X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 7

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 11, 2003 on The WB

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  • I weird one, but Kitty's connection with Moonstar really resonates.

    The woman who voices Shadowcat should be commended for her excellent work as Kitty Pryde. One of the reasons she's my favorite character on this show is because of the liveliness of her character. Never has she been more earnest than here, where she meets a new friend, Danielle Moonstar, a Native American she found abandonded in a canyon.

    Kitty goes so far as to bring Daniel home and she even tries to be a part of the team- but her ability to create illusions is a liability, and the next day she disappeared. Was Shadowcat dreaming? Is she going crazy? The remainder of the episode falls into a procedural, as she and Nightcrawler try to uncover the mystery. Very different from other X-Men eps, but the emotion and connection between the two girls comes across very well. Cool guest role by Moonstar and her power.
  • A good episode, but a little confusing.

    This episode introduces yet another character, Danielle Moonstar (Mirage from the comics, as I'm sure a lot of fans know). The episode acts as a tribute to classic horror films, and the "worst nightmares" are impressive. Not very scary, but the animation looks great. One can really notice how good the animation has gotten on this show, compared to the first season.
    The story is confusing, if you don't realize that most of this episode is a dream sequence. And it's not easy to notice this, at least not the first time you'll watch the episode. So, in the beginning, Kitty crashes with her bike in the canyons, and everything that follows is only a dream (or a nightmare, really). A smart move was to alternate the dream sequences with stuff that actually happens, like Wolverine's and Sam's (Cannonball) race through the canyons. The scenery is superb, this episode being one of the few that don't take place in the Bayville area. A change of scenery is always nice, and animated like this it's really superb.
    Towards the end, everything is explained, how much was real and how much was only a dream. Sure, some questions are left unanswered, but it's all good.
    An enjoyable episode, but a bit confusing at times.
  • Great episode, especially for Shadowcat and Moonstar (Mirage) fans.

    In this episode we are introduced to Danielle Moonstar, one of the comics New Mutans.
    After a accident Kitty is dream-connected with lost girl named Dani. When other X-men tell her she is imagining things and refuse to belive her, she depends only on herself and her powers to find Dani and prove everyone that she is telling true.
    Evolution Dani is young scared girl with power to create images of peoples greatest fears, and her greatest fear is not being accepted for what she is. She saves Kitty's life in her dream and become connected to Kitty in hope Kitty can rescue her.
    In this episode we also see more of a relationship between Kitty and Kurt, who although does not belive Kitty, tries to help her. He is really a true friend.