X-Men: Evolution

Season 2 Episode 9

On Angel's Wings

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Dec 15, 2001 on The WB
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Xavier starts worrying about the existence of mutants becoming public knowledge when the media starts reporting multiple sightings of a man with angel wings. With most of the X-Men on Christmas leave, and Cerebro down for repairs, Scott and Rogue are left having to track the man down themselves.moreless

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  • "On Angel's Wings"--a great Christmas episode for a great show. It's inspirational and just might leave you wondering if maybe angels really are real.

    Note: This review is thorough, so though I won't repeat the jokes, if you haven't/can't watch this episode, you'll catch the gist of it here. In a word, spoiler.

    "On Angel's Wings" is one of those Christmas episodes you don't mind watching more than once. It may seem silly to some, all those people really believing that there is an angel out there to save them. But in the romantic spirit of Christmas, it's perfect--and this episode instantly became my favorite when I saw it.

    All of the students at the Xavier Institute were going home for the holidays--all, that is, except Scott and Rogue, who had nowhere to go. And with nothing to do around the Institute but sit around playing chess and helping Professor X and Beast upgrade Cerebro, it was looking to be a quiet--and dull--Christmas. At least it did, before a mysterious winged man saved a disabled woman from a burning building.

    When news that this woman had been saved by an angel began to spread, more stories began to appear, like a mugging thwarted by an angel. But while Scott and much of the general public were inclined to believe there's a celestial being at work, Professor X feared that this angel is really a mutant, and if they don't do something, the world will find that out.

    Rogue was going crazy shut up in the Institute--so she and Scott set off to find this angel and see if they could recruit him. They went and spoke with all the people who reported angel sightings--but no luck. Taking a breather in a cafe, Scott revealed a bit more about his past--how he believed for years after the plane crash that Alex was still alive, with a guardian angel watching over him. And now that he'd found Alex again, he had to wonder... maybe someone really was looking out for them after all.

    Hanging out in a music store, they then discovered there'd been another angel sighting--with pictures to back it up. There was an accident on the Brooklyn Bridge, and the angel saved a young family from falling off in their vehicle. But unbeknownst to any of the characters, Magneto had showed up, not only causing the accident, but making Angel accidentally knock the little girl he had just saved back into the water! Angel flew down to rescue her, but she still hit the water, and ended up in the hospital.

    So Scott and Rogue went to the hospital where the little girl was. Rogue spotted the winged man, but accidentally frightened him off. Unfortunately, the place in which he sought refuge proved to be dangerous, as Magneto showed up in the church where he had fled to. But as Angel, or rather, Warren Worthington III, was unwilling to join Magneto's "club for freaks and weirdos," Magneto resorted to force to bring Angel with him--making it look like a real battle between an angel and a demon was going on inside that church. But just as Magneto trapped Angel in the chain of the chandelier, Cyclops and Rogue came to the rescue. A great battle ensued (during which Magneto proceeded to wreck apart much of the church) until Rogue started absorbing his powers. Magneto flew off, and Rogue followed him. But her absorbed powers began to fade, and as Magneto was hurling big chunks of nearby buildings at her, she started to fall.

    And Angel caught her.

    In the next scene, Scott and Rogue were talking to Warren about going to the Institute and meeting Professor Xavier. Warren seemed reluctant, and then they hear a doctor come out and tell the injured little girl's parents that she had awoken, and will be fine. The three mutants followed, and watched the girl and her parents reunited, when the little girl spoke some of the words that made this episode great.

    "I saw him again, in my dreams."

    "Saw who, sweetheart?"

    "My angel. He came to see me."moreless
  • This is one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    In a special holiday episode, X-Men cleverly incorporates William Worthington III to touch on the spirit of the season. Angel is no subtle metaphor, but I still loved the way he and his meaning were used in "On Angel's Wings."

    Most of the students go home for the holidays; how about that? And Kitty is Jewish! This is the best example of basing the show in a relatable real world that they've ever done. The family-less Rogue and Cyclops get to spend time together (well developed) and Magneto even re-appears. This might be the best episode of X-Men Evolution ever made.moreless
  • An episode that's all about Christmas spirit and of course, angels. Really inspiring, a great episode to watch.

    All my life, I have always wondered if angels are real, are they really out there, watching, protecting us. After watching this episode about a guy who was gifted with beautiful white wings, who spends his life saving people who is in need of his assistance, I was speechless. As this episode was set during the Christmas season, it occured to me that no matter if your an angel or just some guy with wings or just a normal human being, there's nothing more important than family and you should try to help who ever you can. Not for a reward of money, but just to help and be happy that someone out there is safe in the loving and caring hands of somebody special.moreless
  • This Christmas episode makes me wonder if angels really exist.

    A great episode in the spirit of Christmas.

    It's a perfect ocasion to introduce the Angel on the show, especially because miracles happen on Christmas Eve.

    Rogue and Scott meet the Angel and help him escape from Magneto.

    The last scenes of the episode reveal what the other X-Men are doing on Christmas Eve: most of the students have gone to visit their families, Logan is playing pool in some bar and Xavier and Beast stay back at the Institute.

    Merry Christmas to all!moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

Eric "Magneto" Magnus Lehnsherr

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow

Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Jean Grey

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde

Neil Denis

Neil Denis

Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Mark Hildreth

Mark Hildreth


Guest Star

Chiara Zanni

Chiara Zanni


Guest Star

Alexandra Carter

Alexandra Carter


Guest Star

Matt Hill (III)

Matt Hill (III)

Alex Summers/Havok

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In religious ceremony, even unreligious Jews wear Kippa or hat on their head. Carmen Pryde, Kitty's father, doesn't wear anything on his head during the lighting of Chanukah's candles.

    • How did Kurt's foster parents know it was him if he spent his childhood with them blue and furry?

    • In the scene in which the students are being driven away to their families (except Scott and Rogue), one of the two cars is being driven by Berzerker.

    • When Scott and Rogue are in the hospital the first time, you see that Rogue has no gloves on. A bit later, she has them on and they're light brown. The next time we see them they're black.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (after Angel saved a drowning girl)
      Magneto: (in disguise) It's his fault! He pushed the girl down the river!
      Guy: Yeah, hey this guy's no angel! He's just some kind of freak!

    • (Kurt dangles mistletoe over Kitty's head and puckers up)
      Kitty: Kurt! In your dreams!
      Kurt: All in the holiday spirit.
      Kitty: Kurt, knock it off!
      Kurt: Come on, Kitty, just one little kiss? Pleeeaasssse?
      Xavier: Ahh... to be young again.
      Logan: Yeah, glad that's over.

    • Magneto: (To Angel) Do you realize what a wonderful gift you have? You can fly... you can do what everyone else dreams about.

  • NOTES (7)

    • In addition to the Stark Enterprise building, the Chrysler Building (home of Crime Central on the 1994 Spider-Man animated series) is also seen during the duel.

    • When the X-Students have their farewell party early in the episode, the music sounds like a jazz version of "Good King Wenceslas".

    • Angel's wings appear to be attached along a longer expanse of his back than in previous representations, which seems logical, giving him more sail than if the only attachment is at the wingbone.

    • During Rogue and Magneto's magnetic "dog fight," they pass by a massive skyscraper with the letters SE lit up. The SE stands for Stark Enterprises, an Iron Man reference.

    • Though Scott invites Warren to join the X-Men, Warren turns them down. In comic canon, Angel was one of the original five members of the team.

    • A bystander is seen reading The Daily Bugle, the newspaper which Peter Parker/Spider-Man does freelance photography work for.

    • Kitty is shown lighting a Menorah in the ending montage, establishing that she is Jewish.