X-Men: Evolution

Season 2 Episode 15

The HeX Factor

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Apr 20, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Toad steals Cyclop's visor in the mall it looks like it is still there.

    • Wanda has lipstick and eye shadow while in a psychiatric institute.

    • When Mystique comes back to the Brotherhood house, she starts talking to the boys. When Pietro says something, you hear Lance's voice instead of his own.

    • In "Walk on the Wild Side," Tabitha had cut off Blob's Mohawk, but in this episode, he has it back. And in the next episode, "Day of Reckoning," it's gone again.

  • Quotes

    • Jean: We have to retreat, she's too powerful. (Talking about Wanda)
      Cyclops: No, we're not over yet.
      Jean: Yes it is!

    • Mystique: Guess who's back.
      Toad: Hey, is that really you? (Mystique throws him across the room) Yeah. It's you

    • Tabitha: Let me guess. You must be Mystic.
      Mystique: Try Mystique. This is my home and my rules. Rule number one, move out of my room. Think you can handle that, Bam-Bam?

    • Wanda: Pietro!
      (Starts throwing things around with her powers)
      Toad: Ex-girlfriend of yours?
      Pietro: No, worse. She's my sister.

    • Toad: Oh, gross, I slimed myself!

    • Scott: (To Kurt) Kitty's looking for you. She said something about you being her official taste-tester.
      Kurt: The muffin she gave me this morning still hasn't made it through my system. I doubt it ever will.
      Kitty: There you are Kurt. How do these muffins compare to my other six batches? (Holds out a tray of muffin to him)
      (He take one)
      Professor: Kurt, Scott, Kitty, gather everyone and meet me in the library, it's top priority.
      Kurt: Better do as he says! (Teleports away, dropping the muffin to the floor where it smashes, cracking a hole in the floor.)
      Kitty: (Holding the tray up to Scott) Muffin?

  • Notes

    • This episode along with "Shadow Dance," "Retreat," and "Day Of Reckoning Part 1 & 2" are available on the DVD X-Men Evolution: Mystique's Revenge.

    • Toad named Wanda at the end of the episode: The Scarlet Witch.

    • This episode makes Scarlet Witch the 2nd character to lose control of their power.

    • When Scarlet Witch manipulated Cyclops' powers, so he couldn't close his eyes, it's too bad that he didn't think to cover his eyes with his hands - after all, the rest of his body is as resistant to his optic blasts as are his eyelids.

    • Also in the comics, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's time with The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was short when they didn't like the idea of being Mutant Terrorists, left the Brotherhood and soon became members of the newest version of the Avengers led by Captain America after the founding members had taken an extended leave.

    • In the comic books, The Brotherhood was formed by Magneto and both Quicksilver and Scarlett were members of it alongside The Toad and The Blob, and later on Mimic.

    • We learn that Wanda is Pietro's sister, and that they are the children of Magneto. Interestingly, their roles were reversed in the comics: Pietro despised his father, while Wanda was more tolerable.

      Wanda single-handedly forces the X-Men to retreat. But Mystique seems to be suffering from a memory lapse: the Brotherhood have at least one previous win to their merit in "The Cauldron", where they defeated Nightcrawler, Spyke, Shadowcat and Rogue.

    • Boom Boom leaves the Brotherhood.

    • Introduces the Scarlet Witch.

    • Although Agatha Harkness helped trained Wanda in the comics, she is actually a "good" witch and doesn't help villains as is shown here.

  • Allusions

    • Mystique: Think you can handle that, Bam-Bam?
      Bam-Bam is Barney and Betty Rubble's son on The Flintstones.

    • Cyclops: Hey, my visor!
      The scene in the mall where Toad steals Cyclops' visor with his tongue is a reference to a similar scene in the live-action X-Men (2000) in the train station.