X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 7

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 11, 2003 on The WB

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  • I weird one, but Kitty's connection with Moonstar really resonates.

    The woman who voices Shadowcat should be commended for her excellent work as Kitty Pryde. One of the reasons she's my favorite character on this show is because of the liveliness of her character. Never has she been more earnest than here, where she meets a new friend, Danielle Moonstar, a Native American she found abandonded in a canyon.

    Kitty goes so far as to bring Daniel home and she even tries to be a part of the team- but her ability to create illusions is a liability, and the next day she disappeared. Was Shadowcat dreaming? Is she going crazy? The remainder of the episode falls into a procedural, as she and Nightcrawler try to uncover the mystery. Very different from other X-Men eps, but the emotion and connection between the two girls comes across very well. Cool guest role by Moonstar and her power.