X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 7

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 11, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When the rocks fell in front of Kitty, why didn't she just phase through them?

    • After Moonstar walks out of Prof. X's room, and pass Kitty. Her X Pad goes from red X, black background, to black X, red background. But then a few seconds later it goes back to the way it was before.

    • The miles of canyons, cliffs, and desert terrain that we see in this story look nothing like anything we've seen anything near Bayville and the Xavier Institute. Moonstar's grandfather is wearing clothing closer to those worn by Southwest Indian tribes as well.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Wolverine's fear: To be in the adamantium experiment again.
      Storm's fear: Small spaces and being stuck in a small box with no way out.
      Professer X's fear: The Sentinel assaulting a unexpected on the Mansion and picking him up.

    • Of the 9 main New Mutants from the comics (Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, Karma, Wolfsbane, Magma, Magik, Cypher, and Warlock), only Cypher has not appeared in either X-Men cartoon. Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) appeared in this episode, and Sunspot, Magma, Cannonball, and Wolfsbane have been recurring characters. Cannonball and Wolfsbane also appeared in the 1992 series (Cannonball in "Night of the Sentinals", "Repo Man", and "Hidden Agenda", while Wolfsbane appeared in "Cold Comfort" with the rest of X-Factor). Magik (Illyana Rasputin) appeared as a child in "Red Dawn". Karma was seen briefly in "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse", and Warlock met Beast in "The Phalanx Covenant", parts 1 & 2.

    • Dani has the same nationality as Forge.

    • Jean, Kurt, and Kitty are all afraid of their powers going awry. This marks the second appearence of those dinosaur monsters from the "bamf" dimension.

    • Maggie Blue O'Hara, who voices Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), gets to say part of her name in this episode. When Kitty looks for the Moonstar residence in the phone book, she says it's at 760 Maggie Blue Road.

    • Dani was born in Boulder, Colorodo and her parents are William and Peg Lonestar.

    • Dani Moonstar is a Northern Cheyenne Indian.

    • Based on the conclusion of this episode, it is unlikely that Dani actually joined the New Mutants, but will remain an ally and a possible future student, like Forge and Angel.

    • Dani Moonstar (codename Psyche, then Mirage) was one of the five original New Mutants in the comics, which included: Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Karma.

    • In the comic, Danielle's grandfather was an old friend of Xaviers. Danielle was also the second leader of the New Mutants (after Karma) a title she shared with Cannonball. When she was transported to Asgard by Loki, she found and rescued a pegasus of the Valkyrie herd. The pegasus bonded with Danielle, making her a Valkyrie and giving her the powers that come with the title. Later in that storyline, she battle the Norse Goddess, Hela, for Wolverine's soul.

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