bravo, cherie. Looks to me like Rogue's up to no good. But, hey, I like that in a girl. Only thing is you're not alone in this, are you? Who's behind it, Mystique? I think so. Question is, why?
      Rogue: See if you can guess.

    • Jean: It's kinda sad, isn't it? I mean, after today we're done here forever.
      Scott: Good ridance.
      Jean: Oh, come on. You can't tell me don't have at least some good memories.
      Scott: Let's just say I won't be buying the yearbook.
      Jean: Are you ever gonna lighten up?
      Scott: Yeap, one minute after graduation tomorrow. I can't wait.
      Kelly: Let's assure that the feeling is mutual.
      Jean: Principal Kelly.
      Kelly: Understand this you two: I want this year end on a good note. Some of the students here have earned that, so the tomorrow ceremony will be free of any mutant mustier. Got it?
      Scott: Just have our diplomas ready and we'll be out of your way.

    • Toad: (as Rogue is about to touch him) I always hate this part!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Rogue kisses Gambit to absorb his power. This is an allusion to their relationship in the comics and the FOX cartoon series.

    • Apocalypse's true name, En Sabath Nur, was given to him in the comics by a raider who noticed Apocalypse's power. Because of this, Apocalypse's name is roughly translated from Egyptian to English: En Sabath Nur- The First One.

    • The Blob is watching a loosely-disguised version of The Powerpuff Girls on TV.

    • This is the first time the X-Men, the Brotherhood and the Acolytes all fight on the same side. The latter two fought against Magneto's new recruits in "Day of Reckoning".