X-Men: Evolution

Season 1 Episode 1

Strategy X

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 04, 2000 on The WB
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Mystique sees an opportunity to get a spy in Xavier's institute when the morally shady Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting mutant powers. Kurt Wagner, Xavier's latest recruit, arrives and tries to familiarize himself with his new life as part of the X-Men.

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  • dirst episode. there were still a few characters but that's okay

    This episode is amazing. It contains all the factors needed to become a show that is worth your time to watch. There might be some parts that some audience could not appreciate, but all episodes have this quality. Still, this show is not like the episode that would make you want to wish you went to the mall instead. Hope this series has more of this type of episode. Simply superb and amazing, writer writes a very good storyline with dialogues that is entertaining and not boring enough to send you to deep slumber. Hope this series keeps up the good work.moreless
  • The first of this new look of X-Men, where the majority of the team are teenagers going through a lot of things teenagers are going through.. Along with some superpowers too.moreless

    A good intro to a lot of the main character's, it gives you a fair bit on Kurt, though you don't know how Jean and Scott managed to join Professor Xavier.

    It was good to see that Scott and Jean don't have a full on relationship, but more as close friends; though this will probably develop during the series.

    Mystique was pretty interesting to see, though I was hoping for her normal look to be a bit different from the comic. Also Logan's look has changed, and personally I think it's for the better; he's still the same untamible man, but it's not so obvious to the people around him.moreless
  • cool intro with a few missteps.

    Cyclops is introduced in an iconic and memorable image, half-shadowed with only his ruby-quartz shades reflecting. Maybe he is finally going to be as cool as he should be.

    Also debuting is Toad, another character re-introduced from the movie. Slimy in character as he is in nature, he bounces everywhere and spews a green tounge at everybody- a pure kick for any of the shows' youngest viewers.

    The most controversial decision was to make Nightcrawler (a pious devout of Christianity) the lovable and ultimately annoying sidekick and mascott. But in the context of this show, he actually works.

    What won me over was the crisp character models and animation, and some impressive voice over work. I decided I'd stick around a few more episodes and see what plays out.moreless
  • Introduce us to Scott, Jean, Kurt, Profesor X, Toad, Storm and Wolvie.

    In this first episode, Scott and Jean are already living in Institute, and Toad is going in same school as they. Nightcrawler is a newcomer, ashamed of his cute blue fure. Episode starts with a game, and Jean is a cheerleader - oh, what a suprise... Scott has a crush on her (again, no suprise there), but he's too... imature? I don't know, something like that. Anyway, he plays some pretty lousy moves, and bacicly sends Jean in Duncan's arms. (We hate Duncan.) So, main plot of this episode is Toad trial "should I be a X-men or not", where we figure out that not everyone can be X-men. Aparantly, you have to be pure-hearted or something. Toad and Kurt menage to demolish the Institute in process, but all is forgiven in the end - cause we all need to love eachother. A little sassy, all in all.moreless
  • At the school the principal freaks out about Toad running out on the X-Men. She throws him out of the office and then morphs into Mystique. Magneto arrives and tells her not to be so hard on him. "Remember this is only the beginning."moreless

    I liked it a lot. They remained true to the X-Men\'s characters for the most part, while at the same time almost rewinding time to take it back to the early 80\'s X-Men (always been my favorite team). Smooth animation, but you can tell at times that it\'s a new cartoon (doesn\'t have that settled feeling), updated music and costumes. Overall really good.
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge

Eric "Magneto" Magnus Lehnsherr

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow

Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Jean Grey

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


David Kaye

David Kaye

Professor Charles F. Xavier/Professor X, Apocalypse

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Scott's visor is usually bright red because of his power. However, when Toad was escaping from the danger room, his visor was a dull red.

    • Kurt's eyes has pupils this whole episode but during the time the professor was showing Kurt his room, in a closeup of Kurt you can see he does not have pupils.

    • When Kurt takes the top off the box you see for a split second (while he is taking the top off. Not after) that his holo watch is missing.

    • When Kurt first puts on his hallo watch it's on his left wrist, but when he puts his fist up in front of the mirror he puts up his right fist and the hallo watch is on that wrist. Also when he puts his fist up he is turned so it looks like he is putting his left fist up,

    • Throughout the entire series, Toad will have normal skin pigment and bright, green eyes when he is in his street clothes. However, when Toad's in his costume, he will have pale skin and shadow around his eyes with red pupils.

    • When Toad goes up to Scott in the school hallway, Scott closes his locker door. The door is huge. It's wider than him, and the bottom of the door extends far below his waist. In the next shot (wide), the door is half the size and the bottom is right at his waist. A bit later, the door (all the locker doors, actually) are much much narrower.

    • Nightcrawler cannot teleport without at least knowing where he is going. How did he get to the Danger Room and then to the Blackbird hanger??

    • Cyclops mentions that the X-Men's jet, among other things, has three times the firepower of a SR-71, but the SR-71 is an unarmed spy plane.

    • When Kurt first met Scott and Jean his tail was inside his robe but when he telports his tail is sticking out. Also when he teleports, you see he is wearing his x-men uniform.

    • When Toad approaches the manor fence, it has iron prongs on the tops of all the rails, yet when he looks up they're gone but when he jumps over they're back.

    • In the short time he had his hologram on, Kurt's fingers were separated.

    • After Kurt and Toad teleport into the Danger Room, Kurt is seen without his tail, then with it almost immediately following.

    • If Cerebro can detect the activated mutant X-gene in people why did he need to test Toad to see if he was a mutant? Wouldn't the fact that Cerebro showed him as a mutant be enough?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Scott: Give it up, Jean. It's hopeless.
      Jean: I'll be done in a second.
      Scott: Come on, we're gonna be late.
      Jean: Almost done.
      Scott: Look, you want me to blow this door... down.
      Jean: So are we going or what?

    • Logan: Hmmmm, trouble at home.
      Shopkeeper: Ya, you want that paper?
      Logan: That's why I'm holding it Bub. Bottle of water too. Cold.
      Shopkeeper: Warm weather we're having for this time of year.
      Logan: (slashes the top of the bottle off and drinks the water) Recycle that, will you.

    • (Nightcrawler teleports into the Blackbird hangar)
      Kurt: Was ist das?
      Scott: The SR 77 Blackbird. Twice as fast as the SR 71 and with three times the range and firepower. It's nice, Ey.
      Kurt: It's very good. Is it yours? Please tell me you get to fly it!
      Scott: It's ours, and if you stick around for a while I'll show you how to pilot this bad boy.

    • Duncan: Hey, Jean. Yeah. You know me ... (knocks on his head) skull like concrete. Ow.
      Jean: Oh, you poor baby.

    • Nightcrawler: But I almost got you killed.
      Cyclops: Yeah, don't do that again.

    • Kurt: Ze name's "Nightcrawler." And at least I don't smell like unvashed lederhosen!
      Toad: You blue-furred freak!

    • Logan: (to Toad) I came back because I smelled trouble brewing. Of course, maybe it was just stink-boy there.

    • Storm: Sometimes, Professor, I think your good heart blinds even you from the truth.

    • Cyclops: C'mon, Professor, I'm packing a bazooka behind each eyeball! What do you want from me?!
      Professor: Control, Scott. That's what you're here to learn.

    • Cyclops: (about Toad) To put it bluntly, he's got the personal hygiene of a dead pig.

    • Nightcrawler: You're so slow! You couldn't catch flies on a windshield!

    • Todd: (to Nightcrawler) I'll rip your pointy tail out, you blue fuzzy gecko! Come back here and fight like a man!

  • NOTES (9)