X-Men: Evolution

Season 4 Episode 7

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 11, 2003 on The WB



  • Notes

    • Of the 9 main New Mutants from the comics (Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, Karma, Wolfsbane, Magma, Magik, Cypher, and Warlock), only Cypher has not appeared in either X-Men cartoon. Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) appeared in this episode, and Sunspot, Magma, Cannonball, and Wolfsbane have been recurring characters. Cannonball and Wolfsbane also appeared in the 1992 series (Cannonball in "Night of the Sentinals", "Repo Man", and "Hidden Agenda", while Wolfsbane appeared in "Cold Comfort" with the rest of X-Factor). Magik (Illyana Rasputin) appeared as a child in "Red Dawn". Karma was seen briefly in "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse", and Warlock met Beast in "The Phalanx Covenant", parts 1 & 2.