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  • Season

    So yes I get it this version of X Men is directly aimed at a younger audience but lord it is very tweenage indeed. There are moments of glory, good writing and a fairly decent plot arc. What I found hardest to digest were all the filler moments and dull character introductions. The portrayal of Jean is not shaping up to well for me as she comes across as pretty dumb at times and very eager to try keep the silly jock (I forget his name) happy whilst snubbing Scott. Also Kitty & Spyke are very irritating. I like Rogue, Cyclops, Prof X and the very underused Storm. Wolverine is just a poor imitation of the 90's cartoon version imo, a little watered down also. I am going to keep perceiving with the show as I have heard some good things about it. I just need to learn to stomach all the teenage nonsense in-between lol, well I am in my 30's now and really over teenage angst lol. Hoping the 2nd season shapes up a bit stronger.
  • Best X Men Animation

    This show is all around great,from the characters to the of the characters have great backstories and are developed perfectly. Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Kitty are my favorite characters. The episodes are great with exciting stories and a good balance of action and humor. Definitely recommend watching if you are an X Men fan.
  • Love this show!

    I've only seen 2 eps of this so far, but I adore it! Kitty is so cute! <3
  • Why do people hate show?

    It's a "reimagining" not a remake or reboot. The main premise of X-Men is that they are misunderstood characters trying to fit into normal society. most high schoolers. All the characters were given good back stories and many of them had actual development.

    Stop comparing it to the 90's show, the movies, or the comics. It is a stand alone show targeted to teens and younger audiences. Objectively X-Men: Evolution was a pretty solid show that still holds up.

  • A good idea of a reboot ruined by a bad premise

    The only things good about X-men Evolution is the animation, voice-acting and character development. The thing that ruins the show is the premise. Since it was released after Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie, it would have meant the series would just be like the movie as Batman TAS was to Tim Burton's Batman movies. This show was butchered by de-aging characters. The X-Men are now teens attending High School. Srsly, High School. Than what's the use of them going to Xavier's institute if they get to go too Public High School anyway.
  • Pretty decent start (I'm used to early 90s one)

    3 ep (12, 14) LIBRARY
  • My review about this show

    This series has great sound mixing in 2000 and sound editing in 2002
  • It is the X-Men universe totally expanded into a show that takes their lives and puts them in a teenage setting.

    I would do anything to bring this show back. I love it with all of my heart because it is the best show around. It is a shame that it was cancelled and if it was brought back for a 5th season I would be even more of a faithful watcher.
  • A great beginning and a great end

    X-Men: Evolution was perhaps, the best animated portrayal of the X-Men to date. The effects all seemed real (as real as a cartoon can be), and the plot for the show was superb. Towards the end of the third season, however, the show started to lose its luster. Several of the fourth season episodes lacked in plot and interest. But by the end, with the series finale, the show pulled itself back up. The ending was good, because, even though Apocalypse was destroyed, new doors had been opened for them to become real heroes, as they do in the comics. All in all X-Men: Evolution was a superb show.
  • This show is awesome.

    X-Men evolution will always have a special place in my heart because it rescued me from having to watch television that was absolute stupidity in my early days. Back when saturday night television meant being bored out of your skull, I could always count on x-men evolution to serve up just the right amoount of action, laughs, and mystery. Though it deviates from the comics a lot (to my knowledge, the comics never even touched the concept of the founding x-men in their teen years with professor x), x-men evolution is still, in my opinion, one of the best introductory animated superhero shows that a kid can watch and I think that another season should have been produced.
  • It brought out the best in the characters, the greatest portraying and use of each one.

    X-Men: Evolution, one of my favourite animated TV series of all time. Characters like Cyclops and Storm were the best they'd ever been. Though characters like Rogue could have used a little more spark and energy, it was still brilliant. The show is set at the teen years of the X-Men students, more easily pro-set as a prequel to the original X-Men animated series. Everything about the show, the graphics, effects, plots, choice of characters, brilliant. Though many may not share my enthusiasm, though many might. But it would be hard to argue that Magneto and Storm weren't portrayed as the Gods they are. Absolutely fantastic use.
    That's all I got to say about this masterpiece of work.
  • What an abysmal series - How do you go from the amazing original X-Men TAS to Evolution without wanting to crawl up inside yourself and die? Rehashed TAS episodes, awful use of characters, dumbed down plot lines, cliched dialog -- a complete devolution.

    When you have a barometer like 1994's X-Men cartoon series to gauge the next incarnation, it helps provide you with an idea of what a television series can do with the material.

    X-Men TAS's powerful emotional moments like Rogue's permanent theft of Miss Marvel's powers and putting her into an eternal slumber, tricked by her mother Mystique -- are completely absent.

    Cool plot lines like Bishop and Cable's time-travelling to the past and fighting Apocalypse in the future (with glimpses of an old Magneto fighting off the machine race) are nowhere to be found.

    But the show is quick to rehash episodes like the Juggernaut assaulting the Mansion for posterity's sake, albeit minus half the back story or emotional attachment that helps explain his character -- and lacking the subtlety of a later episode where he leaves without a fight to show appreciation in his own way. Every Juggernaut episode in Evolution ends with him being put in some lame stasis prison.

    How you fail to provide entertainment with such a rich X-men history is beyond me -- even without cherry-picking great story threads from TAS.

    Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Spiderman TAS -- they've all drawn from their respective back catalogues and provided great series -- so I don't know what Evolution's excuse is.

    The only interesting episode was Rogue acquiring everyone's power and using them in conjunction -- that was cool as hell.

    Smart and topically interesting episodes like mutants wanting to get an operation to become normal again (instead being enslaved by Apocalypse) are replaced by mysterious CGI-rainbow powers that Apocalypse uses in the final episode to enslave his 4 horsemen.

    Magneto is portrayed as a blunt idiot rather than a calculating mastermind. Wonderful character-building that delves into his friendship with Professor X in TAS when in the prehistoric world hidden in Antarctica are conspicuously absent.

    The incredibly interesting Sentinel/Senator Kelley and anti-mutant sentiment paralleling things like apartheid shown in 1994's X-Men are mangled beyond recognition resulting in Kelley being a school principal and a bigot and the Sentinels looking stupid and underutilized.

    The premise of the whole show is stupid, but I hesitate to criticize that because I'm open to fresh interpretation for a new generation, but given all the 9's and 10's given to this show clearly people are unaware of how badly they're being underserved in terms of receiving amazing X-Men entertainment -- because it was available 6 years earlier.

    The people who wrote this series should be embarrassed at best -- you're supposed to improve on a formula -- not mutilate it. (see Battlestar Galactica on how to reboot a series)
  • An alternative adaptation of the X-Men comics, taking place while much of the cast is still in high school with Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, and eventually Beast as their instructors at the Institute.

    Ever since I was a kid when the 90s animated X-Men was airing, the X-Men have been my favorite Marvel property. They bring a different spin in which our heroes are hated and feared by the population and at the same time comment on our history and current attitudes of how we treat those different from ourselves. X-Men: Evolution continued many of those overarching themes while also focusing on development of its growing characters as they have to deal with not only their progressing mutant abilities but also that time when many of us learn quite a lot about ourselves and hope to just survive to the other side: high school. It's an interesting spin to see most of the X-Men younger, still learning much, slowly coming together, and developing the bonds, relationships, and powers we all come to expect. Unlike its predecessor, which did its best to faithfully adapt many of X-Men's better known storylines, this show focused more on standalone adventures, much of which did focus on character growth but still had plenty of shout outs and nods to the source material. Fortunately, that provides an element of surprise to what will happen and where the stories would go. The characters are all well-rounded, though at first things did begin somewhat one-dimensional and at times kind of cheesy. However, those are simply first impressions and time lets the story, much as it does the characters, develop as well. In spite of the fact that the show had a pretty good run, it lasted for four seasons of 52 episodes after all, it still left us feeling that there was much more to tell, especially with the future visions Xavier had at the end. It would have been interesting to see how S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to factor into the equation, especially if they were continuing to be involved with the Sentinel program. Both Legion and Apocalypse were hinted to make future returns. Mystique certainly didn't seem satisfied with her children's response and one wonders if the events here would have convinced Spyke and some of the Morlocks to come to the Xavier Institute. More Gambit would have been nice, too. I'll fondly look back on this show as it helped introduce and get to know characters like Kitty Pryde, Boom Boom, Multiple Man, and Magma. While it had its stumbles and cheese, especially early on, it turned out to be solid in its own right and a worthy entry in the X-Men story. With the cancellation of Wolverine and the X-Men, it might be a few years before we get another series chronicling their adventures on TV. Let's hope that whatever comes next is as high if not higher quality than what we've had before.
  • Refreshing take on the X-Men.

    Rather than placing our heroes in a 1950's-1960's highschool environment, we got to see Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, and Rogue in a contemporary highschool. Although it did deviate from the original X-Men storylines, it was fun to watch, and offered audiences a different look at the classic Marvel characters. Judge the series on its own; don't compare it to the original animated series and/or the comic books. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad. This show actually got me into the comic books, and into exploring the Marvel universe. It's a shame it ended as soon as it did, but it's fondly remembered.
  • Ah, good times.

    I'm rewatching this show and it's just as good as I remember. What I think is the coolest part of the X-men is that there are so many characters and stories you could do with this. This series shows more of the X-men as teenagers, and it is very entertaining. Now some of the dialogue is a bit cringe inducing, and the story is just a bit too kid friendly, but it is still a great show in general. Very well thought out plots, fully fleshed out characters, good animation, some nice action seqeucnes, and it is just a very easy show to like. Comparing it to the new Wolverine cartoon, I like this one better just for the characters and overall plot. Truly a classic.
  • Great Animated adaption of the X-Men.

    Though this is not as faithful to the comics or as serious as X-Men Animated Series, this is great series that I believe ended to soon and left too many questions unanswered. Every episode even the fillers was full of beautiful animation and enjoyable plots. This show got me insterted in comic books again. The characters of the series not only deal with the problems of being a mutant but the hurdles they face as a teenager. These make the plots complex and very thought provoking. At the end of the end of series, anti-mutant sentiment is on the rise and mirrors the predjuice in America, a serious theme for children's show. I love how that they delt with that and it shows that the series isn't about superheros and supervillians, but about coming to terms with onself and longing to be accepted. All I can this is a great show.
  • It's X-Men in High school. With 52 episode this is one of the best animation since Batman The Aniimated Series.

    I remember when this show first air, I really Really enjoy watching it. X-men: Evolution has the best cast of characters and great animation. I just wish they can make more then 52 episodes. My favorite episode has to be "Mutant Crush" from season one and "No Good Deed" from Season four. The Best character in the series are Wolverine, Rogue and Professor X. I wish they made a box set for each season cause as an X-men fan it's worth getting. It's a great show for all ages, Just because it's a cartoon, it dosen't mean it's only for Kids. I give it a perfect 10.
  • It's pretty good.

    It's rare for a show to have as large a cult following as X-Men: Evolution had. Once the show ended on WB it was immediately picked up by Cartoon Network. It aired on Cartoon Network for a good while before being dropped again. -Some odd time later the Episodes were posted to 'Marvel.com' in high traffic. Not too long ago the episodes were made public on "Youtube" and "Hulu" websites as well. -And now the entire show is re-running on Disney XD (Marvel was just recently bought by Disney actually, we'll see where that goes.)

    How many times has a 9 year old show been re-Broadcast? How many times has a 9 year old show been rebroadcast twice over a three year period? -Much less one that gets so much Internet traffic (Hulu and Youtube both sport high views mainly in the 7-14 age demographic) I have to say, I'm impressed with how the far the show has come, and to think WB canceled it mid-season back in 2004, HA. Did they make a mistake. (The finally wasn't supposed to premier until about 4 episodes after it actually did.)

    With Episodes like "Mindbender" and "Growing Pains" how can it not be loved?
  • Awesome!

    The episodes are so awesome I love seeing how all the characters have their own background story being told one at a time. I love the relationships formed in the episodes too. Scott and Jean, Kitty and Lance, Rogue and Gambit of course. Even Kurt has his own love affair at one point in the series. The look of the characters was awesome not like the old x-men's. It was their teenage years too so the fact that both enemies and good guys went to school together was cool. The brotherhood are real cool even if they did expose them for who they really are.
  • Good versus Evil in the beginning

    This series essentially takes the base concept and revisualizes it. It utilizes characters from throughout the comics' timeline, placing them together in a regular high school, with the Xavier Institute as an extracurricular, well, institute. It only utilizes characters that make sense as high schoolers, and uses characters that make more sense as teachers as such. The series get better and better towards the grand finale, so stick with it and I assure you, you'll be hooked. Story arcs go over several episodes and they are done great. This is an exceptional cartoon which was not given the attention it deserved.
  • X-men! Go Wolverine!

    An overall good series. Wolverine is my favorite character of all time but he didn't play a big enough role in my opinion. The actor who did his voice wasn't all that good at the whole snaring thing that Wolverine does but he was still a good choice for Wolverine. A few things were gotten wrong. Like Xavier calles Magneto "Erik", or "Magneto"; not "Magnus". Wolverine hardly EVER called Xavier "Charles". It's usually "Charlie", "Chuck", or whatever other nicknames that comes with the name. The powers Rogue absorbs only stay with her for a short amount of time before leaving. Also, when the powers leave, so does the personality that came with it. The jet comes out of the basketball (or tennis, depends on the comic) court, not a waterfall. I still watch it over and over. It's a good series. I wish they had made more episodes.
  • The best show ever!

    X-Men Evolution showed the characters evolving from young teens learning to control their powers, to saving the world and their mentor, Professor Xavier. The series had was well thought out and showed the characters powers grow. Jean Grey, in particular, evolved a lot. I the beginning of the series she was not powerful and had to use a lot of energy just to move a chair across a room, but she grew more powerful with every season. She was able to life people, cars, and even a helicopter. By the end of the series, with the help of cerebro, she was able to hold her own against Professor Xavier in a psychic battle.
  • Every X-Men show gets better than the last. Unfortunately that means the new Wolverine show has surpassed Evolution

    My brother grew up with the original series. I grew up with Evolution, which may be the reason Evolution is my favorite. Another main reason is that my favorite mutant is a main character in Evolution, and never appeared in the original series. I tell you who it is at the end of the review. Evolution has gotten a lot of flack recently. People are saying that it is a horrible show, the animation quality is terrible, but guess what... IT'S NOT. The show got better and better each season. Season One, eh. Not so good. It didn't really follow the comics at all, besides of course the characters. But the season ended with a two part finale, where the X-Men were pitted against the Brotherhood in a survival of the fittest to find out who was the best. The winners were taken (voluntarily or forceful) to Magneto's sanctuary, Asteroid M. That's the first time they directly adapted the comics. The whole series is an interesting look at the X-Men. As teenagers. Sort of like what Smallville did for Superman. But much better. Evolution also had a plethora of comic book mutants brought into the world. Some who weren't in the original. Like my favorite mutie. The original roster consisted of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat (;) and a newbie, Spike, as the students. The three instructors were Professor X, Storm and Wolverine, all of which were adults. Then they introduced the Brotherhood. Magneto, Mystique, Quicksilver, Blob, Avalanche and Toad. Sabretooth also appeared but was more freelance. The season one finale introduced Havok. Then season two introduced the New Mutants- Jubilee, Wolfsbane, Iceman, Boom Boom, Bezerker, Multiple, Magma and Sunspot. Season two later introduced the Sentinels, (although it was only one sentinel in this series) Senator Kelly, (who is the Principal of the X-Men's school and is also named Edward) and Trask. In the finale, Pyro, Gambit and Colossus were introduced as members of the Acolytes. Apocalypse rolled around in Season Four and The Scarlet Witch also came in at the end of Season Two. Bottom line: Evolution is chock full of action, drama, emotion and mutants. Everything a good X-Men series needs to survive. By the way if you haven't figured it out by now, my favorite Mutant is Shadowcat, with Colossus as a close second.
  • Love it.

    In X-Men: Evolution, the X-men are all in high school except for Professor Xavier, Storm, Wolverine, Magneto and Mystique. Now the X-kids have to deal with not only saving the world from Magneto, and Mystique, they also have to deal with the brotherhood and high school drama such as dating and studying for tests. Most of the main characters from the original X-Men appear in teenage form, which I think was a good twist to a classic show. Overall I really enjoyed watching X-Men: Evolution, I wish that the creators would bring X-Men: Evolution back for more seasons, to develop the characters even more.
  • Enjoyable show. While I didn't read the comics much I get the feeling they're a little detached, but as a show unto itself its good.

    Enjoyable show that uses its premise of the school to full effect, the story lines are considered and well made. While I'm no expert on the comics, I do get the feeling that the characters are quite detached from their comic counterparts.

    Sometimes the depth of story-lines are dependant on the characters involved and your personal preference will often endear you toward or away from individual shows, but overall I can't complain.

    Overall this show is consistently good, with solid stories and entertaining characters. If you don't mind a few liberties taken with canon and the youth orientated stories then you should thoroughly enjoy.

    Not just for kids.
  • X-Men Evolution is just like its source.

    X-Men Evoultion is a show that, at its time with little changes to its source material, gave the same feel as what its source (Comic Books) gave and maybe even surpassed it. As with the comic books that they based it off of, it dealt with the message of what being different is for anyone. This is the reason the comics were popular and the reason that this excellent show lasted as long as it did. Initially I thought that placing most of the X-Men at high school level would have detracted from its potential storytelling. I was, and still am, a fan of its predessor animated series and thought that sticking close to its source would have been the best bet for longevity. I was glad to be mistaken. Having the team at high school age allowed a lot of the story elements that made the show shine on its own. It brought the awkwardness of being at that age to a deeper level (Just like the Comics did) with having the characters be more human than in the previous series. The stories were crafted exceptionally well. While not keeping with the source exactly, it made it more dramatic and accessible to old and new fans. It was one of the few animated series that drew an emotional reaction from me on certain episodes. I always wanted to know what would happen next and felt for the characters when they had setbacks. It can not be said for many shows to have that type of content and still be considered a children's show. The action was top notch when it was presented and was not just for the fanboy's approval. From start to finish, X-Men Evolution is one of my favorite animated shows. If studios that want to have sucessful runs like this show (and shows like Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans) they have to approach the level of craftmanship that they reached with this show. I could honestly see this show being brought back as movies and as a series again.
  • Although this doesn't hold 100% true to the original show or the comics, this is a very enjoyable show.

    An X-men show made for teenagers, a brilliant idea. Although I am coming to the end of my teenage years, I can still honestly say that I enjoy this show when I need my X-men fix. Many of the X-men are high school students, with the enemy Mystique as their principal, and fortunately for me, I was born at a good time. I was about the same age as these high school students when I first saw the show, and everybody loves being able to relate to their favourite tv show or movie. Even though the stories in this may not be perfect adaptions from the classic comics, they still provide a great story and are definately not a bust like most modern versions of classic Marvel works.
  • A flashback of a classic show!!!

    When I was seven years old, I loved to watch the first x-men. It's incredible to see Professor Xavier and all the mutants of the Institute against Magneto and his crew. But it's not just about humans with special powers; it's about people that want to make a difference in the world. That's why I loved this show. Then when I found out about X-men Evolution, I thought it was my chance to revive my childhood. I was right. It's true that in this show there are little things different in relation to the original show, but it didn't change its quality. As anyone can see by my profile, I'm a huge fan of rogue and I think she's amazing and she has some characteristics that make her unique. She is not a "mystic" but she isn't a "Jean Grey". I mean, she's not too good and she's not too bad. She does the wrong thing for the right reasons. That why she is my favorite character. And see all the x-men before the ones I already knew was great. It was a shame that this series ended, I really wanted another version of X-men, but it was wonderful as long as it last.
  • There is a lot to say about this show. I have been watching it for quite a while now...

    The First time I saw this series was on television and found quite interesting and decided to follow the show but when I started it the show had already ended. Now I am at the very end of this series and that is quite annoying.

    I know there is a lot of different X-Men series and movies and I have seen them but I have found this to be the best. The picture and the characters of this series are the best cause the old one is now 'old' heh. I am writing this review so if someone is thinking of watching it, I do encourage you to watch cause it is worthed! Overall this show is great...
  • Teens struggling with controlling their powers in our world, where humans are set on not accepting mutants... A series of adventures where their powers evolve as they age and mature... Yup. Recipe for a great show, right here.

    I was pretty young when I started watching X-Men Evolution. I was instantly hooked. However, after a while, it completely disappeared, to my greatest disapointment. Luckily, I found out they were posted on Veoh and had the time of my life catching up on all the episodes. But when I came to the end of season 4... Horror! There was no more! How cruel of the producers to leave us hanging after such a cliff-hanger! The characters were real, each in their own way, with their own defaults and virtues. The action and climatic moments were to die for. So what happened? I'm sure I'm not the only one out there screaming- We want X-Men Evolution back!
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