X-Men: Evolution

Season 1 Episode 9

Survival of the Fittest

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 03, 2001 on The WB
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While the X-Men are at a summer camp learning survival training, Mystique releases Cain Marko -- the unstoppable Juggernaut -- in hopes of getting his help in obtaining Xavier's mutant location system.

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  • Reminded me of the title sequence of Dinosaucers!

    You remember what I'm talking about? There was a cartoon in the 80s called Dinosaucers, where these kids were caught in between a war between two sides of an ancient dinosaur race- they could walk and talk and stuff, and had gear, and ranking classifications like Star Trek (i.e. the captain, the engineer, communications, etc.) There were good Dinos and evil ones, and in the theme song starting the show, all the members of both teams would be faced off, profile, against each other. Yeah. This episode reminds me of that. X-men vs Brotherhood, pure and simple, no powers, at a camp retreat. I enjoyed it.moreless
  • And here comes the Juggernaut - Xavier's evil step-brother... Plus, only this time --X-men and Brotherhood fighting side by side!!!

    In this episode X-kids are given a choice: survival training in nature, or with Logan. What do you think they chose? Well, yeah. Logicly.

    On the other side, I guess guys from the Brotherhood didn't have that choice - thay had to come anyway.

    So, now we have 10 mutant pupils in wilderness. What do you think'll happen? Well, of course. A mini-war. Lance and Scott are stepping out as leaders of the teams. When they take a game too far - Sergeant Hawk gives them an asigment - bring the flag from the mountain top, and take a picture by her.

    On the other side of the country, Juggernaut - Xavier's evil stepbrother is realised from his prison (very weird pipe filled with water) by... well, who else? Mystique. She wants (as always) to get a hold of Cerebro, and she thinks she can use Juggernaut in her plans. Of course, Juggernaut is to stupid (they say "filled with anger" in show) even for being used, so Mystique has to walk away empty handed. But she don't. Which only shows us that she isn't the smartest person on the world, either.

    Meantime, two teams are using all of their recources to get to flag first. Some of them use powers, others don't. Like Jean, for example. She is just so dull that it makes me wanna scream "wake up boring girl". And in this episode, she has a few smart advices. And she makes everyone sick - including Scott, who, I must say, looks really hot. So, they are just beneath the top, when they found Brotherhood members traped in a caved mine. And, because they are the good guys, X-men must help them. Which only leads to another flag-grabbing war, which is interupted by Storm, who makes sure that everyone realise in what kind of danger are Xavier & Mysty.

    Next thing that happens is quite obvious - mutant pupils agree to work together for the first time in their lives (but, not and the last one), and they take off Kane's helmet united. (Helmet is really important part of this story - but if you want to know why you'll just have to watch this episode.)

    But, ending will make you sad. Reason: Mystique and the B-guys reject the slumber-party offer. Plus, Jean will gave another of her boring speaches. Horror.moreless
  • Watch out! The Juggernaut is introduced!

    Great episode. The Juggernaut is released from his prison by Mystique and sent to destroy the Xavier Institute while the X-Men are away on a survival camp.

    Logan and Storm try to "stop the unstoppable" (no pun intended) but they can't. Not alone.

    For the first time, the X-Men and the Brotherhood put their differences asside and fight on the same side. This is at least a reason not to miss this great episode.moreless
Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow

Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Jean Grey

Brad Swaile

Brad Swaile

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde

Neil Denis

Neil Denis

Evan "Spyke" Daniels

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Logan and Xavier go into the Danger Room before Juggernaut's arrival, Logan is wearing his costume without the mask on, but then the camera pulls out and you can see it on, and a split second later, it's off again.

    • Trivia: After defeating Cain, Lance tells Scott that he's not half bad as a team leader. Scott replies by telling Lance that he can call the shots the next time. The next time the teams join up in "Day Of Reckoning," Lance is the team leader because of Scott's absence.

    • When Lance ripped off the 'Keep Out Sign' if you freeze the frame and go slowly, the sign at one point will say: "Out" and then the sign will show a blank side.

    • In the scene where Blob tries to climb the rope: After his rope broke, it changes size in different shots from long to short.

    • Kurt was in his human form in the show, but his holo-watch wasn't even on throughout the entire episode.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Blob: That loser Scott should've lost, and you know it.
      Pietro: Yeah. Just because he slipped into the bath, the guy went ballistic.
      Nightcrawler: Slipped?! More like avalanched!

    • (Scott was named group leader at survival camp)
      Blob: Group leader, scholastic achievements. That should have been me.
      Pietro: You can't even spell scholastic achievement, Blob.

    • Mystique: (to the Brotherhood) Come on boys; before we're invited to a slumber party.

    • Juggernaut: You can't stop the Juggernaut!
      Wolverine: Forgive me for trying, bub!

    • Juggernaut: Lay out the welcome mat, brother. I'm coming home.

    • (After Jean saves Evan from falling off the cliff)
      Evan: Woah,... I don't recomend that.

    • Pietro: Cake walk. Our team can take a sauna. I'll get it myself.
      Kurt: Not if I beat you there.

    • Mystique: Now I have a plane waiting. It will take you,....
      (Juggernaut pushes Mystique down)
      Juggernaut: No one, no one takes the Juggernaut anywhere.
      Mystique: Charming.

    • Blob: (To Juggernaut) Unstoppable? Meet the unmovable!

    • Lance: Better say your farewells 'Sumner', Cause you guys aren't coming back.
      Scott: Oh, you got something in mind 'Rock Tumbler', cause I...
      Jean: Scott! What do you think you're doing?
      Scott: What?! Nothing! I'm just fed up with those delinquents getting away with everything while we're stuck playing by the rules!
      Lance: Hey! We don't need our powers to beat you!
      Scott: Aw, fine then. We'll all play it straight and you know what? We'll wave to you from the top!
      Jean: Good. That's the deal. We're all competing fair; no powers, and I personally am very proud....
      (Scott pulls her away)
      Scott: Come on, Jean!

    • Scott: It felt kinda right, didn't it?
      Jean: What?
      Scott: Us and them fighting alongside? Why can't they just stop drawing battlelines in the first place?
      Jean: Well, it's like what Logan said, "You can't control the will of others."
      Scott: Well, they'll come around. And you can be their conscience. You're pretty good at it.
      Jean: (playfully pushes him) Oh... shut up ... (giggles a little bit)... even good guys need a nudge once in a while.
      Scott: Jean, whenever you think I need it, nudge away.

    • Jean: Yeah, well, Scott's cool. He'll handle it like a group leader should.
      (Scott blows Lance out of his boat with his powers.)
      Jean: Or not.

    • Jean: Yeah, at least he gave us a choice. Survival training here or with Wolverine.
      Rogue: Some choice.

    • Logan: I still say you should have let me handle their survival training.
      Xavier: I gave them that choice, Logan. They felt they had a better chance of surviving the camp.

    • Evan: Man, the mosquitos here are the size of pelicans! No bugs like this in the burg. Man, why are we here again?

    • Toad: (about Scott) He stole that first place ribbon!
      Rogue: You want that ribbon so bad? I'll pin it to your forehead.

    • Pietro: Man, if he slips and falls we are history! Death by blubber bomb!

    • Kitty: (dropping onto her bag) We're going to die out here
      Evan: What about me, I'm a city kid
      Rogue: (picking up her stuff) I'm going AWOL, anyone know how to hotwire a school bus?

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode along with "Turn Of The Rogue" and "Spykecam" were released on the DVD X-Men Evolution: X Marks The Spot.

    • In "Evolution", Xavier claims Cain had a dormant X-Gene which he awakened with mysticism. In comic canon, Cain was a human bolstered by the powers of the Cytorrak gemstones (which we will later see in "The Cauldron").

    • This episode joins the X-Men and The Brotherhood in battle for the first time. Throughout the series certain partial alliances do occur between them or some of their members.

    • Introduces Juggernaut.